James Delingpole Promotes “Sabbatean-Frankists” Conspiracy Theory

James Delingpole, a British commentator associated with Breitbart and much given to podcasting, has recently promoted as a stand-alone clip of one of his guests expounding on the supposed global influence of a Jewish cult called the “Sabbatean-Frankists”. His interlocutor was one Michael O’Bernicia, a comedian who is better known for his stated plan to bring private prosecutions against all of Britain’s MPs, later scaled down to just prosecuting Matt Hancock. Here’s what O’Bernicia said to Delingpole:

…This Babylonian nefarious cult of evildoers, it does have a name: name is the Sabbatean-Frankists. The Sabbatean-Frankists were founded by Sabbatai Zevi in 1666. Sabbatai Zevi was a man who proclaimed that he was the foretold Jewish messiah, only that his reign over the Jews as he described [it] was entirely predicated on his conviction, and that of his disciples, that the purpose of his life was to bring about an inversion of good and evil; in other words, to turn evil into good and good into evil so that no one can tell the difference anymore. And in his mad ramblings he dictated that everybody must follow this creed to use deception or inversion against all their enemies, and all of their enemies constituted everybody who wasn’t in the cult.

Now, the reason I know this is because prior to ’91 there was an awful lot of material around about on this subject because it links directly to the Rothschild cartel, because that there is much evidence around to say that the Rothschilds are the same bloodline as Sabbatai Zevi and another man who lived in the eighteenth century called Jacob Frank in Frankfurt.

Now, Jacob Frank in Frankfurt was one of the three people, along with Amschel Rothschild and Adam Weishaupt, they they founded the Bavarian Illuminati around about 1770. Now, when this happened it was a complete secret, and what they did was they created a pact; and the pact was that they would take control of every surviving royal bloodline and and every one of the major religions, and they would take control from within in order to subvert it according to Sabbatai Zevi’s doctrine. And [to] hide Sabbatai Zevi they started calling it Frankism and that’s what it became known as and then it developed into the Frankfurt School.

What did the Frankfurt School invent? Every leftist ideology every rightist ideology and they created the false left right paradigm. Because the truth is fascism and communism are virtually identical virtually identical but they have one thing above all others in common and that is that the banker’s power remains in place but is used more aggressively that’s the major difference. Clan economy, complete control of everyone’s lives.

Doubtless, Delingpole and O’Bernicia would deny that this conspiracy theory is anti-Semitic, on the grounds that it refers only to some Jews. Indeed, it actually has Jewish provenance: the same scenario is outlined in a 1974 book by a rabbi named Marvin Stuart Antelman titled To Eliminate the Opiate (tagline: “The Frightening Inside Story of Communist and Conspiratorial Group Efforts to Destroy Jews, Judaism and Israel”) (1). However, as I’ve argued before, “Rothschild” conspiracy beliefs emerged out of an explicitly anti-Semitic context (as discussed by Brian Cathcart here), and as a paranoid pseudo-explanation for human affairs they lead back into it.

And that’s before we get onto the problem that the theory is useless and foolish – all-embracing and unfalsifiable, and derived from wild extrapolations that are completely superfluous to historical understanding.

Delingpole has long been a vector for the spread of misinformation and disinformation within mainstream media – a few years ago he seemed to be a regular presence on TV chat shows mocking the idea of climate change, despite lacking credentials, and in 2019 he was an early promotor of the “Traitors’ Chart” conspiracy webpage that was later picked up by Tom Newton Dunn at the Sun after it was revamped as “Hijacked Labour” to hide its origins. He has also always been something of a conspiracy theorist, spotting hidden left-wing influences on socio-cultural trends – back in 2011, for instance, he managed to churn out 1500 words for the Daily Mail (or maybe the Mail on Sunday) about why the BBC using the BCE/CE dating system rather than BC/AD was due to a “Marxist plot” that could be traced back to Herbert Marcuse.

