Woman Supported by “Justice For Ellie” Campaign Found Guilty of Perversion of Justice

From the Barrow-in-Furness Mail:

A WOMAN who claimed she was the victim of an Asian grooming gang has been convicted of perverting the course of justice.

Eleanor Williams, 22, published pictures of her injuries and an account of being groomed, trafficked and beaten, on Facebook in May 2020, in a post which was shared more than 100,000 times.

…Jonathan Sandiford KC, prosecuting, said the incident was a “finale” to a series of false allegations made by Williams.

Williams, also known as Ellie Williams, had been charged with perverting the course of justice in March 2020, several weeks before her sensational Facebook post. At the time, it was not completely clear whether her pictures related to her original claims or to a new development, although it was reasonable to assume the latter and this was in due course confirmed. It struck me as unlikely that individuals who had just seen their accuser charged with perverting the course of justice would help her case by conveniently providing evidence in her favour, in the form of new injuries and threatening messages, but in accordance with rules of sub judice and principles of natural justice it would have been imprudent to comment publicly.

Williams’s supporters, however, had no such qualms: it was taken for granted that she had been arrested as part of a police cover-up, and that the local paper was colluding in this. Local journalists were threatened (as I noted at the time); the Mail reported that

The strength of feeling in Barrow has been so strong businesses have been ordering posters to display their support, online trolls have been targeting anyone deemed unsupportive of the campaign and vandals have been leaving derogatory graffiti about the police on walls in the town.

Tommy Robinson made an appearance (against the wishes of Williams’s family), local Asian businesses were attacked and the men she had accused were subjected to online and real-world vilification. The Facebook “Justice for Ellie” campaign, according to the Guardian, “led to a line of merchandise featuring a purple elephant, her favourite animal, and prompted a crowdfunder, which saw more than 1,000 people donate £22,000”.

The narrative frame was set by MailOnine (connected to the London Daily Mail, and not related to the Barrow-in-Furness Mail), which in May 2020 ran an article headlined “Girl, 19, is charged with perverting course of justice after telling police she was drugged and raped by Asian sex gang in Cumbria”. This account was picked up by Maggie Oliver, a former police officer who is a household name due to her involvement with exposing a predominately Asian grooming gang in Rochdale. Referring to the article, she wrote on Twitter “Far easier to blame the victim than embark on a complex investigation” (when in fact there had already been a year-long investigation), and when asked about why the story had not received wider coverage, she suggested that “the authorities are very powerful and close down MSM” (1).  Oliver’s efforts to promote the “Justice For Ellie” campaign were also commended by the celebrity television presenter and activist against anti-semitism Rachel Riley. Neither has so far commented on the outcome.

Tommy Robinson, however, is complaining that the “scum sly sky news media” had failed to mention “the fact I knew she was guilty and said as much BEFORE the verdict from my investigation into her allegations” – this is disputed by Amy Fenton, a journalist who had to have police protection for writing objectively about the case, who writes: “I’ve never heard such rubbish in my life. You weren’t saying this when you were barking your racist nonsense through a megaphone and demanding I explain myself were you Tommy Robinson? What a load of nonsense this is. And I do have evidence of what you said and did at the time” (Robinson denies being racist).

Also worth noting is the response of Sarah Champion MP. In 2018, responding to another controversial case that garnered a lot of publicity but no prosecutions, she expressed the strong view that journalists should “believe the victim”; now, however, she writes that she declined to support Williams because “something always seemed off”.

The Barrow-in-Furness Mail also has a companion article entitled “Eleanor Williams: How Fer ‘Web of Lies’ was Debunked”, which outlines the case against her. In particular, she was shown to have fabricated Snapchat messages, and her accounts of having been trafficked to Blackpool, Ibiza and Amsterdam were debunked by CCTV, flight records and witnesses respectively. As for her sensational injuries uploaded in May 2020, these were found to be consistent with a hammer – she had purchased such an item a week beforehand, and this was found in a field near her home with her DNA on it.

Also, one person she had accused was actually in a police van at the time of an alleged rape, following an altercation at a taxi-rank. In this case, Williams’s allegation was not related to “grooming” claims, and the man concerned, Jordan Trengove, has given an account to the Guardian. Another victim, known as Mo Rammy, has meanwhile been interviewed by the Mail.

For a more detailed discussion of the case, see Spin vs Truth, which describes Williams as “the female Carl Beech”.

UPDATE: Spin vs Truth also notes that those who supported the “Justice for Ellie” campaign included none other than Oliver’s former associate Jon Wedger, and that Wedger claimed to be in contact with Williams’s family. Wedger’s advocacy on behalf of Williams in online videos while the matter was sub judice apparently led to a warning from the Attorney General about contempt of court.


1. Maggie Oliver’s willingness to jump to conclusions about a cover-up reflect the fact that despite her mainstream profile she is also involved with the figures in the conspiracy milieu, as I discussed here and here. More recently, she has commended the the anti-Covid vaccination alarmist Aseem Malhotra.

