Operation Midland’s “Nick” Named as Carl Beech

The Times reports:

The man whose allegations sparked Scotland Yard’s disastrous paedophile inquiry can today be revealed as a former NHS manager, school governor and father of one.

Carl Stephen Beech, 50, is the man who has been known publicly only as Nick since 2014 when Scotland Yard launched Operation Midland based on his claims of murder and abuse by a paedophile ring.

Mr Beech… faces 12 charges of perverting the course of justice and one of fraud after the collapse of one of the Met’s most prominent inquiries. He is accused of profiting from alleged lies about murder, abuse and torture by fraudulently claiming £22,000 from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority. [1]

…Scotland Yard’s £2.5 million inquiry relied solely on Mr Beech’s abuse claims that he made against VIPs including Lord Bramall, 94, the Normandy veteran and former chief of defence staff, and Harvey Proctor, a former Conservative MP. Both were interviewed under caution during the 18-month inquiry before they were exonerated in 2016. 

The development has been reported in various newspapers – the Daily Telegraph has even put him on the front page. 

Carl Beech’s identity was not much of a secret – “jigsaw” identification has been possible for a long time, and in 2016 Associated Newspapers was fined after it published his photo with such minimal pixelation that he could be readily identified by anyone who knew him (see below). He has also previously been named by various individuals on social media.

The removal of Beech’s right to anonymity is an important step in achieving justice for those who were targeted by Operation Midland, in that while their alleged accuser remained in the shadows a thoroughgoing dismantling of the false allegations attributed to him by police and media has been impossible – thus despite the police exoneration, users of an #IBelieveNick hashtag have continued to assert the guilt of those who were falsely accused. It also remains to be told how the allegations were promoted by various groups and politicians, and the simple fact that we can now say that Nick’s real name is Carl opens new avenues here.

However, we are not quite at the destination: Beech will not face trial until May, and in the meantime we must take care to avoid writing anything that might be prejudicial or subject to reporting restrictions. Beech’s lawyer has indicated that his client intends to contest the allegations, and we do not know what defence may be offered – that is why I am careful to refer to claims attributed to Beech. I make no comment or speculation here about what Beech may have said to police or why. That does not mean, though, that we must pretend to be agnostic about false allegations. It will be Beech on trial next year, not the Operation Midland suspects [2].

The poorly pixelated photo of Carl Beech (“Nick”) that led to Associated Newspapers being fined in 2016. Note that the pixelation virtually disappears when the image is made smaller.


1. According to the Daily Mail:

The fraud charge alleges that he falsely claimed £22,000 in criminal injuries compensation by saying ‘he was subjected to abuse by a paedophile ring, knowing this to be untrue and intending thereby to make a gain for himself’.

Both reports could have been clearer that this relates to one particular allegation attributed to Beech, concerning one specific public figure. There seems to be no good reason why this person is not named, but without further guidance I won’t mention him either.

2 . Limits around what can be said at the moment may also be used opportunistically. Thus the journalist Mark Watts writes on Twitter that:

Part of the complication for media re naming is that there are allegations of child sexual abuse made by ‘Nick’ where he has not been charged with attempting to pervert course of justice or fraud.

This may imply that some allegations are stronger than others, and that the prosecution is being selective. However, allegations attributed to Nick include claims against people who are dead. In such cases, it is impossible to pervert the course of justice because there can be no trial; and the lack of any fraud allegation may merely indicate that no compensation was ever sought.

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  1. Mark Watts’ tweets with regards to recent hearings have been absolutely misleading and should, therefore, be taken with a pinch of salt.

  2. @Bandini, from the other thread:

    “The craven media are having more of a problem in stating the obvious: Carl Beech is being prosecuted for fraud relating to claims made against “a TV presenter” which predate the allegations which led to Op Midland”

    Well spotted, I didn’t initially pick up on that.

    “Front-pages, television screens & PI lawyers waiting rooms filled with this shit. Poor ol’ Nick, he gave ’em what they wanted & now they’re nowhere to be seen.
    I’d rather they were sat in his place.”
    Completely agree.

  3. “Time after time I have witnessed this grotesque spectacle of lawyers draining the victims of child abuse for every penny available. Millions of pounds have been and still are being wasted in the name of abuse victims. ”

    Bandini, the above is from your friend Darren Laverty’s latest blog. Well, it has to be admitted that he has a point.

