New Book on Mark Taylor’s “Trump Prophecies”

Mark Taylor is a former firefighter from Florida who received a direct communication from God in 2011 (1) promising that Donald Trump would be the next President of the USA and that Trump would “bring honor, respect and restoration to America”. Taylor revealed this message to the world in 2015, with the result that he has become a celebrity on the Christian Right media circuit, promoted by the likes of Jim Bakker and Joseph Farah.

Taylor has now co-authored a bookThe Trump Prophecies, in which he describes “what led to the miracle of the 2016 election”, and in which we can read of “astounding, world-altering changes in our US government Mark sees on the horizon”. Taylor is not apparently claiming to have received further personal revelations about Trump from God, but he does purport to have special insight into US politics, and he continues to discern hidden meanings in the 2011 prophecy – for instance, that fact he received it 2021 days before Trump’s election is an indication that Trump will have a second term.

Recently, Taylor has told the Christian conspiricist radio host Rick Wiles that Trump will mete out “God’s justice” against members of the Obama administration, in special tribunals that he likened to the Nuremberg Trials; he has also told pastor Carl Gallups (previously discussed here) that Trump will appoint five new Supreme Court judges.

Taylor’s co-author, Mary Colbert, can be seen here explaining to Jim Bakker that Trump is “the chosen one of God”, and that God will curse his critics, as well as his critics’ children and grandchildren. Colbert is also the wife of Don Colbert, a best-selling medical doctor who runs the Divine Health Wellness Center in Florida – according to a blurb, Don Colbert has featured on or in “Dr. Oz Show, Fox News, ABC World News, The Atlanta Journal Constitution, BBC, Readers Digest, News Week, Prevention Magazine, and many others”. Further, “he is is a frequent guest with John Hagee, Joyce Meyer, Kenneth Copeland and other leaders in the body of Christ.”

The Trump Prophecies is published by Thomas Horn’s Defender Publishing – Horn is an odd figure on the Christian Right, linking Biblical fundamentalism with fantastical David Icke-style conspiracies about aliens and supernatural forces.


(1) A video advert for the book uploaded by Thomas Horn’s SkyWatchTV and embedded on Mary Colbert’s website states that Taylor received the prophecy in 2006, and that he revealed it in 2011. However, Taylor himself has been very specific that God spoke to him while he was watching Trump on television on 28 April 2011, and there is no public record of it until some time later.

It looks like someone has decided to backdate the prophecy to make it seem more impressive – in April 2011 Trump was considering seeking the Republican nomination to run against Obama, and the impious and those of weak faith may be tempted to think that Taylor’s 2011 prophecy was simply wishful thinking about the next election.