Ben Garrison and Mike Cernovich Step Back from “Rothschild Puppet-Master” Image

A detail from an Atlantic article about Trump’s National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster:

The provocative right-wing blogger and activist Mike Cernovich has launched a sustained attack on McMaster, including setting up a website called When it launched, the main page displayed a large cartoon of the Rothschilds controlling a George Soros puppet, which in turn controlled puppets representing McMaster and former CIA director David Petraeus. (The hand labeled “Rothschilds” has since been relabeled “Saudis.” Cernovich told me he changed it because complaints about the cartoon’s anti-Semitism are “not a hill to die on,” and “if everybody wants to complain, then fine—I’ll just put the Saudis at the top.”)

The cartoon was drawn by alt-right favourite Ben Garrison, and it looks like Garrison himself provided the amended version – a nice example of the cynical flexibility and insincerity of those for whom promoting conspiracy theories is primarily a means to public influence rather than an end in itself (also previously seen in Cernovich’s “Pizzagate” claims).

Cernovich’s conspiracy theory that “Rothschilds” improperly wield secret power has previously focused on Hilary Clinton’s association with Lynn Forester de Rothschild. The two women have been friends for a long time, and some old informal email exchanges were published by Wikileaks last year. Cernovich was among those who suggested (here and here) that these innocuous messages were a revelation that showed how Clinton is personally subservient to Lynn Forester de Rothschild, and by extension to the Rothschild banking family.

Of course, it could be argued that to say that the Rothschilds control American politics does not mean that Jews in general have improper influence. But this doesn’t wash. Unsurprisingly, Hilary Clinton has personal and professional links with many powerful establishment figures – why focus on the one whose surname is Rothschild, other than that the name is already associated with conspiracy theories that have an explicit anti-Semitic provenance?

Further, there zero evidence that “Rothschilds” have played any part in decisions made by either McMaster or Petraeus, and there is no explanatory value in proposing such a suggestion. The aim is purely to make us resent a particular Jewish banking family as an exemplar of hidden forces that supposedly explain unfairness in the world.

I made similar observations a few months ago, when I discussed the use of the phrase “Rothschild Zionism” on the conspiracy-theorist left.

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  1. There seems to be a lot of what I would call gossip on this site. Could we have some really informative articles about things which are important and not stories about so-and-so saying something about so-and-so-else?

  2. The House of Rothschild is taken too lightly and naively in this article. It takes a lot of research to comprehend the extent of this families power. For over two centuries they have been establishing a global network of Central Banks that operate on a “fractional reserve” lending system that allows them to create money and credit out of thin air and lend it to the nations for principal and interest … the world’s largest ponzi scheme. The Rothschild’s use their control of lending to rule our world from behind a curtain by financing nations, wars, political parties, communications, oil, secret societies and corporations … using all of these sources to their utmost advantage. It’s a conspiracy all right and it’s a well documented fact … not a theory … although their are many ridiculous theories added into the mix to make the facts appear untenable as well. The Rothschild history is a saga of evil doings that make Satan look like a perfectly upstanding citizen.

    • The whole Banking system is open to anyone and anyone can be involved in the ownership and control of such companies which provide a very useful service, have to earn their keep and are not without risk to their owners, investors and depositors. Bankers provide the funding for all kinds of things, not just wars; and it is surely the States or groups within them who are responsible for the wars. The Rothschilds breathe the same air was we do and eat the same food; so it is not in their interest to endanger or destroy our common inheritance.

      • Wake up Revd! They definitely don’t eat the same food or live like the rest of us! But as a born again Christian, I don’t care because at the end of the day, the meek shall inherit the Earth!

      • You are certainly right about that: the meek shall inherit the Earth and it is good to see that on a religious site. Till then you may have a case for breaking- up any monopolies which you may see in the Banking system, as such are usually deemed dangerous or counter-productive to efficiency, competition and the democratic dispersal of power. But that is an issue which is distinct from central banks, fractional reserve banking or the Bretton Woods agreement and what has followed it.

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