    • I’m no friend of grotesque spectres, TDF.

      “Furthermore, the refusal of the IICSA to investigate the media’s role in my case evidences a refusal to see the truth of how they treated me as a victim of child abuse. The very fact that a fabricated document the Observer Newspaper and North Wales police concocted in order to try and discredit me…”

      Seems like not even the IICSA are daft enough to swallow a fabricated claim of fabricated documents…

      • Laverty also quotes verbatim on his blog from this report from the Bristol Post:


        Apart from the irresponsibility of the journalist(s) in reporting the above without strong advice to the man and the public in general that to undertake such an activity while simultaneously undertaking a hunger strike is extremely dangerous and that at the very least he should be encouraged to take food and water breaks during his proposed walk, the reporter is seemingly unaware that the vast majority of the so-called “114 documents linking politicians to the sexual abuse of children” most likely relate minaly to questions asked by politicians in relation to child abuse, rather than documents containing allegations that politicians were themselves engaging in child abuse.


      • “… embarking on the 120-mile trip during Christmas and the New Year period. He thinks it will take him between 15 and 20 days…”

        Er, so aiming for a punishing 6 to 8 miles a day! Is he doing it walking on his hands or summat? No…

        “I’ll have to walk slowly because I’m not eating, because I’ll faint or collapse if I overdo it.”

        Ho ho ho! Another attention-seeking nutjob. Speaking of which:

        “I’m going to make this article haunt you @DavidRoseUK⁩ as will many other great journalists… … I have no doubt children were killed in Jersey and the truth will be revealed there are many great reputable experienced journalists working on exposing this.”

        It’s Jon Wedger’s press pimp, that ‘great journalist’ Anna Brees, with replies from the usual coterie of crackpots, Esther Baker lauding Mad Mike Veale, etcetera. Lest we forget it was poor David Rose who stands accused of ‘fabricating documents’ in an enormous conspiracy to silence the Welsh Womble for some reason that even the Welsh Womble can no longer recall, tangled up in the briars of so many previous versions…

        But could an exciting new alliance now be formed, Brees, Wedger, Veale & Baker coming to his rescue? Really, why not? We’ve seen it before.

        Bah! I’d tempted to invite them all for a spin on my massive yacht, pointing it down Jersey way before shoving the lot of ’em overboard.


      • I doubt you have any friends. Just for the record, the IICSA don’t even know about the article you numbty.

        P.S. Hencke has been humiliated by Hemming. It’s out there, go see.

      • “Just for the record, the IICSA don’t even know about the article you numbty.”


        “The very fact that a fabricated document the Observer Newspaper and North Wales police concocted in order to try and discredit me (by alleging I took part in a gang rape at the age of 11) was ignored…”

        Not sure how they can ‘ignore’ something if they ‘don’t even know about’ its existence – you evidenced dilbert!

  4. The panel isn’t the IICSA. It’s a working machine that employs dozens of suits behind the scenes. Some of them decided the article wasn’t relevant to the thread-Accountability and Reparations. I understand their decision and have to live with it. Just because I phrased it the way I did doesn’t dilute the fact that panel members themselves wouldn’t have a clue it exists.

    Semantics is you all over though isn’t it? You live for these times. Ooh, er, quick over there, Laverty’s written some words let’s rush over and dissect each one. Fuck the context in which their written let’s just do we what do.

    Sad and pitiful.

  5. Is this correct, Martin’s info usually is.


  6. Totally correct tdf.

    He pleaded guilty this morning to 6 charges CSA related including possession of 322 images some of which are category A across 3 specific devices one of which was allegedly in his car.

    His sentencing has been adjourned for another date to be arranged and he’s been remanded in custody pending sentencing.

    He changed his plea at the last minute too after a series of pre-trial legal discussions yesterday. Likely once he found out the depth of the evidence against him he decided to plead guilty.

    On the wider issues, Wall of Silence is the least of the issues imo although it does raise questions about the true motives behind it.

    Tom Watson’s involvement for example should be examined by Parliament once Brexit shambles is dealt with.

    Suspect we’ve not heard the worst of it all yet either. The detail of the CSA charges against Beech are allegedly horrendous.

