MPs Scrub Tweets Endorsing Keir Starmer Smear

From the Independent, and widely reported:

Conservative MPs including a health minister have shared an edited video of Keir Starmer from a “far-right” Twitter account.

The footage, dating from Sir Keir’s time as director of public prosecutions in 2013, was taken from an announcement of new guidelines on charging grooming gangs.

But it had been edited to remove the start of the interview where he was asked to give examples of the “wrong approach”, making him appear to justify failing to believe child victims.

The three MPs manually RTed the Tweet with added comments of their own; both the original account and the MPs endorsements of it have now disappeared, although without the grace of a corrective for the benefit of their followers or an apology to Starmer.

Each MP handled the matter differently: Nadine Dorries simply deleted the Tweet without explanation; Maria Caulfield appears to have deleted her entire account (although there has been some suggestion it was suspended); while Lucy Allan (previously blogged here) chose to double-down on the general point while not naming Starmer again directly. Allan thus provided a short quote to Aaron Banks’s website Westmonster, in which she stated that “In standing up for victims of CSE in Telford I have had to challenge police, council, and CPS (vigorously).” She did not go into any detail, but the point was merely to create the headline “Telford MP slams establishment failure on Child Sexual Exploitation” as a self-promoting diversion from her mistake. (1)

The account that provided the misleading news clip went by the name Njames World (@NJamesWorld), and it had in excess of 25,000 followers. (2) Other Tweets from the account still visible in  Google Cache include the opinion that Priti Patel is “useless” as Home Secretary for failing to prevent the arrival of illegal immigrants; that we should remember that the Nazis were Germans, as this explains modern Germany’s position on Europe; and that illegal immigrants are “scumbags from all over the world”. He also suggested Starmer’s clapping in support of the NHS was done “for the cameras”, rather than because he genuinely cares about the NHS – a claim that also appeared elsewhere.

At LBC, James O’Brien has argued that the MPs promoted the Tweet because they were dismayed by Starmer’s performance in holding Boris Johnson to account at Prime Minister’s Question Time; but although Dorries in particular has a history of Trumpian lashing out (sometimes in concord with bad actors on social media), this explanation is unduly conspiratorial. The simple fact is that many MPs are superficial and careless, and easily manipulated into amplifying misinformation. This has been very obvious ever since the heyday of the satirical TV show Brass Eye.

Why on earth would Keir Starmer appear on TV to justify not prosecuting grooming gangs? Why would nobody have noticed the significance of it, apart from some semi-anonymous Twitter account? Two very obvious questions that went over the heads of MPs who saw what looked like an easy bit of point-scoring. But how did such rubbish even find its way into their Twitter feeds in the first place? What kind of trash is informing their decision-making on a daily basis?


1. I previously discussed media reports about “grooming” crimes in Telford here.

2. It has been suggested that “NJames World” was someone named James Edding or James Edwin, allegedly a far-right activist with “links” to National Action. However, the only source for this claim is one John O’Connell, and his claim is undocumented. This seems to be a pattern with O’Connell: last month, he made headlines with claims about “128 Twitter accounts” supposedly impersonating NHS staff, but the only evidence he provided was one account that was obviously a parody rather than an impersonation. O’Connell refused to be drawn further, saying that he would produce the evidence once it was “gold plated”. That has not happened so far.

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  1. Surely this would only be Noteworthy if they hadn’t deleted the edited video?

    But I look forward to the Notes on how the mainstream media had edited a video to remove the start recording references to the “liberal” accusations against “Trumpian” handling of the Pandemic Panic that he was actually calling a “Democrat” Hoax, leaving viewers with the false impression he was labelling the COVID1984 virus he spoke about next one.

    I also am anticipating a Note on the multiple editing of an hours long technical briefing by experts to make it look as though it consisted of Trumpian references to “injecting” “disinfectant”.

    And the even worse insinuation that he was suggesting the public downed bottles of Domestos!

    For those who aren’t aware of the hoax and debunking Trump was summarising expert references to utilising existing established disinfectant technology for “injecting” Far UV Light “disinfectant” down ventilator tubes.

