David Aaronovitch Accuses “VIP Westminster Abuse” Conspiracy Journalist of Link to “Anti-Semitic Creep”

From Mark Watts, formerly of Exaro News: I can confirm, as @ciabaudo disclosed, that Bar Standards Board issued Barbara Hewson with “administrative warning” last July over her “Twitter activity”… #barbietroll — Mark Watts (@MarkWatts_1) February 27, 2018 Several years ago, Watts was promising that very soon the police would confirm allegations of “Westminster VIP child sex […]

A Note on the Latest FGM Prosecution Failure

From the Mail on Sunday: A senior policewoman is facing questions over her links to the key witness in a failed female genital mutilation prosecution that cost taxpayers tens of thousands of pounds. DCI Leanne Pook took control of the investigation after campaigner Sami Ullah claimed a minicab driver had told him he had allowed his […]

A Note on the Media and Jan Sarkocy

From the Daily Mail, 16 February: Jeremy Corbyn was a paid informant of the Czech secret police at the height of the Cold War, a former Communist secret agent claims. Former spy Jan Sarkocy said he recruited the MP, codenamed Cob, in the 1980s. …’It was a consensual collaboration,’ Mr Sarkocy said. At his home in […]

Sarah Champion MP Speculates on MPs Committing Child Sex Abuse, Reaffirms “Believe the Victim” Principle

Politics Home reports: EXCL Sitting MPs ‘probably involved in some form of child abuse’, claims Labour backbencher The article was published yesterday, although I had to double-check the date: not so long ago sensational tales about “VIP Westminster paedophiles” provided a near-constant stream of sensational headlines (and not just in tabloids), but in the wake of […]

A Note on the “Real 48 Per Cent” Death Threats

The Guardian reports: Prominent Brexit supporters including the Conservative leader of the House of Commons, Andrea Leadsom, have been sent death threats by an anonymous source who signed off as “the real 48%”. Four letters that appear to have been sent by a remain supporter were reported to police on Monday. Six leave donors received correspondence last […]

Some Notes on a Sunday Mirror Hit-Piece on Barbara Hewson

From the Sunday Mirror: Bar this troll: Human rights barrister accused of vile rants against child sex victims A probe has been launched into a top human rights barrister after she was accused of trolling a string of child sex abuse victims online. Law chiefs are looking into the claims against Barbara Hewson, 56, following complaints […]

A Note on Operation Midland’s Nick, Sub Judice and Anonymity

Stern words from Mark Watts: Amid highly prejudicial reporting of charges against Nick re indecent images of children and voyeurism, remember that no one in media yet knows truth of any accusations against him. [here] Double standards still on display in today’s newspapers. Proceedings are active re Nick, so Contempt of Court Act applies. Will […]

Daily Mail Denounces BBC but Exonerates Itself after Operation Midland’s “Nick” Charged with Sex Offences

Note: At the risk of stating the obvious, Nick’s false allegations of 2014 are a separate matter from the new allegations that have been made against him. Nothing about the former should be used to draw inferences about the latter while the matter is sub judice. From the Daily Telegraph: The alleged fantasist who sparked the Westminster paedophile […]

Hamburg Prosecutor Found “Lack of Evidence” to Support Claim Child Was Gang-Raped at Refugee Centre

My friend Tim Ireland has received a response to a query he made to the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Hamburg concerning a sensational news story that appeared in British newspapers in March 2017: ‘The investigation in the case of alleged sexual abuse you mentioned has been stopped by the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Hamburg on 11 […]

Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse Holds Preliminary “Westminster Strand” Hearing

From The Times: The public inquiry into child abuse is scaling back its investigations into claims of an establishment cover-up of a VIP paedophile ring in Westminster. The decision is a significant retreat by the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse because the allegations triggered its creation by Theresa May four years ago. Andrew O’Connor, QC, […]