Laurence Fox and Supporters Campaign in Uxbridge & South Ruislip

From GB News, mid-June:

Laurence Fox will run in the race to replace Boris Johnson as the MP for Uxbridge & South Ruislip in West London.

…Fox, who starred in DS James Hathaway in crime drama Lewis, will run in the seat after the Reclaim Party leader agreed a “mutual cooperation agreement” with Reform UK.

A photo blurb adds “Laurence Fox often appears on GB News”, which understates his position as a regular presenter (1) on the channel (currently on hiatus due to election law). As has been widely noted, the primary motivation for his political activism appears to be bitterness at his personal circumstances as a divorced father, complaining in one Tweet in January (that he subsequently deleted) that “women have it easy”; he also expresses his discontent with the world via attention-seeking stunts such as burning some Progress Pride bunting in his back garden. Inevitably, his Reclaim Party (I say “his”, although it is bankrolled by a millionaire donor named Jeremy Hosking) is heavily invested in conspiracism, and especially Covid vaccination alarmism – this is a subject that the party’s sole MP, disgraced former Conservative Andrew Bridgen, now regularly uses to grandstand in Parliament.

Fox made an appearance in the constituency at the weekend, and photos show him addressing a crowd of less than 50 in a local park, including one person who had brought a large “Sovereign Citzen” banner. In the spirit of the pact with Reform UK, Fox was joined by Reform’s Ben Habib; Fox afterwards Tweeted his thanks to Habib and to some other supporters who were there: Bridgen, Fox’s GB News colleague and fellow conspiracy-monger Neil Oliver (2), and “CaliforniaFrizz”, a familiar figure from UK conspiracy-influencer meet-up events (3).

Oddly, Bridgen also chose to pose for a photo with one of Fox’s rival candidates – Piers Corbyn, who is running for a party called Let London Live. Corbyn and his own supporters were wearing t-shirts bearing their party’s web address, although the site isn’t yet live.


1. Fox recently complained that GB News won’t allow him to use his show to interview Katie Hopkins or Tommy Robinson:

I’m like, “why?”, because you have open racists on all other TV channels. So, you’ve got that – what’s that one who looks like she’s wearing a mop on her head? Shola [Mos-Shogbamimu]? She’s a massive racist. You get her on. You’ve got the other one that [indistinct] News, Narinder Kaur, who just says racist things and it’s fine… so you’re actually letting racists on TV dependent on their skin colour.

2. Oliver has recently started railing against “medical products” on GB News, as a way to evade censure for explicit Covid vaccination alarmism.

3. She can also be seen here as part of group called the “Elite Thinking Club” explaining that the moon landings must have been faked because there is a “shield” around the moon (17 mins in).

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  1. The ‘Mad Club’ extremism is a symptom of just how poorly the U.K. is, unsaveable by NHS, led by the likes of Braverman and ex MP Sir Smash (Reece Moggy) . The economy and Human Rights violations and messes are the symptom of a country not run, and in free-fall, where the deputy leader, has enthusiastic adherence to “We deliver non-truths”. Is there a doctor in the house ? Even the Brexit tribe are having doubts, that perhaps they misjudged on the run from the nearest marketplace and grants provider. In Europe we have some problems, true, but the U.K. shines as a beacon of the worst affected nations in housing, cost of living, HR, inflation, protests stamped on etc. In troubled times extremists take advantage. Where I live, our ‘Mad Club’ is Vox, trying to crawl out of the woodwork, so of course, mad clubs emerge to throw false testimony on foreign people. The ‘Elite Thinking Club’ is a joke ? Or a symptom of national malaise? I notice that the Brexiteer champion now says that the U.K. needs (previously despised) foreign workers !!!! “We want our country back, millions for NHS buses ” Madness reigns.

    • “Even the Brexit tribe are having doubts, that perhaps they misjudged on the run from the nearest… grants provider. In Europe….”

      The Brexit tribe have doubts about the UK leaving the UK, the biggest grants provider to the failing EU?!

      What are you on?


  2. HHHAHAHA!! Another example. Here’s poor little ‘ol Man, who cannot write propah, never reads the Press, less understands the King’s English…must be one of ’em troll foreigners. Best to chuck him out, to keep Braverman happy

    • You’re still drunk-“replying” I see!

      • Well, Man, of course you are right (wing). I notice from the news that Gove with his compressed rubber lips developed over years of being a blithering idiot, levelling downwards in your impoverished country, is claiming that Brexit helped the U.K. staff (like Potty Party Johnson) prepare for Covid, when everyone else is saying it was a distraction. Project Fear claimed Mogg, now out of it. Of course Brexit was a brilliant idea. A supermarket trolley full of food now only costs a pound, so no more scratching around in dustbins for food. Your interest rates are in minus figures so the Banks pay you a fortune for any savings, and mortgages are 0% thanks to Brexit wrecking your economy, and hey whizz, small business finds it super easy to export to Europe, as there aren’t any tariffs now, honest !! On funds, from the EU to Europeans like me, science and legal funding is real. I’m glad you don’t get any, because more for me!! And, luckily, it is very difficult to buy British, because there isn’t any. Marmite, but that’s it. Haa!! Keep smashing Britain with imperialist dreams !! Our inflation is just 2%, so your zero percent justifies Brexit, doesn’t it. Most people now consider the Highway Man Party a mental asylum, so bound to win the elections. They are doing so well running the country into the ground. Never mind ordinary folk, keep taxes low for already rich companies, and getting rid of Human Rights, is the best way to control the noisy striking rabble. And what they are great at, is bankrupting Tory Councils !!!!! Hhhahaha!! BJ Man of nonsense, Brexit is and was a total disaster. Now Brexited companies want to crawl back to the EU, heads between their legs, but worry not !! We don’t want them back!!!

