Two More Media Outlets Promote Jon Wedger

From a website called the Consumer Watch Foundation:

A former UK Justice Minister is supporting a retired detective who claims Metropolitan police deliberately ruined his life after he tried to expose horrific cases of child sex abuse.

John Wedger claims he was forced into early retirement after a breakdown while working to expose Britain’s perverts.

…Hemel Hempstead MP Sir Mike Penning has given his full support to Wedger in a campaign to protect police whistle-blowers.

….Now Wedger has also made claims about the Satanic abuse of children in the upper echelons of British society, claims investigated for many years by editor Leigh G Banks.

CWF has contacted Sir Mike’s offices on five occasions asking for his views on Wedger’s Satanism claims and to confirm he is still supporting him in his battle. We have not received a response.

Penning’s original statement supporting Wedger is still published on his website, although his silence on Wedger’s more recent claims may indicate some doubt or embarrassment.

The article is written by Leigh G. Banks, apparently a former Fleet Street tabloid journalist; Consumer Watch Foundation appears to be an offshoot of Radio Tatras International (RTI), an English-language online radio station based in Slovakia that he helped to set up. Banks claims to have investigated Satanic Ritual Abuse in the 1980s, and for some reason quoting himself in third-person, he adds in his article that:

“…I worked with an organisation called Reachout.

“One of its clients claimed that since childhood she was being used as ‘factory’ to produce babies for sacrifice by a coven in the North-west of England. Members of the organisation claimed to have rescued at least 70 young people from covens.”

The Reachout Trust is an evangelical Christian “counter-cult” organisation that has been much criticised for its sensationalist claims about occult groups, conflated with “Satanism”.

Banks also appears in podcasts with Rodney Hearth, who runs an online television service called International (formerly Family Focus) through his company “Heaven Sent Productions”. describes itself as “Free Family Safe Worldwide Television”, and it carries a number of channels that stream vintage pop music, jazz, and old films, as well as polemics with titles such as “Pat Condell Tell [sic] The Truth About Islam” and “Nigel Farage Smashes The Irish PM“. Content includes re-uploads from elsewhere but also original material in which Hearth – an evangelical in his 70s – interviews various people. Hearth’s most recent interview is with Wedger, perhaps facilitated through Banks.

Some of Hearth’s interviewees are musicians, while others are activists such as Anglican Mainstream’s Rev. Lynda Rose (on “The Way Sex is Being Taught in Schools“), the American anti-gay obsessive Scott Lively (last blogged here), a certain Cyrus Leone, and numerous items with Greg Jackson of CitizenGo, a “global pro-life, pro-family, and pro-freedom grassroots organization” that is part of the Spanish HatzeOirl (previously blogged here) – in one conversation, the two men discuss transgender issues under the title “The Liverpool Penis“. For some reason, a talk by Rev. James Leggett of St. James Church in Ryde on “Straight Talk for Gays” appears to have been removed.

Outright conspiracy material on the site includes uploads from the likes of Liz Crokin (blogged here), but it is on social media that really lets it all hang out, promoting itself via the hashtags #QAnon, #GoodbyeDemocrats, #GreatAwakening, #PresidentTrump and #WWG1WGA.

British interest in the “QAnon” conspiracy theory may seem unexpected, but I recently noticed that it forms part of the worldview of a political group called The Peoples Revolution Party. was recently listed as a supporter of a fringe-right “Brexit Alliance” that TPRP was apparently assembling alongside the Democrats and Veterans Party, as I noted here.

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  1. Mark Watts of Exaro infamy:

    “Worth reading fulsome apology to those who suffered child sexual abuse – inc ritual sexual abuse – in Australia by PM Scott Morrison to country’s Parliament following commission.”

    I thought Watts might be over-egging it, but no! As the Guardian report:

    “The crimes of ritual sexual abuse happened in schools, churches, youth groups, scout troops, orphanages, foster homes, sporting clubs, group homes, charities, and in family homes as well.”

    Maybe Wedger will be the next to feature in their pages.

