UKIP and the “Disciples of Christ”

News from Holland Park in West London, where a new group called “Disciples of Christ” has been holding a protest:

We stand with the persecuted Armenian Christians. We won’t be silent until the genocide ends. We will continue to protest the Azerbaijani embassy until we have justice. Christ is King. ✝️☦️

The event was videoed by Mahyar Tousi, including two speakers: a street evangelist who goes by the names “Bob of Speaker’s Corner” and “Bob the Builder” (1), and Nick Tenconi, the new Deputy Leader of UKIP and COO of Turning Point UK. Both referred to last year’s developments in Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) in terms of “Islamist genocide”, although much of the rhetoric captured by Tousi was about how this protest was the start of “Christian street movement” that would oppose not only Islam but also “liberalism” and “libertarianism”, the former broadly defined along lines familiar to anyone who follows the talking points of the populist right (“globalists” also got a mention). One chant recorded was actually about “apostate clergy” rather than anything to do with Armenia or Azerbaijan. Tenconi also referred to “muscular Christianity”, and told the small crowd that as Christians they are “at war”. (2)

A photograph of the event shows 14 men, holding what appear to be professionally produced banners bearing the messages “THE ONE TRUE FAITH”, “END THE PERSECUTION OF CHRISTIANS” and “CHRIST IS KING”. Online, the group describes itself as

The Christian crusade to rebuild the Church. ✝️☦️ All denominations welcome. The Christian protest group of the UK. Activism, education, networking.

Tenconi was presented as a guest speaker rather than an organiser, although he was the first Disciples of Christ “follow” on Twitter/X. The event was also promoted beforehand by Tommy Robinson, although he wasn’t present.


1. Another name he uses is “Bob Soco”, which either reflects or inspired an online branding as “Soldier of Christ Online”.

3. Tenconi’s “war” rhetoric also features in a new video from UKIP. Walking alongside the new party leader, Lois Perry (but, oddly, speaking more than her), he states:

We will declare war on the far-left… we will declare war on communism, we will declare war on Islamofascism, we will declare war on woke. You need war-time leaders – you’re looking at them.

An old Tweet from Christmas Day 2022 shows him in the USA shaking hands with Kyle Rittenhouse, with the commentary “Alphas > liberal betas”. The continued significance of UKIP, though is doubtful – although the party announced the percentage by which Perry won the leadership, it has been noted that the absolute numbers were not disclosed.