      • Sorry….

        I fell asleep shortly after the first ad hom in your diatribe!

        Are you the new owner of Barth’s Notes?

        If so I claim my £5.

        I wish Mr Bartholomew all the best in his well earned retirement.

        I hope he doesn’t spoil it by reading what it’s become after the sale!

      • Brexit Man, sincere advice, go back to sleep under real concrete, rather than mouse-cheese, to avoid a bruise on your empty head. Your Brexit economy, justice systems in shreds, now your air-filled concrete about to topple buildings, especially with tremor-shocks from the current earthquake in the Med.

      • Brexit Man?

        I only mentioned it in a question about your drunken Brexit rant!

        Sincere advice, learn to read, or go back to sleep.

        As for real concrete, what has that to do with anything I asked?!

        Or mouse-cheese!

        Seems like you need to avoid a bruise on your empty head.

        But failed!

        What is this concrete of which you speak?

        Does it have anything to do with Global Warming, Net Zero, Cladding Panels, Asbestos, or any other busy-body, nanny-state, bureaucratic, EU type regulations?

        Do you have ANY idea how much the EU will go bankrupt by when it finally gets round to addressing it’s Asbestos problem?

        Then its incendiary cladding panels?!

        And then it’s dodgy lightweight, low-energy, high insulation, concrete!

        Instead of reading and regurgitating Guardian and “Independent” propaganda:

        Try educating yourself!

        The “Brexit” “economy” is down to Remainers talking it down for a decade, starting negotiations by telling the other party we’d accept any “deal” regardless of how unfavourable, refusing to “use” people like “pawns” unlike the EU, and accepting that the “Transition” period was for negotiating the details of the Brexit legal technicalities, and not trade deals with the rest of the World, and not just the EU, as confirmed by FOUR EU member state Constitutional Courts!

        And as for the “justice systems” that was in shreds from the start as the EU and member states’ legal systems are Civil Law ones, totally incompatible with the UK’s Common Law system, and the main reason we could not and should not, have even contemplated signing up to the EU, never mind joining the Common Market.

        Now go away and stop annoying the grownups with your mindless blather!

      • BTW

        As for:

        “who cannot write propah, never reads the Press, less understands the King’s English…must be one of ’em troll foreigners”:

        That racist little rant was because you couldn’t understand I was writing about YOUR nonsensical “contribution”!

      • Man, you are a fool. The U.K. justice systems have collapsed. Child abuse victims meet corruption, where only 1.5% of institutional cases are prosecuted, the rest covered up. I am a victim / lawyer and have access to real statistics. All countries have problems, but the U.K. is defined by the U.N. as “The worst of industrialised nations for child abuse” 2020. Your infantile replies show you have no sense. You must be the only person in the U.K. that thinks you are better off alone. Enjoy.

      • Still drunk posting?!

        There’s no way even a pissed screaming lefty remaniac lawyer would have posted any of the garbage you have!

        And where has child abuse suddenly come from?!

        And the last time I checked it was 2023!

        And we were a post-industrial nation!!!

      • But, Man, The child abuse disgraceful police cover up failures were an example of justice failures, where general court backlogs have reached 6 years. You are a boring dreamer that knows nothing of the real world. Wave an EU flag at the Proms.

  3. Sorry again….

    That should, of course, have been:

    “Drunken diatribe”!

  4. Man Adios, I don’t respond to 4 year olds

    • “Man Adios, I don’t respond to 4 year olds”

      Followed by half a dozen rambling rant responses.

      I rest my case, M’lud!

  5. BrexitMan, Man, I don’t know how old you are, but you say “Do you have ANY idea how much the EU will go bankrupt by when it finally gets round to addressing it’s Asbestos problem?” What like your bankrupt English Councils ? And public buildings in decay ?

  6. Brexit Man, you say: “EU and member states’ legal systems are Civil Law ones, totally incompatible with the UK’s Common Law system, and the main reason we could not and should not, have even contemplated signing up to the EU,” Victims of State institutional child abuse (and cover ups excluded) get a max offer of 27,000 pounds , when at the U.N. Committee against Torture, (also prosecutes corruption)evidenced cases get millions of pounds proper compensation, so I don’t know where you get your “common law” dross from.

  7. Brexit Man, point being U.K. justice gives very little or nothing, it is an adversarial system, and ECJ or U.N. Courts give a lot. “Incompatible” you say ? Sure the U.K. is so incompatible with justice, that the TUC has referred to the U.N. to counter the anti-strikes bill. For example, there are many more international actions against the U.K.. U.K. is RAAC and a commerce Brexit wreck, as one M.P. says, a global “laughing stock” .

  8. So, Brexit Man, the “garbage” is your domain. You are a specialist in ignoring scandals and business stresses, all over the news daily. Your tory lot is in conflict, chaos, disarray, and sliding down the tube. 65% now consider Brexit a great mistake, and the millions on a bus for the NHS ?? Where is it, in Boris’s pocket ? Got to be somewhere !! And you cite asbestos in the EU !! The same in the U.K., clot. We are doing pretty well here.

  9. Brexit Man, on child abuse in the U.K., police corruption still continues despite IICSA. So your criminal justice system for vulnerable victims with only 1.5% prosecutions, a bloody disaster. Radford Report minimum of eleven million child abuse victims in the U.K., half a million coerced mothers / baby abductions, 1,200 to 1,600 child abductions annually even 2023, eh, Man. Not important to you? Less EU HR law, U.K.worst

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