Springbok-Swinton Saga Staggers On

Various British right-wing groupsicles are having arguments, in part apparently facilitated by this blog’s recent entries on the Springbok Club and the London Swinton Circles (sic). It’s somewhat bitty, so I’ve divided the post up. Part One Firstly, comments have come in from “London Swinton Circle”, who is either Springbok chairman Alan Harvey or someone close to him. […]

WorldNetDaily Puffs Anti-Shariah Project

WorldNetDaily enthuses over a new project entitled “Mapping Shari’a in America: Knowing the Enemy”, which seeks by the end of next year to document in a rigorous, scientific fashion the controversial premise that the more a mosque or community of Muslims adheres to Shariah, or Islamic law, the greater its threat to U.S. national security. […]

WND Puffs Chalcedon-Linked Christian Magazine

WorldNetDaily is carrying a puff-piece for a new Christian history magazine, Leben: Each issue is a virtual collector’s item, lavishly illustrated, intelligently written and bringing to its readers stories of courage and faithfulness you simply won’t find anywhere else… Leben Editor Wayne Johnson says the uplifting and inspiring stories in each issue of the magazine […]

Pope Engenders Controversy

From the BBC: Pope Benedict XVI has said that saving humanity from homosexual or transsexual behaviour is just as important as saving the rainforest from destruction…Pope Benedict XVI warned that gender theory blurs the distinction between male and female and could thus lead to the “self-destruction” of the human race. Further details are available from the Vatican […]

The Springbok Club’s Favourite “Maid” and a Neo-Nazi Website

Edmund Standing at I Kid You Not has cast an eye over a piece by pro-BNP blogger “Sarah Maid of Albion”, who is complaining about YouTube “censoring” (i.e. declining to host) extremist videos: In attempting to prove her point, ‘Sarah’ links to ‘another story from the USA‘. The story, it turns out, is found on […]

No Trial and No Capitulation at Newsnight

Oh, and while we’re on the subject of right-wing think tanks, it’s now one year since Policy Exchange promised to pursue the BBC’s Newsnight “relentlessly, to trial or capitulation” if it dared to broadcast a report which Policy Exchange claimed was libellous. The report was broadcast on 12 December 2007, and was available on the BBC iPlayer for a week after […]

Global Anti-Terror Network Website Expires

Let’s check out the latest from the website of “Global Anti-Terror Network” VIGIL. Oh dear… I previously blogged on VIGIL here and here. As regular readers will know, I’m no fan of Islamism, but that doesn’t mean any weird group that presents itself as “anti-terrorist” should be given a free pass – and there was much about VIGIL that […]

“New” London Swinton Circle Announces Break from Springbok Club

As I have blogged several times over the past few months, the right-wing London Swinton Circle has been riven by factional strife, which has now led to there being two Circles of Swinton: one is led by Alan Harvey, while the other is chaired by a certain Allan Robertson. The latter groupsicle insists that Harvey has been expelled, while […]

“Upon Bush I Cast My Shoe”

As “Turmoil Continues Over Shoe-Throwing Incident” (as the media puts it), let us turn to Biblical scholar Kenneth Bailey for a bit of background: Rengstorf also uses Ps. 60:8; “Upon Edom I cast my shoe,” as evidence of asserting ownership. Rather it is a very strong insult. At Assiut College in Egypt in the early […]

Robert Spencer Clutches at Straws Over Obama Inauguration

From Christian news-site OneNewsNow: In an interview with the Chicago Tribune, the president-elect said he will follow the tradition and use his full name — Barack Hussein Obama — when he takes the oath of office. “I think the tradition is that they [previous presidents] use all three names, and I will follow the tradition,” […]