Satanic Ritual Abuse Accuser Leads Group at London Protests

From BBC News, yesterday:

Thousands of demonstrators are marching through London in a day of protests.

Anti-lockdown and climate change demonstrations are under way across Westminster, Lambeth and Southwark alongside some smaller protests.

…Whether it was austerity or Palestine, lockdown or the NHS, campaigners of all ages and backgrounds wanted to make their voices heard today.

…It didn’t matter your cause, all groups mixed and chanted alongside each other.

…The protest was prompted by the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill, which proposes to give police in England and Wales more power to impose conditions on non-violent protests, including those that are deemed too noisy or a nuisance.

Although not mentioned by the BBC, the protestors included a contingent of Satanic Ritual Abuse activists, led by Jeanette Archer and a large banner declaring “Exposing Satnic [sic] Ritual Abuse”, which was carried along the Mall down towards Buckingham Palace. A video upload shows Archer addressing a cheering crowd of a hundred or so in Hyde Park as she read off a litany of generic horrors that she claimed to have experienced during childhood, including witnessing the murder of children, women being forcibly impregnated and having the resulting babies cut out of them (even though that would mean the death of the supposed “breeders”), cannibalism and so on. The banner was then carried to places that Archer had previously said need “exposing”, such as the Supreme Court in Westminster.

More specifically, Archer also claimed to have been abused by Edward Heath, Greville Janner and Jimmy Savile, and that uniformed police officers would rape her and transport her to Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle. I discussed some of Archer’s story previously here.

Archer also paid tribute to Wilfred Wong, a Satanic Ritual Abuse activist who is due to stand trial on charges of child abduction during the week ahead, and one of her assistants read out a letter from him; out of an abundance of caution I won’t go into details while the matter is sub judice.

A leaflet produced by Archer ahead of the protest can be seen here; James Hind, who observed the event, has an account here. In his assessment:

Despite the march feeling bizarre and incompetent, I felt Archer had achieved a result today by coming out of the event with more followers and a stronger voice amongst the QAnon community. I was doubtful that Archer had made any impact on the decision-makers in the media or politics, having painted them as child-murdering Satanists; but, making change at the top was never the goal of Archer, it was winning over the QAnon market, and she achieved that. What was strange and sinister was the reluctance of the police to intervene or challenge Archer and her marchers, who had free reign to go, say and do what they liked in their march in London today.

For further commentary see also Spin vs Truth here.

The subliterate “Satnic” banner was also notable for its logo branding of a half-sun giving off rays above the letters “SOS” (Save Our Children). The same logo was used on the same day at protests in Australia and New Zealand. Archer made a video with her Australasian allies a few days before the march; the discussion included the need for child “rescues”.

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  1. Well the police officers are that daft they never thought to not wear their uniforms before kidnapping and raping her. How else would a child know they were police officers? doesn’t take much critical thinking to expose Archer’s ever added to lies.

    • There is an arrogance about Jeanette Archer and her Satanic Ritual Abuse narrative now. Archer is no longer fussed about logic, evidence or consistency in the telling of her story; which reveals how fake it is to the rest of us. Archer has worked out, as Donald Trump, or another grifter Becki Percy, that it takes little effort to please and satisfy the needs of the QAnon audience. Throw them a bone about baby-eating by the elite, they will be seduced by it, and will follow you to the moon.

    • Another dubious claimant of (ritualistic?) abuse, Esther Baker, claimed that uniformed police were present on Cannock Chase, whereupon judges, politicians, etc sexually abused her. Unfortunately for Baker, none of the ‘at least fifteen’ other girls she says were there have come forward to substantiate her version of events.