  2. Just to remind your readers of the historical implications of the Satanic Ritual Abuse Myth and it’s promoters.

    The Reachout Trust was a sectarian Christian charity originally established to attack and discredit Jehovah’s Witnesses whom its leader Doug Harris (deceased) believed was a ‘cult’.

    Harris jumped on the cult-bashing bandwagon in the early 1980s and, as is usual amongst fundies, networked with other fundie organisations and orthodox Christian groups until he had a coterie of hard-line Christian fundies which included Maureen Davies (a dental nurse from Rhyl who from an early age ‘put religious tracts on car windshields and complained about astrology books in WHSmiths). She eventually wrote a fundie manual entitled ‘How to Deal with the Occult in your Area’ which was sold by Reachout as a pamphlet and a tape recording of one of her many visits to other Churches to train-up erstwhile fundie recruits and teach them how to complain to schools and local councils and generally object to anything that was not holy writ. There is no mention of SRA during this period.

    It was Davies (appointed director of Reachout, specialising in SRA) who acted as the ‘expert’ on SRA to convince and traffick with unbelievers in the Social services arena during 1988> . She got so good at it that she was invited to lecture to the police officer training college at Bramshill! (Cue a generation of infected leaders of the police some of whom just happen to also be evangelical Christians – )

    Maureen Davies appeared as a star keynote speaker promoting false ideas about SRA at every one of the major Satan Seminars held for police, social workers, aligned Christian groups, child-care charities and therapists during that time. Not one of her claimed cases proved true and her invented stories of the ‘Satanic Method’ were utterly in error, being more a rehashing of details from the Inquisitors’ 14C Malleus Maleficarum than an exposition of current worship by Neo-Satanists and Witches.

    Despite her manic claims of SRA she and Reachout never had ANY real cases. All the supposed cases of claimed SRA which Reachout highlighted failed in the course of time. SAFF can dispense with every single one of them. Give us the dates and names and we will explain how every one failed (see below for an example)

    One of the key players in the Reachout Trust was Audrey Harper, An ex-Bernardo’s girl who became a member of the Moravian church and, probably based on the imagination of Doreen Irvine (a prototype SRA victim imposter who published the pot-boiler From Witchcraft to Christ in the 1970s (much read by fundies the world over)

    see ,

    Harper began telling anyone who would listen that she’d been present at the ritual murder of a baby whose throat had been cut in a Satanic ceremony.

    Harper had plied this unproveable claim for years before linking up with Reachout. Note that one component of it was the location, Virginia Water, next to the Windsor Estate ( cue claims of later Royal Satanic Goings on )

    During her pre-Reachout days Harper’s ‘witnessing’ in various news articles (for religious grandstanding is what it was) caused the Surrey police to investigate her claims.
    They found no case to answer.

    When Harper joined Reachout she soon began promoting her SRA lies as a ‘first hand account’ to back up the anecdotal third hand false claims from others. She appeared in so many newspaper articles they began using silhouetted photos of her and pseudonyms. Just in case people began to catch on that she was the only SRA ‘witness’.

    I would point out that many of the ‘cases’ reachout used were from other fundamentalist Christians, who worked-up situations which did not exist. Like the Pennels in the North East who claimed their cat had been killed by Satanists and nailed to their door in some curse because they were activist Christians. A local newspaper report of the incident actually said local youths had done it and that the Pennles were ‘bible thumpers’!

    Note that the Pennels’ ‘case’ was sent to Geoffrey Dickens MP (Christian lay-preacher ) and formed part of his now infamous ‘dossier’ on SRA which SRAhunters love to quote as ‘evidence’ but which was SO appallingly weak and unsubstantiated tittle-tattle that it was never sent to the Home Office as Dickens promised it would.

    Just to give you a flavour of the conspiracy, Dickens wrote the foreward to a reprint of Audrey Harper’s book Dance with The Devil so:

    ‘With the support of Christ I am glad Audrey Harper has has the strength to tell her story’

    Are you now getting a flavour of this conspiratorial fundamentalist network perhaps?

    This later publicity caused a SECOND investigation into Harper’s false claims by the Police. The SAFF corresponded with the CC of Surrey Police at the time, alerting him to the earlier investigation and asking for a detailed statement about the 2nd. He point blank refused to communicate any details to us other than there was ‘no case to answer’.