    NOT bleach!

    Any references to a liquid disinfectant were again summarising experts discussions of adapting existing hospital based medic performed Lavages.

    Nowhere did he suggest using household bleach, never mind the public self-administrating it.

    And as all the media had access to the full video, and probably even had “reporters” present throughout the briefing, Bartholomew might want to do an exposé on the “Conspiracy Theory” that even the BBC is lying to the public by not only showing the edited video as “News”, but then repeating it in satirical “factual” programming such as Have I Got News For You, repeating it the following week in the extended version, then again in a Charlie Brooker Wipes one.

    Exposing that it’s not a theory but fact!

  2. This super-triggers me – “Google Cache include the opinion that Priti Patel is “useless” as Home Secretary for failing to prevent the arrival of illegal immigrants; that we should remember that the Nazis were Germans, as this explains modern Germany’s position on Europe; ”

    The Nazis were were also U.K. Remember the Mental Capacity Act 2005 ?? Made legal, sterilisation experiments on vulnerable mental patients. This copies the Nazis thus:-.

    At the time of the Nuremberg Trials, the British Army (and the Americans) whisked away Nazi scientists and surgeons . In 1953, I was taken from my real mother, and used as “human compensation” in rescued-from-the Nuremberg rope, Nazi surgeon sterilisation experiments to see if ripping out a dangerous psychotic’s reproductive organs quote “balanced” psychosis. A psychotic who had already murdered a child. I was given to this dangerous woman to be predictably tortured (and sex abused) by both her, and her violent Army Captain, who had changed his name from Frentzel to Fraser to get into the British Army. He was a Nazi, and brutally beat me almost daily to shut me up, from her knife attacks from my age of seven years. At ten years I was being sexually abused. He always defended the Nazis, and I think he was a Nazi spy during the War. The experiments in Nottingham, have been covered up from 1974 to NOW ongoing. The Care Ombudsman had secretly warned the council, against my seven instructions to not do so after Taylor, in June 2019 had refused to safe-guard the council admitted withheld part of the evidence, that their own staff had sent me in 2016 admitting withholding a small part , which a month later, after the Care Ombudsman’s warning, the council’s chief executive, Curryer, refused to recognise their own records, so I reported the Perjury, and Perversion of the course of Justice to West Midlands Police in July 2019, after a string of refusals to prosecute Taylor, a whistleblower told me West Midlands Police does not prosecute State employees. P.S. 3666 Burnham, 7/4/20, sent me a letter that stated I had not sent evidence, when I had, and immediately went on to state that she was not going to “unpick” the evidence, completely contradicting herself. The current PSD appeal, is a court- blocking delay strategy, they have ignored my 8 requests for a list of my files passed to them, and exceeded their own 28 working days limit to advise, passed in silence. but in the words of Churchill, the Prosecutor and I will not fail at the international courts, where I have already won on 5,000 documents, a U.N. investigative Tribunal, New York, and the International Criminal Court, The Hague,on 7,000 documents has described them as “serious crimes”. WHEN IS THE U.K. GOVERNMENT GOING TO STOP HIDING ITS OWN CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY, and stop its rife police same-force, self-investigation, lying and cover ups, when the whistle-blower also told me that any cases against the State, have to be agreed to by the CPS, and we all know what the High Court Judges have been saying about the CPS – CORRUPT. As the Royal Courts of Justice told me, forget wasting time and money on JRs and focus on international criminal prosecutions. well said, and thanks to the RCJ, and we are doing just that.

    If any genuine investigative journalist or, genuine U.K. Prosecutor, wants to see key evidence within now 7,000 documents spanning the fight for justice 1974 to 2020 on-going, they can contact me:

    But ask your selves why it needs a Spanish Prosecutor, and prosecutors from two other countries, acting under the Principle of Universal Justice, to bring the cases to the international courts, when no-one in the U.K. wants to know about the country’s dirty past ?

