A Note on a 1975 “Grooming” Case from Rotherham

A news clipping, purportedly from the Rotherham Advertiser in 1975:

A 15-years-old girl told police of a house in Rotherham where immigrants too English girls upstairs and where she had been paid to have sexual intercourse with an Arab.

The girl, described [by a pathologist] as “very well used sexually” was put into the care of the local authority at Rotherham Borough Juvenile Court on Wednesday

…A statement which the girl made to the police was read out in court. In it, she said that she first had sexual intercourse at the age of 13 and again a few months later. The boys concerned were dealt with in court, she said.

Later, a Pakistani took her to a certain house in Rotherham where he asked her to go upstairs with him. She refused and left the house, but went back several times.

…On another occasion an Arab had intercourse with her in the house. He paid her £2 and gave 50p to the Pakistani who occupied the house…

….She had seen seen other English girls being taken upstairs by Pakistanis, who picked them up in a certain Rotherham cafe, said the statement.

She would listen to them running about and giggling upstairs and then hear the bed moving.

One English girl came downstairs and said: “he has only given me four shillings.”

…In court, the girl asked for a chance to prove herself… She knew she had done wrong and was very sorry.

A photograph of the article, apparently taken from an archived copy of the newspaper, appeared on social media a week or so ago, and has been passed around as supposed proof of the long-term existence of what are now popularly referred to as either “Asian grooming gangs” or, more crudely and with the purpose of inflaming, as “Muslim rape gangs”. The newspaper title and date are not included in the photo, but there is no reason to suppose that these details are incorrect. (1)

The attitude of the authorities towards the girl in the article is obviously shocking from today’s perspective: clearly, this was a case of child exploitation, yet the girl is simply regarded as a delinquent who needs to be “managed” by the care system, rather than than as the victim of a crime. There doesn’t seem to be any interest in who the predators may be or in curbing their activities.

Those currently promoting this old article do so to suggest that it indicates a long-term cover-up, even though its very existence would seem to indicate the opposite. What it does reveal, though, is that lack of action against this kind of exploitation need not be attributed to “political correctness” or “fear of being accused of racism” – factors that are now regarded as the self-evident causes of failings in more recent cases. Even had the police been minded and able to build a case against the men in 1975, the way that the girl is presented in the article as someone who had “done wrong” reflects social attitudes that would have also influenced jurors and judges.

Of course, one must be wary about extrapolating from 1975 to the 1990s or the 2000s, and one brief and vague newspaper report (plucked out of obscurity by someone to prove a pre-conceived point) is hardly a sufficient basis for building a sociological/criminological theory about the factors that lead to “grooming gangs” and why the phenomenon apparently went largely unchecked despite legislation. That task is probably better left to someone who has made a study of the subject, such as for instance UCL’s Ella Cockbain.


1. “Four shillings” in the article refers to pre-decimal currency, but one-shilling and two-shilling coins remained in circulation for many years after decimalisation in 1971, used alongside the the new 5p and 10p coins. The habit of referring to “shillings” thus persisted through the 1970s and beyond, to the confusion of those too young to remember the earlier currency.

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  1. The problem is that our girls have ‘sex education’ in schools and as a result get sexed-up. This is absolutely criminal, I believe, on the part of the authorities, the Teaching Profession; and so something should be done about it. How about not sexing-up the children in the first place, or is that too obvious.

  2. There are a number of interesting factors here.
    1. the 15 year old was sexually experienced from an early age (13) – with the ‘boys concerned dealt with in court’ ie this was underage sexual intercourse with white Uk boys. Where are these early white ‘grooming gangs’ featured now even though most of the current victims have such a history?
    2. She refused but returned several times and got paid. No coercion appears to have been the order of the day.
    3. Other ‘girls’ giggling and complaining about pay. No mention of whether girls concerned were underage. None of the shock horror coercion either.
    4. Where are the ‘pimps’?
    5. Yes probably a sort of custom and practice without much concern for the age of the child female ‘offender’ but would venture the current ‘stereotype’ the most distorted.

  3. Methinks the lady protesteth too much.

    I don’t believe that Muslim rape gangs are the problem which many alt-righters believe and it is crystal clear that it has become a mask for some racists. However this news report clearly contains the same ‘criminal profile’ of Moslem men of Pakistani origin raping young white girls from dysfunctional and institutionalised backgrounds which underpins all the major cases which have finally come to light today.