    In 1991 just after the headline grabbing nationwide scandal over Rochdale and Orkney, ( now largely forgotten it would seem!), which Davies and Reachout influenced, Victoria Macdonald exposed Davies in a full page Telegraph article headed ‘Holy Crusader on The Trail of Satanism’ showing that she had no expertise in the matter.

    When challenged Davies, who had spearheaded Reachout’s SRA campaign, immediately backtracked and claimed that despite saying otherwise she had actually never dealt with any child SRA victims ( remember that it was social workers who forced SRA ideas into the minds of small children which was found to be the cause of not only the Rochdale and Orkney fiascos but also, according to Prof La Fontaine’s 1994 definitive report on the issue ALL OTHER CASES claimed as SRA during that period. Here is a sample of Macdonald’s piece:

    “It is said that. she (Davies) spoke to a group of Scottish social workers shortly before the first children were taken from the Orkneys. It was also claimed that she became involved in the Rochdale saga. She denies this. She says she addressed a Scottish,conference organised by church leaders but does not know whether social workers were in the audience. “In the Rochdale,. case, if anything I was on the side of the parents” she says.- Mrs Davies says she can back up her claims of widespread satanic abuses with evidence from the mouths of the abused, from adults desperate to get out of the “hundreds of sects”, and from occult magazines. She refers to cases of babies and virgins being sacrificed on altars, of urination and defecation on victims, and of blood- drinking. She says she has never had to deal with anyone younger than a teenager. But in one of the Beacon Foundation’s pamphlet ” handed out ” to social workers and at the mainly church-organised meetings she addresses she writes; “The following list contains, activities reported to me by the children themselves…”.
    Sunday Telegraph 7th April 1991

    Davies’ ducking and diving, after being probably the most manipulative promoter of SRA untruths during the Satan Scare of the 1990s, was also evident a few months later as her bubble began to collapse. In October 1991 BBC Wales documentary series Week In Week Out broadcast a stunning programme (which like many of the time used SAFF research) on the SRA myth in connection with the death of Caroline Marchant, a young SRA victim-imposter who killed herself at the Reverend Kevin Logan’s vicarage in Blackburn.

    Logan, a long-time fundie activist was also a director of The Reachout Trust and of course Davies was involved with meeting and handling poor Caroline as an ace witness. Reportedly, Audrey Harper sat with her by her bedside as poor Caroline expired. ( More on the Marchant suicide here:

    The two part documentary eventually ended with Week in Week Out ‘doorstepping’ Davies at her home in Rhyl. In juxtaposition to her years of eagerness to talk to the media about SRA she definitely didn’t want to answer ANY questions as you will see from this clip:

    Due to SAFF work over the years, the first 1990 wave of the SRAmyth began to collapse quickly from then on. Harris, the founder of the Reachout Trust distanced himself from Davies and she set up her own specialised SRA charity called The Beacon Foundation. If you Google Beacon Foundation you will find dozens of Christian activist groups using the same or similar names. Here are the details of Maureen Davies’ Beacon Foundation;


    3 Grosvenor Avenue, Rhyl, LL18 4HA
    Helpline: 01745 343600

    National telephone helpline for survivors of ritual abuse and those supporting them. Also act as a referral point in the North Wales area for survivors of sexual abuse.

    Last Updated: 16/07/2007


    For some time Harris used to direct all SRA enquiries to The Beacon Foundation but as the hue and cry subsided, the Reachout Trust itself began to pick up the reins again and use the SRAmyth to promote its Christian perspectives.

    It is ABUNDANTLY clear, as the SAFF has continuously pointed out, that the SRAmyth has been invented by and promoted by activist fundamentalist and evangelical Christians first in the U.S. and thence in the U.K. The SAFF has a photograph of Davies stood in her office in 1988 before the Satan Scare hit the U.K. with boxfiles behind her listing documents from most of the dangerous extreme fundie groups and outfits which promoted the SRA scare in the U.S. a few years earlier; and which were subsequently discredited.

