Alan Keyes and the Oak Initiative

Right Wing Watch has been keeping an eye on the recent Oak Initiative Summit:

Addressing the dominionist Oak Initiative summit this weekend, Alan Keyes used his opportunity on stage with Janet Porter, Jerry Boykin, and Rick Joyner to urge Congress to impeach President Obama on the grounds that Obama is supporting international interventions in Libya and the Ivory Coast so as to establish a “precedent” whereby were he were to lose his reelection bid and refuse to “give up power,” the international community would intervene militarily in the US to keep him in office.

But that’s just the start of it:

Alan Keyes was also a featured attraction on the main stage, where he ranted that God created America so that all citizens would act according to His law and to His will.  But America has squandered that gift and so it is only a matter of time before God destroys this nation … and the recent earthquake in Japan is proof that such a time is getting near.

This is a talking point that has come directly from Rick Joyner; Joyner is a neo-Pentecostal evangelist, and the Oak Initiative is his vehicle for  increasing his prominence as a player on the Christian Right. Last month, Joyner warned that the Japanese earthquake would herald the economic collapse of the USA, and that a huge earthquake was imminent in California. As evidence, Joyner cites messages given by God to Jim Bakker.

Right Wing Watch also notes Boykin’s contribution to the event:

Speaking on the dangers of Islam at The Oak Initiative Summit, Retired General Jerry Boykin attacked religious leaders who seek interfaith dialogue and understanding with Muslims, claiming that when Muslims pray, they curse Jesus and asserting that Islam is not an Abrahamic faith and therefore Christianity and Islam have absolutely nothing in common.

This is par for the course, and one of the other summit speakers, Nicholas Papanicolaou, recently wrote a book for the Oak Initiative’s publishing house, called Islam vs the United States. However, there’s also something a bit strange going on here: in Europe, Papanicolaou helps to run an organisation which exists to promote inter-religious dialogue, including with Muslims, and in 2009 Joyner spoke at one of its conferences. Papanicolaou, Joyner, and Boykin are also all leading members of a “chivalric order”.

Although the destruction of the USA may be imminent, Keyes is still thinking ahead, and he is planning to put in appearance at Joseph Farah’s 2011 WND Tea Party at Sea in August, alongside the likes of Aaron Klein and Molotov Mitchell. Keyes is a regular fixture on these jaunts; here he is in an advert for last year’s event, where he is bafflingly billed as “Admiral Alan Keyes”. Perhaps that’s an example of the “misinformation” which Farah recently admitted his WorldNetDaily site carries.

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