    Whether you hate or support #TommyRobinson he was one of the first people in the U.K to point out this problem through having first-hand experience of it in his own neighbourhood.

    His theory that strict adherence to fundamentalist Koranic teaching does create these social problems in cultures that fail to integrate. I have to say I largely agree with him on that point. The juxtaposition of the obsessive covering-up of women’s bodies and strictures for them never to come into contact with impure Kaffirs on one hand (which effectively creates a two tier world where Pakistani Moslem women are kept separate from the rest of Britain whilst their menfolk are allowed to exist in both) , contrasts with British permissive society and fashions and creates a similar kind of stress that fundamentalist Puritanism did hundreds of years ago, where suppressed sexuality leaches over into sexual crime.

    Anyone interested in Moslem Grooming Gangs should also read up on the cases of Moslem Bogus Taxi-drivers who have, in the past, picked up girls after a night-out, locked them in the car, driven to a safe spot where several of their friends were waiting and repetitively raped the girl. SAFF have checked and cannot find any evidence of White Bogus Taxi-drivers doing the same thing. Underpinning these criminal attacks is the common theme of Moslem men utterly disrespecting white females and you have to ask yourself who gave them that idea?

    Koranic justifications about the non-rights of infidels and very early strictures on sexual activity in Pakistan etc., add to this problem.

    Not all Moslem’s are noble people, just as we know that many Christian priests are child abusers, and it is as misleading to try to whitewash the Koran as it is to justify the psychopathic parts of the Christian bible. However another contributory fact which has to be said is that the Moslem community as a whole has known about this proclivity for decades and apparently ignored it. Just as the police and social workers did in Rotherham etc.

    The fact is that a minority of Moslem men will find and groom a young white victim, make her dependent on them, and then rent them out to other Moslem men who are similarly sexually frustrated.

    Obviously this is not a ‘network’ in the sense that it is planned and orchestrated nationally, but it IS a cultural problem which has and will continue to occur spasmodically if the ideological justification for it is defended.

    We have severe laws against rape in the U.K. but just having those laws doesn’t stop all men in heat raping women. Laws are only a small deterrent. The cause of rape is manifold but the Moslem Grooming Gang Rapists were able to continue to abuse many more teenagers precisely because of the verbal restraint about race making that discussion off-limits, whilst children suffered the most disgusting crimes.

    Denying the facts about Moslem Grooming Gangs shows an ideological bigotry which is similar to that of the conspiracy loons who insist that the UK is controlled by a gang of paedophile politicians.

    It is not right for you, Richard, to minimise or marginalise this evidence in this column to suit the prevailing political ideologies of this time. The article in the 1975 Rotherham Advertiser is crucial information and whichever way you look at it or criticise its content, trying to suggest that it isn’t what it is, is wrong.

    There are other indications of this cleft in British/Moslem multi-culturalism. In the late 1980s a young white teenage boy was murdered in Lancashire by a gang of 2nd generation Pakistani youths lead by the 18 year old brother of the teenage girl who had formed a loving relationship with the white boy. Their objection was entirely racial/religious. A Moslem girl shouldn’t form a relationship with a Kaffir. The gang bundled the boy into their car drove him to a spot, killed him and then hid his body. When the hue & cry went up, the 18 year old Moslem fled to Pakistan to escape the law.

    Yes, most Moslems are highly intelligent, westernised and peace-loving people but Ignoring these fault-lines which the good Moslems have repetitively failed to address is just bloody mindedness.

    Why have good Moslems refused to call-out these issues? Because they are terrified of the hate which would be directed at them from their own community which contradicting the Koran would cause. And so the wheel turns whilst the Good and the Great in society waste millions on unproven and largely impotent anti-radicalisation strategies instead of giving Good Moslems the support they need to sort their own house out.

    John Dennis

    N.B Sometime in the next few days AsiaBibi may be beheaded for Blasphemy in Pakistan. I sincerely hope that her sentence is truncated but you can see why ordinary Good Moslems dare not speak up about a psychopathic mediaeval script which has, like the bible,caused millions of deaths throughout history. The pen appears to be more unstoppable than the sword.

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