    That information came into the country through Davies and her friends and created the first claimed UK SRA case in Broxtowe in Nottingham (1988). Davies worked with Tim Tate and Ray Wyre, ( an ex baptist minister turned paedo-therapist) who according to the official Notts inquiry into Broxtowe, imported biased SRA evidence from the same U.S. fundie clique. Davies not only advised on the appallingly tabloid Cook Report: Devil’s Work (which Tate, a Theology graduate, produced) but she actually handled the Helplines after the programme!

    See clips of Cook’s The disgusting Devil’s Work here:

    Reachout Trust had doors opened for it at a high level in British society by other fundamentalist Christians who are, naturally, enmeshed in the state machinery of a Christian state. Reachout got entry to parliament early on and submitted presentations on SRA to the parliamentary committee of Dame Jill Knight an evangelical Christian. All the ‘cases’ put forward by reachout in that presentation were utterly false and disprovable AT THE TIME THEY WERE PRESENTED. SAFF tried to correspond and warn Dame Jill Knight of this but she refused to listen. She continued to believe in those false cases and presumably influenced others within her clique.

    See the false cases disproved by the SAFF here:

    Other well-meaning Christians have also been overgenerous with their sympathy and time to Reachout, including Lord David Alton, Baroness Cox and others.

    Reachout Trust also coalesced support for their belief in SRA from the inter-denominational Evangelical Alliance which gave them a mandate of thousands of supporters to brow-beat police and media with to get their way to promote uncorroborated SRA allegations and the weakest of anecdotal cases.


    We said it before and we will say it again. The SRA myth is an ecclesiastical Witch-Hunt. It has nothing whatsoever to do with child or adult victims of abuse. It is all about re-igniting Christian platforms of control within society to usher in a Neo-Puritan agenda.

    They succeed because the vast majority of nominal Christians always assume that any devout Christian cannot lie or cheat and so listen to the untruths, whereas time and 40,000 child abusiing priests, has shown that some Christians will gladly lie, cheat and even kill to pursue their ends.

    Any politician who listens to the progeny of Reachout’s lies today when their failures and dishonour are so well documented should be called out for working against the best interests of society and wasting taxpayers’ money on the biggest hoax of the 21st century.

    The moment the SAFF got near to exposing the Truth about this religious fifth-column, it melted into the background and turned to promoting and opening doors for loonies to do their dirty work for them. Loonies like Jim Phillips the Birmingham doctor who created a ‘stable’ of SRA victim-imposters and was subsequently struck-off the Medical Register for making his patients’ illnesses worse. Later he committed suicide.

    He and other loonies kept the pot boiling and as their narrative has become more polished and perfected with its retelling over the years, star fundies are now being brought back into the fold, as with Wedger, Wong, Kurz, Lacter and the current crop of influential SRA campaigners. Not only do they believe EXACTLY THE SAME FALSE ALLEGATIONS which were proved lies in the 1990s but they are, apparently using exactly the same corrupted -evidence which has also been categorically undermined decades before.

    Unless this religious fifth-column is recognised and discredited they will continue to press for the institutionalisation of SRA as a real problem when it is complete fiction; because doing it gives them power to influence laws, curb free-speech and generally impose bigotry upon society. They are now MUCH stronger than they were, due entirely to the lies about SRA coalescing their network.

    Feminists in child-care underestimated the Christian fifth column and thought they could use them for their own purposes to restructure society but they have simply created a monster of their own making which will eventually devour them.

    The SAFF has shed-loads of information, cuttings, documents, recorded interviews both here and in the U.S. on Reachout Trust and it’s personnel. We can prove everything we say without question. If anyone wants to challenge our statements, you are invited to test us. All this documentary evidence is available to any journalist or researcher for free, as it always has been.

    “Those who do not remember the evils of the past are condemned to repeat them.”

    John Dennis

    P.S. This SAFF webpage puts the work of Reachout Trust into detailed perspective.