      • Dear Achelous, What I can tell you, although I take your ‘victim silence’ point (and without EVIDENCE) is a very good point, is some victims have sent us actual evidence of child abuse police and authority corruption, but then gone silent, and do not provide more answers nor evidence. This silence CAN possibly be explained in terms of U.K. police harassment of victims. I can testify, WITH evidence, that I have 1) been threatened with ‘prosecution’ any Hampshire Police, for, with international Prosecutors, (I am Cases Compiler for these cases) sending evidence against Police corruption in Crimes against Humanity to the U.N. and I.C.C. court systems. When that did not deter, I then received an anonymous threat against my “health” on a fabricated interpol document, confirmed by the real Interpol, Paris and Manchester had nothing to do with Interpol, but that sparked immediate Spanish Judicial armed protection for me at my door in Madrid. If bizarre threats can be sent to Spain, where I have protection, imagine how a claimant in the U.K. might feel . AND YES we have received documentary evidence of police harassment of institutional child abuse victim Survivors receiving police threats in the U.K., which goes beyond the usual “blame the victim” strategies, for corruption, used against complainants of child abuse corruption, both past and present current cases. What we have not experienced is silence and no documentary evidence, but what we have experienced is documents supplied THEN silence. It is possible the other “fifteen girls” you have pointed out, are afraid to speak, in case they get reprisals from the “appropriate authorities” in the U.K. I really do not know, I am only guessing, but there is fear of U.K. police around. The best in group cases is to ask IICSA to investigate domestically. They are aware of victim fear and do not divulge victims’ names to the police. But a word of warning, avoid the so-called “Care”Ombudsman, that DOES divulge the names of victims to authorities, in secret, we have caught them doing this, with the evidence procured. But IICSA is safe. So the “Silent” can denounce in safety to IICSA Inquiry, and should.

      • Ah, another auto rewrite error courtesy Mac. “any Hampshire Police” should read “by Hampshire Police”

      • What I would warn victims of, is to be very careful of the Care Ombudsman, which 1) Refuse to procure council held evidence 2) not only in secret reveal your names BUT ALSO YOUR PERSONAL HOME ADDRESSES. We couldn’t believe it, but got the letters they send councils. For victims trying to get council withheld evidence, this practice of the so-called Care Ombudsman, is exceedingly dangerous. The Care Ombudsman write their secret tip offs to councils, not as a request for information, but in a COMPLAINT context. We have proven, this has the effect of slamming council doors in the faces of council-abused victims trying to get evidence, AND, by revealing your names and addresses, to the councils involved, puts victims at risk of harassment, because the so-called Care Ombudsman also puts your cases on their website, whether you like it or not. They tell victims in writing, they use the “Mr. or Mrs X” pseudonyms, BUT THEY IN REALITY DO NO SUCH THING. THEY USE YOUR NAMES. Which could have a negative effect on any subsequent civil or criminal court cases in the U.K.. In short, the “Care” Ombudsman, that could not give a fig for your Rights, is bloody dangerous. However much Ofsted guide victims to the Care Ombudsman, avoid this route like the plague. Dishonest, deceitful, useless for purpose, and a dangerous leaky bucket. You cannot even tell them to stop when they refuse to procure withheld council evidence. They ignore any “stop” requests in writing. I equate them with being council sponge ‘spies’ who nicely get all details out of the victim, then tip off the councils in secret. I would love to be able to repaste evidence here, but I cannot, because it is sub-judicial. West Midlands Police flatly refused to prosecute the Care Ombudsman, of course, they only protect institutions, never the victims, so we are doing prosecutions for them, at the U.N. ICO of course, never act against authorities, or ICO state breaches have occurred, but they will not, quote, “Indict a fine” another pathetic fancy title that is useless for purpose.

  2. I must admit, that without documents of hard evidence, one has to question non-evidenced claims. I am not convinced about these claims, but I AM a victim of Satanic abuse, and have 7,700 documents to prove it. %,000 documents previously proven to a U.N. fact-finding Tribunal, New York, now moving to the Prosecutions phase. Let me add a perspective. Our Prosecutors have seen no evidence of the ‘Nick’ sale, and this one your are reporting, but consider this. Half a million Church and State stolen babies / coerced mother cases identified. Some of us, were used in atrocity ‘experiments’. AND a Nottingham Judge, 2016, ordered released the documents of the sterilisation of mental patients experiments with me used as a lab rat and “human compensation”, just one case, and there were more, to a dangerous psychotic mental patient being sterilised, to see if I would be tortured, and I was, with attempted murders, medically recorded, of which I have most of the documents. So what I would advance is that where Satanic motivated child abuse occurred, it is more “ad hoc” on an individual case basis, where statistically, if a State gives ten day old babies (19/8/53, ten days after my birth)to a dangerous psychotic mental patient who had already murdered a child, in a human rights atrocity, there is a good chance that psychotic has serious Satanic motivations. This “ad hoc-ness” is a far cry from claiming whole State networks. If Satanic networks exist, there are documents to be procured, with patience, from Judge interventions, the National Archives, or from hidden police and hospital records. As in my own cases, with international criminal investigations spanning 20 years. Allegations without corroborating documents are nothing, and ANY victims CAN get old documentary evidence via Court Judicial Review processes, or as in my cases, direct intervention by a Judge. There is always evidence to be obtained, if one follows the proper routes. And Satanic networks (?) will have documents in church, medical, court etc. records or similar. What ARE human rights atrocities are stolen babies, fabricated original birth records to hide the crimes, and State experiments giving babies to dangerous psychotics who may have Satanic motivations. All proven true in my cases (at the U.N.), and for criminal prosecutions of Denial of the Truth Crimes, now sub-judicial. So where are the documents of these “networks” ?? At least a few documents that suggest such ?? Any woman forcibly made pregnant, will have medical records. How did I prove attempted murders for Satanic motivations ? Medical records. The same route for the murder of the Psychotic’s first child before sterilisation. How did I prove my baby theft and use in atrocity experiments ? From the records ordered released by a Nottingham Judge in 2016. How the prosecution team drawn from Spain and Belgium prove police corruption ? Easy, meticulous evidence procurement Inspectorate captured. The police thought they were calling me on a private number, but they were not. They were calling the Spanish Ministry of Inspection, the U.K. police perjury being recorded officially by five Inspectors acting under Universal Justice. There are always ways and means to trick the corrupt. The investigations have spanned 20 years, but the Prosecutions are now in process. So if anyone claims to have been tortured in a Satanic network, invest time in getting the evidence, at least enough to bring charges, and use the U.N., because obviously self-investigating corrupt U.K. police are not going to prosecute themselves.

