Walking Dead TV Listing Fail

At least, I sincerely hope so. From the current Radio Times: The undead are also apparently working as copy-editors for the BBC.

Guardian Profiles “Cheerleaders”

The Guardian reports: Tehmina Kazi wears modest western dress and believes in plurality and diversity within her faith, Islam. For her pains, she has been labelled a whore, admonished for not wearing the hijab and accused, inaccurately, of wearing short skirts by people she has never met, writing online. When she defended Usama Hasan, the London imam who faced death […]

Rev Moon and the President of Sierra Leone

News from Sierra Leone; Cocorioko reports: The President of the Republic of Sierra Leone Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma has been awarded the “PEACE MEDAL AWARD” by the Universal Peace Federation in the United States of America. …Delivering, her special message from Rev. Moon to President Koroma, Katherine Rigney said God is working positively through him and […]

More from the ICTOA

Last month, the Guardian noted the publication of a new report about counter-terrorism training in the USA: Political Research Associates, a Massachusetts-based progressive thinktank, spent nine months investigating the burgeoning industry of counter-terrorism training. It concluded that in seminars and conferences across America, police, transit and other law-enforcement officers were being given an ideologically skewed impression […]

Nadine Dorries MP Responds to Scrutiny over £10,000 Payment to Friend

The accusation, from Tim Ireland (first paragraph quoting the The Times): [Nadine] Dorries claimed £9,987.50 for Marketing Management in June 2007 for the design, layout and production of an annual report and for consultancy. She says she spent the money, and posted a copy of the report on her website. However, it does not appear […]

Derren Brown vs Faith Healers

Earlier this evening Channel 4 broadcast Miracles for Sale, a documentary in which the illusionist Derren Brown trained up a scuba-diving instructor named Nathan to pose as a Christian faith healer. Brown showed some of the techniques used by faith healers – exaggerating the ailments of those who come forward for healing, using suggestion, and […]

Nadine Dorries and Anti-Abortion Activism

As has been widely reported, the MPs Nadine Dorries and Frank Field recently put forward an amendment to be discussed in Parliament on the subject of abortion; according to Dorries: Our amendment seeks to make provision for a woman presenting with an unplanned pregnancy to be offered counselling via her GP. At the present time, […]

Kenya Prayer Meeting: “Insults and Swearing Filled the Air”

News from Kenya, where Philip Etale, communications director of the ODM political party, has a complaint about a prayer meeting in Uhuru Park: ….Instead of speaking humbly as they were before God and clergy, the politicians turned the forum into a political theatre with name calling and curses all aimed at Raila Odinga. The prayer […]

Alan Keyes and the Oak Initiative

Right Wing Watch has been keeping an eye on the recent Oak Initiative Summit: Addressing the dominionist Oak Initiative summit this weekend, Alan Keyes used his opportunity on stage with Janet Porter, Jerry Boykin, and Rick Joyner to urge Congress to impeach President Obama on the grounds that Obama is supporting international interventions in Libya and the Ivory Coast so […]

Art Vandalism Highlights Catholic Right Organisations in France and Belgium

Following the vandalism of a print of Immersion (Piss Christ) at the Collection Lambert art gallery in Avignon, Le Monde has some background on the Civitas Institute, the Catholic Right organisation which recently mobilised a protest against the artwork: Pour le politologue Jean-Yves Camus, le discours qui évoque un traitement différencié des religions en France n’est pas neuf. Mais derrière ce […]