  3. Australian PM Scott Morrison is a Pentecostal recruit from the dodgy Hillsong mob. Don’t know if he talks in tongues but there was some quiet fury at his use of the word “ritual” which caught many off guard when this word was never EVER mention in the recent Royal Commission report nor was any evidence presented of ritual abuse and indeed, the entire report attacks Churches for basically looking the other way over the cases of individual abusers. No organised “pedo” cults were exposed except that obviously many priests of course belong to the Catholic Church but the sad truth exposed was that obsessive pedophiles are so secretive, those who share a room with them never know as the respected Australian political journalist Paul Bongiorno explained that when he shared a room with the worst child abuse Father Gerard Risdale as trainee priests he never noticed a thing even as Risdale was abusing young boys by the score. The nearest anything “ritual” got to the Commission was the creepy Fiona Barnett who falsely claimed she appeared in front of the Commissioners giving evidence when no such thing happened as she merely gave a written submission which any member of the public could and it was ignored. I know for a fact one Royal Commissioner was fuming at Morrison;s speech but most people who noted his words chose to keep quiet out of respect of the victims.
    # What “whistle blowing” has the Wedger bloke ever done?. Where is his evidence and why doesn’t he present it to the media?. Of course the problem with these fantasists that if they talk about cases already exposed they can’t claim it’s a coverup and if they talk about something not already being investigated or that hasn’t yet been reported they risk serious legal trouble ala “Nick”.

    • Thank you for that Eric,

      The SAFF covers the problem of the 5th column of fundamentalists in British politics in the full Reachout History file here:

      of which the above is a precis.

      Australia has its own 5th column.

      Similar hard-core evangelistic Christians network in every other country to continually recycle their sectarian lies against competing religions. Moslem Grooming Gangs (see Barthsnotes passim) is the latest manifestation of this, against Islam, and is a sub-set of the Satanic Ritual Child Abuse myth.

      In the 1990 Satan Scare many of those loony believers who forced the issue had doors opened for them at a high level by other evangelistic Christians ensconsed within the Establishment. This networking became international. The SRA scare was invented by US fundies, imported first to the U.K. and thence by UK fundies who took it up it was exported in early 1990 to the Antipodes (see Ray Wyre).

      At the same time it was exported into Europe and particularly took hold in Belgium and Holland. British fundie agent-provocateurs travelled to and fed the lies to those places using an unquestioning sensationalist Media just as they had done in US, UK and Oz (see Dianne Core/Geoffrey Dickens)

      Almost synchroniously it developed in South Africa where a key UK SRA academic Valerie Sinason, who organised the Ritual Abuse & Information Network in Britain had a seat at Whitewaterand university, that coalesced local fundie satan-hunters including one who a year later was fed back to the Met police as an ‘expert’ in SRA on the Thames Torso case scandal.

      Also active in Africa was another UK fundie Andrew Boyd, who , with the help of a coterie of fundie friends in parliament and others in the media had found (false) SRA activity in various African countries. He was eventually given a platform by Channel 4 TV’s dispatches to make and broadcast the most extensive FakeNews programme ever since Welles War of the Worlds, in his ‘Beyond Belief’ documentary which claimed to have found actual film footage of SRA being committed. It utterly shocked and fooled millions of British viewers and 99% of the British Media who gave the programme front page headlines. The SAFF knew better and produced the actual video from which the offending scene had been taken and incontrovertibly proved that it was an early 1970s performance art pop-group and not what Boyd was saying! The fundamentalist liar who made this programme was of course in touch with key players both here and abroad and had the ear of some very important people. See:

      for full background.

      So after 30 years of SRA improperganda and lies there are literally millions of ardent Christians out there from all countries and all walks of life, who believe that a conspiracy exists to hide a pan-global elite abusing children for Satanic purposes.

      It is this very meme which got Trump into power and is promoting the Tommy Robinsons of this world.

      The idea that intelligent people can overcome this superstition, because superstition is what it is, has been shown to be false by the passage of time.

      These Christian evangelists are good at hiding their true beliefs often lying to get their way. They use a completely different idiom when they are talking to other fundies than they do in open discussions with non Christians, in exactly the same way that extremist Islamists treat Kaffirs as ‘untermensch’, because to them, let’s face it, anyone who is not already with Jesus, is an agent of Satan.