    11,000,000 abused children in the U.K. (Radford Report, NSPCC) AND STILL THE CORRUPTION GOES ON. IICSA are NOT doing individual cases, 17 million pounds year to have NO prosecutor, and are NOT investigating the central role of blind-eyed corrupt police, HMIC say 41 out of 43 forces are corrupt in particularly institutional cases.

    It is a sickness that needs a cure, and only the international U.N. courts can provide the medicine.

    So no, the Nazis are not only German, although they started the trend, they also exist in the country’s institutions and police, as well, and they are British, and it’s time to weed them out, by international prosecutions.

  3. And one thing I would add, is that the United Kingdom’s Denial of the Truth Crimes, in its own participation in Nazi Holocaust ‘experiments’ copied from Josef Mengele, are known in university studies on this subject as “The Silence”, a perfect proposed part-title for my Trilogy which will be released after the U.N. Trials, to describe and explain the 19 years of international criminal investigations, that have evidentially revealed the mechanisms of U.K.police and authority cover ups. International law is very slow, but who dares wins in the end. The most important thing for victims, is to persist with evidence-based determination, and you will win in the end. U.N. Geneva, I.C.C. for post June 2002 cases, and even the ECHR once you have exhausted all local avenues to get your cases before a U.K. criminal court. When the police refuse to prosecute, you have your ‘exhausted avenues’ evidence. Prosecute under Art. 21 and in particular, Art.54 Rome Treaty, requesting Indictments of the officers who have cheated you under Art. 258 (individual criminal responsibility), and Human Rights Act, breaches, Right to Life and against torture. Argue that cover ups (Denial of the Truth Crimes) are extended psychological torture’

  4. I see the nutters are out in force today.

    • Hehehe!! Paul, who do you define as “nutters” ? M.P.s or smear groups ?

    • Well, Paul, you don’t seem to have defined which “nutters” you are referring to, but as you mention “today” if you are referring to me, I imagine you have never heard of NAPAC, nor NSPCC (heavily involved with my case evidence, and even permitted me to send some of their Reports to the International Criminal Court, The Hague, and U.N. Geneva “Special Procedures”, Registered), and of course you will never have heard of CSAI nor IICSA, which although limited as a ‘Report writer’ have still been replying positively on my cases, and you will never have heard of the Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary, who have written to me, admitting, that although they do not have remits to prosecute, they have identified 41 out of 43 regional Constabularies have been corrupt in institutional child abuse cases. Adults abused in childhood, denied justice by police corruption are very hurt people, damaged by the State. 50,000 have committed “no justice despair suicides” (Lantern), and Radford have identified 11 million cases, in this small island, and the NSPCC has the misery of answering emergency child lines, hence the statistics. Are we “nutters out in force today”. Poor little Paul. Not able to see what is in plain sight ? Or pain sight I should say ? Get my drift ? Have more respect, if you are referring to my two posts. Apologies if I am wrong. It is the State that wrecked our lives.

  5. And another thing Paul, I don’t think Prosecutors from Belgium, Spain and New York, would have been active in investigating a number of cases Submitted over 19 years, if we were “nutters out in force today”. All U.K. cases heavily evidenced, with assistance from the Spanish Judicial Police, plus an intelligence unit, in what has been an international effort. Some of the 11,million are children from other nationalities as well. I have had private meetings in Madrid with Compliance Officers from the Special Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia, all are “shocked” at the evidence of U.K. participation in Nazi Holocaust surgeon ‘experiment’ Crimes against Humanity, and multiple Denial of the Truth Crimes. I am now at 67 years of age, both a qualified HR Lawyer, and separately a professional qualified Psychologist, and I am not a “nutter”, I am a concerned human being, and Victim of the State of the United Kingdom, with 7,000 documents of evidence in my cases alone. All the declaring victims are heavily evidenced cases, Registered at the U.N. for Prosecutions. Oh, and I have already won in my cases, a U.N. Investigative Tribunal New York, a Panel of Judges, Finding my documents True. Are we all “nutters” Paul ? Look up the Mental Capacity Act 2005. Sterilisation experiments on vulnerable mental patients made legal. The MPs who agreed to this outrage, are the “nutters”

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