T.B. Joshua: Big in Ecuador

From a press release:

An inspiring documentary detailing the recent visit of Nigerian Prophet T.B. Joshua to the South American nation of Ecuador has been released on YouTube, showing rare footage of the cleric’s adventurous trek through a rainforest on a mammoth humanitarian mission.

The clip shows Joshua being warmly received by Ecuadorian military officials and then meeting the nation’s Vice President Jorge Glas, before embarking on an intrepid journey through a dense tropical rainforest to the indigenous community of San Salvador de Los Chachis…

Joshua’s church sent supplies to Ecuador following last year’s earthquake, and his journey into the rainforest last month was to open a new school financed by his ministry.

The video, made by Joshua’s Emmanuel TV, can be seen here; the second half records an “Appreciation Ceremony”, during which Joshua received a Commendation of Honour from Quito government dignitaries and praise from General Carlos Medina, the military’s Director of Human Resources.

Joshua was introduced at the ceremony by a well-spoken white Englishman, apparently a member of the Emmanuel TV team. There were also statements of appreciation from a local pastor, Modesto Montero, and from Yehuda Meshi-Zahav, the ultra-orthodox head of  ZAKA, a voluntary emergency response organisation in Israel. Meshi-Zahav previously gave an award to Joshua last year, and he appears to be involved with Joshua’s plan to relocate from Nigeria to Israel.

Joshua is a particularly controversial figure: some pastors shun him for allegedly unorthodox teachings, and he makes extravagant claims of prophetic and healing abilities. There is also the ongoing dispute over a collapse at one of his church buildings that resulted in multiple fatalities.

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