    Interestingly Beech’s supporters are seemingly more interested in criticising grammar on Twitter than his CSA conviction or their own involvement in encouraging his behaviour.

    Speaks volumes for their real intentions and complete lack of self awareness.

  7. Plenty of discussion on social media regarding this case, I don’t want to spam this thread with tweets, but she is spot on here:


    • I disagree.

      She thinks “that SM supporters have sadly enabled this fiasco” whereas I’d suggest that it is the media, a legal system bending over backwards to placate ‘victims’ and the compensation-seeking PI industry that have not merely ‘enabled’ but actively encouraged ‘Nick’ and oh-so-many others.

      I genuinely don’t understand the obsession with SM which, every time I take a look, seems to be the almost exclusive reserve of the mentally challenged. How many tweets from lunatics equates to a top copper appealing for ‘victims’ outside a dead man’s house? How many tweets for a ‘claim your compo here’ poster in a prison? How many for a journo fabricating details & ‘revising down’, say, a ‘victim’s’ age?

      It’s not SM, it’s JS. Jimmy Savile. Which is of course where ‘Nick’ began…

      Still, the ‘warriors’ of Twitter now have another “convicted paedophile” to wail about, a misnomer if there ever was one. But they’ve never been interested in the truth – it’s all just entertainment for ’em. Wonder what their hard-drives contain?

      • Look, words change their meaning over time. In modern parlance, “paedophile” is equated in the public mind with child abuser. Pederast is a more accurate descriptor. As for whether the Twitter warriors are engaging in a form of distraction activity in the psychological sense, and are statistically more likely than the broad mass of the general public to harbour unnatural impulses themselves, I simply have no idea, nor even if any psychologists have ever examined that particular aspect to the subject.

      • ‘Pederasty’ – sexual activity involving a man and a boy.

        Er… you want to rethink this, TDF?!?

      • Honestly thought the term included adult sex offending against girls.

      • “They came for me again. But I’d been through it before too. I was not gonna take anymore either. I shouted too (when I wasn’t giggling; I sometimes find even tragedy hard to take seriously).”

        From Jonathan King, worth a read:


  8. I met Carl Beech when he was a manager at the Gloucester Royal Hospital. I published evidence about him in 2011. Why is this ignored by everyone?


    Beech was also instrumental in the BBC fabrication about me broadcast in January 2013.





    I view him in the light of these events and … I cannot stop laughing!

    • @Corascendea Cathar

      I have seen your website. When I ascertained his real name I googled ‘Carl Beech NHS’ and it was one of the first links that came up. I am sure others, including journos, did likewise. I suspect the reason journos have not published the allegations on your website is simply because they don’t know enough about the matters you have raised to form a view.

  9. So from Jordan Milne’s live tweets we learn that Beech first went to police in 2012 regarding claims about being abused by a group including Savile, a middle eastern man and others.

    • We also learn that Beech claims never to have actually seen Savile’s face (though did see his long gold chain)!

      And we saw Martin Brunt – like Milne of Sky News – report the accusation that Savile was accused of raping Beech ‘3 or 4 times’ as ‘5 or 6 times’.

      • I think you’re making a mountan out of a molehill re Brunt.

      • Court reporters are supposed to report what is said in court. They are automatically given permission to do something that others would need to apply for – in part because it is assumed that, as professionals, they will report what takes place accurately.

        And it’s not the only inaccuracy of Brunt’s that I’ve sought to clarify recently. Dreaming up two or three extra rapes isn’t really on. Had he been the ONLY reporter there – as is often the case – the whole world would have been misinformed over what really occured. To me, it matters.

      • Accuracy is important. One minute three or four times, the next five or six….if we keep going at this rate, it leads to ‘he groomed a nation’ territory pretty quickly.

      • Exaro’s expert investigative journalism techniques being placed under the microscope at court.

      • Did you see Mark Watts doubling-down, trying to rustle up another conspiracy?


  10. https://twitter.com/RDobbson1/status/1136978166122029061

    He/she means Bevan Spencer von Einem. There is evidence he travelled to Europe around that time.

  11. https://twitter.com/BlogBandini/status/1153313180384399362

    ^ Apt comparison. That’s exactly what they’re like.

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