      Like extremist Islamists, they use terms which mean a great deal to other fundamentalists but nothing to ordinary folk. For example, biblical words like Maranatha (instead of The Second Coming) so that outsiders don’t find out how loony they are.

      They are adept at ‘shepherding’ unrepentant sinners who consider themselves nominal Christians and they are always ‘sharing’ the power of Christ by cycling around any and every small thing which is an indication of ‘The Tribulations’ prior to Maranatha. THIS is the lobby which Wedger, Kurz, Wong and the rest belong to and it is international in scope.

      As in Roman times these hard-line Christians are a virtual secret society. The Media and Academe and the Establishment are their dupes and very often their participants.

      From what you say Scott Morrison made a Freudian slip and dropped in ‘ritual abuse’ which he has obviously been learning about from other fundies in his coterie. Who knows how that clique of bible-bashers will affect the rest of the OZ population in coming years.

      Remember that Tony Blair was an evangelical man who converted to Catholicism but always kept his religious beliefs very low-key and always refused to speak about them in interviews. None of the media ever tested him on it, except for one instance:

      “From The Times October 15, 2009
      In the cathedral I saw a sign God help us Here is the message I received from Saint Therese and who it was about By Matthew Parris.

      ‘Another miracle! Having now visited the casket containing pieces of her foot and thigh bone, all my doubts about the supernatural powers of St Therese of Lisieux have fled. You may remember that some weeks ago, as a lapsed militant atheist, I experienced a miraculous reconversion to my dastardly faith after contemplating the arrival at Portsmouth (for a tour of Britain) of a casket containing some of the relics of St Therese. Well, yesterday the 19th-century French saint sent me another sign. lt happened like this, I had decided to visit the bones yesterday at Westminster Cathedral. Following other pilgrims, I made my way into the cathedral, joining a long queue. And then I came to the relics. Or rather the casket containing the relics. Clutching my rose, I stood in front of the glass box, touching it, starring, then ( like them) touching my rose on to the glass. Then I left, my experience complete. Or was it? At the front of the cathedral, among the departing pilgrims, was a man apparently alone. It was Tony Blair. He half acknowledged me, and walked away Blimey. Can these relics help a man become president of Europe? This was no photo-opportunity our former Prime Minister and warrior for Western values had not expected to see a joumalist, his expression betrayed that. So he really means it. Means it not iust about God, but the God to whom Catholics think they have access. I didn’t know whether to be impressed, or horrified or Both, i think. Thank you, St Therese. And God help us, every one. ”

      Here’s another example:

      “Blair Babe, Ruth Kelly faces yet more controversy over efforts to square her membership of Opus Dei – the hard line Jesuit international secret society which majors in intemicine intrigue) with her day to day duties as minister for Women and Equality.”

      Kelly eventually resigned her position

      And another, just to give you the flavour:

      Sun, 27 Jun 2010 12 14 59 +000016MT)

      “Ann Widdecombe , Who recently left the Anglican church and converted to Catholicism.) is favourite to be next British ambassador to the Vatican . She would be the first Roman Catholic woman to be appointed to the post and would succeed Francis Campbell, the current ambassador. The post, which comes with an official residence in Rome, was created after the Reformation, yet was not given ambassadorial status until 1982. It had never been held by a Catholic until Mr Campbell was appointed by Tony Blair in 2006. At the time there were questions over whether a Catholic would he able to be objective in serving the Government in negotiating with the Holy See,…”

      The Question of course is whether politicians can put their personal religious prejudices to one side when faced with secular political choices for the whole nation. I’m not talking here about straightforward personal beliefs for and against, say, abortion, I am talking about how a Christian evangelical MP can properly represent constituents who are Moslems or Buddhist or Sikh or even Satanists?

      Experience during the 30 years duration of the SRA myth proves that many intelligent people of great influence are willing to do their worst for people of competing religions without even thinking of it, their mind is so smugly programmed to accept their chosen way of living as best and disrespect those who want to live differently.

      It seeps out , as it did with Morisson, when it comes to subjects like Satanic Ritual Abuse, which( if it actually existed) would ratify that person’s own religious beliefs and nicely overcome their inner anxieties about the human condition.


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