Satanic Ritual Abuse and a Conspiracy Podcast: Some Notes on Some Connections

From the webpage of a lesser-known conspiracy podcast called Freedom Talk Radio:

Wilfred Wong has 24 years experience as a Campaigner on Satanist Ritual Abuse and Child Sex Abuse…

Ironically, while the Government has recognised Satanism officially, it has not recognised the Satanist ritual abuse (SRA) in which many of them are involved.

Some Members of Parliament and some officials with influence over police and public bodies are involved in SRA. Abusive Satanists seek power and seek to transform society. They are nothing like the “ordinary” people who engage in child abuse, because those ordinary abusers do not seek power.

The Satanic element is, as it were, an extra element on top of the abuse of children, one which gives it a perverse religious significance.

Geoffrey Dickens reported that children were being Satanically abused and murdered in the 1980s.

Wong, a non-practising barrister, was formerly a researcher and parliamentary officer for the Christian human rights organisation the Jubilee Campaign, working for David Alton MP; Damian Thompson noted Wong’s interest in the subject of SRA in 2002, under the headline “The people who believe that Satanists might eat your baby”.

More recently, Wong has announced the existence of a “Coalition Against Satanist Ritual Abuse”, founded in 2014; he wrote a piece on the subject for the English Churchman (blogged here), and in September he attended a conference on “Satanic Ritual & Extreme Abuse” in London, alongside the likes of Rainer Kurz (author of “The Satanist Cult of Ted Heath”) and Sandra Fecht. Although an evangelical Christian, he appears to have no problem associating with a “New Agey” conspiracy milieu, in which  participants claim to have extrasensory powers and to have received mystical guidance and such.

Wong does not just believe that SRA may be going on somewhere: he claims that the Hollie Greig abuse allegations relate to SRA; he endorses claims about a supposed baby-eating cult operating out of Hampstead; and he apparently believes (incorrectly) that Wiltshire Police’s Operation Conifer has confirmed that Edward Heath and other politicians were SRA perpetrators. As evidence, he points to the existence of sceptical websites: why would such sites exist if the claims were false?

Freedom Talk Radio is run by a certain Andy Peacher (on some sites misspelt as “Andy Preacher”). Other guests on his podcasts have included Kevin Annett, a former United Church of Canada minister who has latched onto past abuses suffered by indigenous Canadians to promote the idea that Queen Elizabeth and the Pope will be put on trial in an international criminal court under his own jurisdiction; and James Fetzer, a Holocaust denier who also suggests that the Sandy Hook massacre may have been orchestrated by Mossad (a thesis Feltzer has expounded with the assistance of Iran’s Press TV).

Hoaxsted Research has further details about Peacher’s activism: in October 2016, Peacher used his show to broadcast phone calls made by Neelu Berry (another Hampstead promoter) to an NHS mental health unit demanding the release of a woman who, according to Peacher, was being held against her will for exposing “Mental Health frauds and violation of Human Rights by public servants in Yorkshire”.

Peacher, like Berry, belongs to a “freeman on the land” pseudo-legal conspiracy milieu, and so it is not surprising that he also has a particular interest in the UK’s family courts, the shortcomings of which he discusses in conspiratorial terms. He has helped to promote an organisation called Children Screaming To Be Heard, which exists to highlight alleged abuses relating to child custody decisions – it is run by a woman named Maggie Tuttle, and speakers at conferences she has organised have included Ian Josephs, a well known critic of forced adoption, and none other than Stephen Green of Christian Voice.

The Children Screaming To Be Heard website includes a number of items pasted from other sites, such as a piece by Henry Makow explaining that sex education is the work of a “Sabbatean Jewish satanic cult, the Illuminati, who are homosexual pedophiles.” There is also a tie-in book, by one Timothy Spearman, entitled 21st Century Lebensborn: Children Screaming to Be Heard; according to the blurb, the 620-page opus “examines allegations of satanic ritual abuse by the global elite internationally, who appear to be participants in a global satanic cult” (1).


1. Spearman also believes that William Shakespeare was “the front man used by the Illuminized Freemasons working for H.M.S.S. to hide the identity of the courtier scholar, Edward de Vere, Earl of Oxford”. Unexpectedly, he is also the co-author of a polemical American book on Gandhi called Gandhi Under Cross Examination, which was promoted by WorldNetDaily in 2008. Spearman published it under his legal name, Tim Watson, while his co-author was a retired colonel named G.B. Singh.

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  1. Freedom Radio was also host to an interesting interview with “Darren” in the middle of his ongoing criminal case. “Darren” has allegedly asked for a “translator” in his court case (he’s charged with malicious comms offences allegedly) which is very odd considering his fluency on the interview in question.
    The interviewer? Brian Gerrish. Enough said.

  2. Well, Mike suggested someone might respond to the title, NOBODY DIED AT SANDY HOOK (2015; 2nd ed., 2016), with AND I SUPPOSE WE DIDN’T GO TO THE MOON EITHER? (2016), which I think is right. Have you actually read the studies that you are condemning here? The proof the official narrative of the Holocaust cannot be sustained is straightforward and compelling. As an exercise, explain what we have wrong and how you know. Otherwise, you are merely performing a gratuitous smear which has no basis in science or history in defense of a myth.

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