Delingpole’s full embrace of the conspiracy milieu, though, coincides with the spread of Covid; I noticed last year that he was in communication with Richie Allen, and last month he was commending David Icke as “a visionary genius”. A few days ago he and his brother Richard Delingpole made a video in which they congratulated each other on being “red-pilled”. He also pondered whether the Beatles had been created by the Tavistock Institute.


1. Antleman’s book drew in part on research by the scholar Gershom Scholem. Scholem received a copy, which he was moved to inscribe with the words “nonsense based on me!!!“.

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  1. I see the fundies have been polishing their historic illusions with the usual fictional complexity which always seems to convince the ignorant that a conspiracy is afoot when it is nothing of the kind.

    How can Michael O’Bernicia claim that Sabbatai Zevi inaugurated the ‘Sabbatean Frankists’ in 1666 when in the September of that year Zevi (Zebi) and his wife both converted to Islam in the presence of Sultan Mohammed IV!

    Zevi was a messianic Jew and troublemaker who had earlier riled up orthodoxy by claiming to be the Messiah. With the aid of a small band of followers he forged supposedly ancient documents prophesying his advent to bolster his claims.

    Zebi’s hi-jacking of Jewry occurred in Amsterdam circa 1638 where a confluence of Jews had occurred from various countries, particularly Spain and Portugal, after the Jews had been expulsed.

    In Amsterdam rival schisms vied for superiority and to establish a central orthodoxy which all local Jews could find acceptable. In this confusion Shabbethai Zebi tried to sieze power by claiming to be the Messiah prophecied in the Talmud.

    Zebi’s claims were opposed by the vast majority of Jews in Amsterdam but his zealots spread his ‘teachings’ to other areas of Europe, relying upon superstition to draw in converts.

    In 1650 Shabbethai Zebi’s impostures had begun to fall appart and his ‘apostle’, Nathan of Gaza, confessed to the president of the rabbinical tribunal (bet din) of Venice, that his (Nathan of Gaza’s) prophecies concerning the Messianic character of Shabbethai Zebi were mere deceptions. Ha-Yakini, Zebi’s close aide had forged official opinions of the rabbinical council of Constantinople in favor of Shabbetliai’s claims to Messiaship.

    Zebi died in 1676, his affect on and contribution to judaism had been peripheral.

    100 years later Adam Weishupt, a baptised Christian, whom O’Bernicia drags into the equation as though contemporary, inaugurated his ‘Illuminati’ secret society. Quite how the two could have any connection philosophically is beyond me and there’s absolutely no evidence to show any historical link between the two.

    O’Bernicia and his like always conduct the readers attention by omitting salient facts which when known puts history into perspective. The world-changing French Revolution was brewing during Weishupt’s lifetime and broke out finally in 1789. In the years prior to that Europe was in foment with literally hundreds of anarchistic, republican, religious and royalist factions setting up self-interest groups as society collapsed.

    When France finally descended into political anarchy during The Terror, some of these groups tried to seize control of various areas of the country. Treachery was on every front so almost all of these groups (religious, philosophical and otherwise ) were constructed and run as ‘secret organisations’ to protect their work and members.

    Though O’Bernica delights in calling the Illuminati a ‘cult’ Weishupt’s intention appeared to be, like many in those days, to replace the corrupt monarchy and over-bearing power of the orthodox churches, with the knowledge being discovered during the Scientific Enlightenment of the time. A kind of first-step to our technological world where science now plays a prime role in the welfare of ordinary folk.

    Weishupt and his Illuminati were certainly not Zionists and had no link with Judaism (it is well known that Jews were banned from induction into Freemasonic groups).

    Weishupt’s writings show that did not wish to enforce any religious dogma upon the world and certainly his group were not Satanists. The Illuminati group was intended to sanctify the intellect of man liberated from the religious dogma and slavery which had hamstrung the world for centuries.

    O’Bernicia’s attempts to intertwine Shabbethai Zebi’s teachings with Weishupt’s Illuminati and drag in the myths surrounding the Rothschild family is dangerous anti-semitism of the worst kind and Delingpole should hang his head in shame in giving it the oxygen of publicity.

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