    • I am not challenging that bad things go on at all levels in Society and State, but is it “Satanic?” Satanism is a legitimate religion, so when someone is saying X bad action is “Satanic” it infers a religion is behind the action, no different than saying Islam or a Moonie was responsible for said action. When people use “Satanic” they often undermine their case, because there is a well established skepticism that Satanism is behind all these events. Using the Satanic trope is something people must seriously consider dropping if a person is in their mind aware that it is not the Satanist religion such as Church of Satan or The Satanic Temple who are behind these events. Most of the negative situations that arise is not due to Satanists or the Satanic religion, it is down to pure human nature such as pursuit of money, power and fame; that is totally separate from pursuing a course of action for religious purposes.

  3. James I would agree with you, and we have similar points, which is why I mentioned the words “Satanic motivations”. This is what happens when the State gives other mothers’ babies to psychotics in experiments. In my cases, the psychotic tried to kill me with knives screaming that I was the Devil, sometimes Satan, sometimes The Beast in her three monthly psychotic episodes, “that deserved to die” and after smashing plates, would launch herself at me with cake knives, screaming “Right, I am going to kill you now” and I had to run for my life into the Sheapley’s Woods, until her psychotic episodes passed off. Sometimes she threw knives at me, which missed, on one occasion damaging a teak table, that two weeks later they got rid of, to hide the evidence. She would call me “wicked” and tell her violent husband that he had to beat me, which he did, daily. As I mentioned the evidence of “Satanic” abuse, that we have been sent / notified of, apart from my own cases, is related to “ad hoc” individual cases of baby theft and use in atrocity experiments. We have not been sent any evidence of such organised “Satanic child ritual sex abuse and violence networks”. As I said, we can only consider such claims that have documentary evidence. There may be such organised cases, but there will be evidence, buried in records, that CAN in principle, be procured . If victim groups are shouting from the rooftops about organised Satanic abuse cults, with State involvement, the time is better spent procuring evidence. One thing is to have religious cults, not everyone would enjoy, another thing is violence / sex abuse / torture thrown in. The important thing for victims claiming Satanic organised ritual abuse, covered up, is to get the documents and evidence that can prove at least some of it, and Submit that evidence to U.N. Tribunals. I am not saying I flatly don’t believe the claims, but I am not convinced unless there is evidence, what I am saying to victims is get evidence, using routes I have identified. Psychotic mental patients CAN kill for warped Satanic motivations, but the level and type of organisation can be different to what some groups are claiming. And I believe you are saying the same. At the end of the day, EVIDENCE please.

  4. How Fukn dare you. That woman’s a fuckin hero. Do you know what kind of courage it takes to get up there and say something like that? She’s got more courage than any of you little fuking keyboard warriors. You guys are all sick why don’t you just take one second and imagine if what she’s saying is all real what if only half of what she’s saying is all real what if only a tenth of what she’s saying is real it’s still fucking tragically horrible and you people oh you make me sick that’s all I got to say you make me fuking sick.. you keep being the fuking sheep you’ve always been fuking NPCs

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