God Drives a Flying Saucer?

(updated several times over)


Certain segments of the internet are abuzz following the apparently successful effort by the leader of a New Religious Movement at summoning a UFO for the benefit of KNTV (Las Vegas) News reporter Mike Dello Stritto, at a daytime location of Stritto’s choosing. Video footage shows a distant disk appearing in the sky for a short time after African-American “Prophet Yahweh” offered up prayers (see here) He warns that spaceships are going to manifest clearly over Las Vegas between 1 June and 15 July. Prophet Yahweh claims to have been in contact with the UFOs since the late 1970s, and has a collection of home videos of previous sightings. These can be accessed from his website for a small fee; however, he considers them to be public domain, and this site has reposted them.

So who is Prophet Yahweh? WND identifies him as Ramon Watkins, but offers no biographical background. His website gives some rather unusual religious beliefs:

BE ADVISED! YAHWEH and His Angels are superhuman beings, on other planets who fly in spaceships!

However, this website has recently been revamped; the archived version at Wayback has more details about his religion:

All the gods, of the earth, are idols that damns the souls of all who worship them.
And, all religions, on earth, are nothing but lies used by the devil to deceive souls.

All people who die, as worshippers of the gods, will be resurrected on “Judgement Day,”
tried, sentenced to eternal death, and cast alive into the lake of fire, where they will suffer forever!

This will happen to them because they worshipped the gods and not YAHWEH.

Within our life time, the most holy and wonderful YAHWEH
will send His Messiah, with His Angels, to destroy all the gods on earth.

After all the gods and all their religions have been destroyed,
our Messiah is going to re-establish the pure worship of YAHWEH, forever, on earth!

Elsewhere on the old site:

Before we can attempt to understand if Prophet Yahweh is a true prophet of YAHWEH, who was foretold of by the prophets of Israel, we must, first, understand what Yahwean Prophethood is and how it differs from prophethood in Christianity, Islam, and other religions…Prophet Yahweh, fits within the definition of prophethood as revealed by the sacred “Y” document Hebrew writings of our nation.

A defunct “Table of Contents” tantalises with the following (sic for dodgy spelling):

YAHWEH’S UFOs And Spaceships In The Bible
YAHWEH Bible Study Lessons
The Luciferian Conspiracy Against YAHWEH
YAHWEH Verses The Gods El And Adon In Judaism
YAHWEH Verses The God Jesus In Christianity
YAHWEH Verses The God Allah In Islam

A document discovered by someone at a discussion forum at New Age site Godlike Productions (and reposted there) gives his religion as “Black Jew Hebrew Israelite”. The document claims that after 70 C.E. the Jews fled to Africa, where they were sold into slavery by the Africans. Hence the African-Americans are the real Jews:

The great secret about the slave trade is that it was not based on Africans capturing other Africans and selling them into slavery. But, rather, it was all African nations that were capturing another Black race who had come down into African but was not from Africa.

He goes on to warn:

YAHWEH is going to make know [sic] His demands to the world, through the prophets He sent to the earth. The main demand they will make will be that the modern day White so-called Jews, the Arab so-called Palestinians, and all other nationalities in the land of Israel, be immediately evacuated into neighboring countries.

Prophet Yahweh also has a different website where he discusses these things further, and a third where an Angela Yahweh (“Angel of Yahweh”), discusses the need for polygamy (thanks to commentator AC for that link). The file name for Angela’s pic is “pywife”, suggesting that she is also Mrs Yahweh (spotted by commentator Ed).

Prophet Yahweh’s group (which is probably very small) must be an off-shoot of the Black Hebrew Israelite movement. Like Hebrew Israelite leader “Yahweh ben Yahweh“, Prophet Yahweh sometimes sports a turban with a badge on the front. I can’t read Yahweh ben Yahweh’s badge, but Watkins’s bears the Hebrew letter Yod, I suppose referring to the mysterious “Y” document. Possibly by the “Y document” Wakins means that part of the Torah designated by Biblical scholars as the “J” document, where God is referred to as “Yahweh” (this word used to be transliterated as “Jehovah”, hence “J”).

His beliefs are not, however, completely coherent: on the one hand we are supposed to worship Yahweh, but on the other he warns the media that the aliens plan to invade:

Watkins says the aliens won’t attack us the way they do in the movies, but he says their intentions are anything but friendly. “And they’re here, to take over, it’s just that simple.”

Back on the revamped 2005 site, Watkins tells us a bit about he got the Prophet job:

…the appearance of sightings, on my signal, started by accident. At that time [1979], I was having a study with some of my bible students concerning spaceships and UFOs in the bible. As I was about to end the class, I felt compelled to go outside, with my students, and ask YAHWEH, in the exact same manner prophets in the bible summoned sightings, to send a UFO for us to see.

To our amazement, as soon as I finished praying for the sighting, a glowing UFO appeared before us and flew from one end of the sky to the other. We were were stunned at the miracle we saw and were left speechless!

…After I continued calling down sightings, like the prophets of the bible, and UFOs started appearing, almost without fail, I prayed to the magnificent YAHWEH and told Him that if He would use me to signal His spaceships and UFOs before the eyes of the world, I would live a life of poverty and be totally dedicated to Him.

The discussion forum at Godlike Productions has produced some other interesting links. For example, despite the existence of Angela “pywife” Yahweh, Prophet Yahweh has a personal ad on Yahoo:

Where is My African-American Queen?

I’m a brother who is loyal and devoted to the African-American woman. I love her, need her, and can’t do without her!…She deserves a man (like me) who: believes in the Creator, prays daily, studies wisdom, seeks out understanding, and loves acquiring knowledge.

A version of the ad with different pictures can be seen here; he appears to have been in the navy in his youth. He’s listed as divorced with adult children…and with an income of “More than $150,000” (from “Entertainment / Media”), which seems not to tie-in with the “life of poverty”. Prophet Yahweh also owns a television production company (albeit with a website that doesn’t work properly) called Shiloh Broadcasting. And in a letter dated from 1997 to a UFO researcher he stresses the profit motive:

Because of how these UFO’s and spaceships are appearing before me and allowing me to film them, I’m destined to be a wealthy man in the very near future. Maybe we can make money together on my research.

In a second letter posted on the same site, he adds that the aliens had told him to head for Pershing Square in Los Angeles:

At that time, I’m to have as many people as possible there to verify if UFOs appear on my prayer or not.

That was also in 1997.

So what about the sighting that so impressed Stritto? Contributors to the discussion thread have a variety of suggestions: it’s all true; demons; government manipulation; Prophet Yahweh has stumbled onto some sort of alien technology he doesn’t understand. Sceptics have suggested model aircraft; a balloon; lasers; a special kind of concentrated light as used in German fun parks in the 1970s (see this page, scroll down to “Sean”); and pointed out that the footage was taken close to Nellis Air Force Base. The author of this site claims to have found a picture of Watkins taken in 1997 with some weather balloons; readers can judge for themselves.

An unsuccessful attempt by Prophet Yahweh to summon a UFO can be seen here. He also failed to come up with goods promised for October 2000.

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