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  1. Sad to see Rachel Riley here described as an “activist against antisemitism”. That’s alls I’m saying.

  2. An appalling case of false accusations, hurting those falsely accused, and which genuine evidenced victims just do not need. I think the likes of Beech and now this individual, do tremendous damage to real victims. What I cannot understand is why some police forces spend time on falsified evidence, but in real cases of (particularly institutional, referring to the IICSA Report) child and adult abuse, get ignored, justice failed. In my own cases, I have 9,561 documents of evidence, but have faced a brick wall of police / authority evidential lying and corruption, including ICO serious failures. (current Rule 46 in process). I have international irons in the fire. I will say more about this at a later date. But to knowingly FALSELY accuse innocent people of such dirty crimes, is unspeakable. Anyone who does that has either psychiatric problems, or financial motivations for wrongful compensation. There is in REALITY a serious problem with police and authority perjury and corruption in abuse cases. But the defining feature is either real evidence, or, authority refusals to release evidence in full transparency. I have been offered compensation by CICA, which is legal precedent, but it is too little for State Crimes, the reason I have gone to international courts, and to prosecute proven corruptors. I won’t say too much about my own cases, because I will get the inevitable trolls, but in short the DOCUMENTS, note !! prove I was a stolen baby, to be used as a test-bed in a U.K. sterilisation of mental patients experiment, dumped on a dangerous psychotic being experimentally sterilised at the time, from my age of ten DAYs, and I was tortured for many years, and sex abused, covered up by police and authorities over the last 20 years, “not in the national interest to prosecute”, a rubbish excuse, due to university reports on these cases, but the evidence I have, procured by international Prosecutors. Now if anybody has evidence of similar, or is a genuine victim of State institutional child abuse, with medical evidence, refused justice in the U.K., with perjury, document corruption etc., what they can do is Submit documents of evidence to the International Criminal Court, and / or U.N. justice instruments, or Convention Courts (of Committee Council for Human Rights ) . It is a bit complex, but my own cases can be an example for any other similar cases. The I.C.C. can only prosecute Crimes against Humanity after July 2002. Which is not my cases, falling many years before, but the U.N. can work on that part, from 1964. But when a State member of the United Nations Security Council (which also funds the I.C.C.) commits atrocity Denial of the Truth Crimes occurring after July 2002, then the ICC can prosecute Denial of the Truth Crimes directed related to prior Crimes against Humanity. The I.C.C. determined in my cases that the original crimes are Crimes against Humanity , (but before July 2002) but in 2019 Directed I “first exhaust domestic remedies” and held the cases pending. Just completed this with a U.K. Judge insulting me, calling the cases “fanciful” that I am a “scurrilous conspiracy theorist of no merit” Final Decision 4 December 2022 BUT ADMITTED REFUSING TO READ THE EVIDENCE AS HE HAS THOUSANDS OF CASES !!!!! Just what we need to Prosecute. One of the Universal Justice international prosecutors told me “Perfect, you have now exhausted domestic remedies”. In the last week I have created an evidenced Summary File, split in to 14 Files as the OTP ICC have a limit of 10 Mbs each, (Victims, note this limit) and Submitted them through another-State Prosecutor, doing the legal violations work, as a denuncia against the U.K. judge for Denial of the Truth Crimes. This is the way to deal with REAL EVIDENCED lying and corruption in “serious” (ICC) violations of the State. In Crimes against Humanity, there are no time-limits, and no immunities. Also evidenced victims can do what I did, sometimes the U.N. runs ‘ad hoc’ fact-finding Tribunals, and it is worth looking out for these. I won mine, which is precedent pre-trial. Or contact a U.N. Office for Human Rights to see if one is planned. Just because police and / or authorities lie to you, but hide evidence, do not take that as a final ‘no’. Use international law, which is what it exists for.

  3. Surely the title “the female Carl Beech” still rightfully belongs to Jemma Beale, doesn’t it?

    • To clarify: reason for choosing “Female Carl Beech” as a description is multifold – because of the amount of public attention that Williams was seeking compared to that of Beale. Tbf to Beale whilst what she did was scandalous and abhorrent, at least she wasn’t trying to whip up support online or create what appear to be racially motivated campaigns. Williams’ allegations had major consequences in her local community too, Beech’s allegations had major consequences for somewhat “famous” figures.

      Some of Williams’ allegations have cross connections in locations chosen by Beech to make false allegations about as well – Amsterdam for example.

      Williams’ allegations were also persisted in despite her withdrawing some of them during formal interview, also Williams was the only defence witness at trial and that also mirrors the Beech trial.

      It therefore seemed appropriate to use the “Female Carl Beech” description, it’s only an opinion to use that description though. Trust this helps to clarify why it was used.

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