Biting the Hand that Newsfeeds

Joseph Farah has launched a tirade against Reverend Moon:

preposterous…blasphemous theology…I know the Messiah. And Moon is no messiah.

This follows an uncredited WorldNetDaily piece from 14 June (in which Farah appears in third person), where the animus against Moon is so great that the author happily quotes liberal columnist Bill Berkowitz against the Unification leader (although without linking to Berkowitz’s column directly). In the more recent article, Farah brags that

my daily, nationally syndicated talk-radio show broke the news of Moon’s “crowning” achievement at the Dirksen Senate Office Building in March. Stories followed in Salon, the Washington Post and elsewhere.

He is, however, decent enough to admit that the event was “brought to my attention by free-lance journalist John Gorenfeld“, and an interview with Gorenfeld formed part of his 15 June radio show, but I would say that actually Gorenfeld himself “broke the news” on his own website. Even if we take the view that “breaking the news” means “becoming aware of John Gorenfeld”, Berkowitz was still two weeks ahead of Farah (and it was Gorenfeld’s Salon article of 21 June that turned the coronation into an international news story).

One aspect of Gorenfeld’s work that Farah passes over is his 2 June entry, where Gorenfeld reminded us of Farah’s 2000 comments on Moon. At that time, Farah called Moon’s critics bigots:

Last week, what’s left of UPI was purchased by News World Communications, Inc., the parent company of the Washington Times.

It was big news because UPI was once a big name in the media world and because News World Communications is run by… gasp!…foreigners. Not just foreigners, mind you, but rich Korean foreigners with unconventional religious practices. Worse yet, these foreigners are anti-communists and promote the traditional family as the cornerstone of a healthy society.

Those who are making the sideways comments about UPI’s new owners are, to cut to the chase, racists and bigots.

If UPI’s new owners were not Asians, were not conservatives and were not religious people, there would be no problem with this deal in the eyes of the critics.

Gorenfeld also pointed out Farah’s content-sharing with Moon’s Insight Magazine. Nice to see Farah now admit that at least one of his news sources is “preposterous”.

(My previous entry on Moon can be seen here)

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