Conspiracy Theorist Goes After Theresa May’s Late Father

A website called The Swamp (“a community exploring the murky waters of politics”, according to its publisher, Jerrick Media) has published a particularly nasty conspiracy article focusing on Theresa May’s father. There’s an argument for ignoring this kind of material – the article is thin even by the standards of conspiricists, and so far no-one of standing is promoting the story on social media. Yet there is a sense that the article – by one Johnny Vedmore (“Singer, Songwriter, Political Blogger, Legalise Cannabis Advocate and a Welshman”) – is gaining social media traction, and so I reluctantly give it a minimum of attention here.

The conspiracy focuses on the fact that Theresa May’s father, the late Reverend Hubert Brasier, used to have a Wikipedia page, but that this has been removed. The author found a copy of the original on Wayback, and asks: “It’s not a large entry, it covers only the basics, so why would you want it removed?”

The answer, of course, is to be found on the relevant “Articles for Deletions” page, which remains live. It shows that Wikipedians discussed the page, and that it was eventually decided that Reverend Brasier had not been a public figure in his own right, and as such ought not to have his own entry. Instead, the link to the original page now redirects to the page for Theresa May. The supposed “mystery” is thus solved.

However, the Swamp conspiracy theorist prefers to suggest that it has been removed to hide some sinister secret, and without providing any documentation he adds that “After researching Hubert’s life I came across many pages that had been removed, links to nowhere, and a few conspiracy theories too”. Whereas I looked him up online and found plenty of references to him in the media.

The author points out that Reverend Brasier trained to be a priest with Community of the Resurrection Seminary School in Mirfield, West Yorkshire, and that some decades later there were claims of child sex abuse associated with this location. He further notes that Brasier married late; that he was a hospital chaplain in Eastbourne at the same time that John Bodkin Adams, a GP suspected of murdering patients, was active in the town; and that the Diocese of Chichester has seen several clerical child sex scandals (including that of Bishop Peter Ball). There is nothing to implicate Brasier in any kind of wrongdoing (indeed, there’s not even a coherent allegation), but Vedmore builds an edifice from these tenuous associations and his misunderstanding of why the Wikipedia page no longer exists to posit a “cover up”.

But just when you think the article has scraped the very bottom the bottom of the barrel, there’s an even more idiotic suggestion: that Theresa May deliberately set up the Independent Inquiry into Child Sex Abuse to fail, because “the inquiry into child sexual abuse seems to be something Theresa May does not want to face”. In which case, why did she propose it in the first place?

There’s no point arguing with this sort of author (and those promoting the garbage on Twitter): they don’t give a damn about what’s true or not, and they’re not interested in helping abuse victims. All they care about is (a) the cheap thrill they get from accusing “powerful” people of child sex abuse, no matter how flimsy the supposed basis for it; and/or (b) weaponizing a concocted claim for some reason or another, usually to do with politics (I looked at another example a few weeks ago). The current example is logged here primarily as a particularly egregious specimen of the problem.

UPDATE: Vedmore has now promoted his “research” on the Richie Allen Show. I previously discussed Allen, an associate of David Icke, here.

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  1. Yes, Richard, it is sometimes frustrating to know how to deal with this growing tranche of Conspiracyloons who, having honed their ‘left-handed thinking’ on machinations about Satanic Ritual Abuse until their style has become polished and impressive enough to convince other suckers, have now moved on to epicycloid spinning about mainstream politics.

    Investigators who check them out come to the same impasse as did Kenneth Lanning, the FBI’s foremost investigator of early SRA claims. He said:

    “There was once a time when I naively believed that if you presented a certain amount of logic and common sense to these people you could change their minds, what I discovered is that there is nothing you can say, there’s no amount of common sense, logic or investigation you can use, no matter what you come up with they have an alternative explanation that is consistent with their belief in this conspiracy”

    Kenneth Lannmg was the FBI specialist in Violent Crime who wrote the bureaux‘s Guide to investigating Allegations of Ritual Abuse, January 1992, Interviewed in Antony Thomas’s ‘In Satan‘s Name’, Discovery Channel, Oct 1997.

    You can watch Lanning’s interview and view other extracts from ‘In Satan’s Name here:

    After dealing with these nutters for three decades the SAFF’s experience shows that their ideas and beliefs are of no consequence UNTIL some intellectual vandal (i.e. cynical, ambitious tabloid hack) in the media gives them credence, whereupon their backing requires ‘people of influence’ (police, politicians, charities, justice system etc) to run thru the numbers to follow the loony ideas to their ignominious end. This debate polarises half the population into believers who using confirmation bias always assume ‘there’s no smoke without fire’.

    Apparently we can’t just tell these irrational trouble makers who are undermining true democracy to f**k off for fear of being called unfair or prejudiced, in the touchy-feely world of the 21st Century where people are urged by the media to wear their hearts on their sleeves, weep on camera and put their brains out of gear.

    This situation where the media use uber-sensational loonies to fill their pages feeds into extremism and eventually fuels terrorism.

    The Alt-Right people in the U.S. from where most of the lunacy originated, see this plainly, hence their continual attack on Main Stream Media which, despite it’s bleating protestations, clearly manipulates news and facts to create it’s own idea of a socialist utopia in true Coca-Cola-Politics style.

    The loonies say that the media exists to globalise the market in order to create uber-products which reach the 7 billion people now living. That’s a lot of Coca-Cola for globalism.plc and a very large advertising pie which underpins all media motivations. Follow the money.

    Having controlled the universities for a generation leftist activists have made democratic socialism a ‘norm’ in the minds of the young, as can be seen by the way they rushed to applaud ‘The Arab Spring’ which created the situation in which home-grown terrorism thrived and came back to attack them in their discos .

    Gramsci’s long-march thru society’s institutions is nearly complete.

    “Among Marxists, Gramsci is noted for his theory of cultural hegemony as the means to class dominance. In his view, a new “Communist man” had to be created before any political revolution was possible. This led to a focus on the efforts of intellectuals in the fields of education and culture. Gramsci envisioned a long march through the society’s institutions, including the government, the judiciary, the military, the schools and the media. ”

    You can read more about the dangers of it here:

    This is why it is so important for groups like the SAFF and social commentators like yourself to continue, not just to discredit the loonies, but to educate the chattering classes who think they know the right way to live.

    All history is accident borne on ignorance and the masses get the society they deserve.

    John Freedom

  2. So no mention of Anthony Charles Lynton Blair’s arrest record going missing? 1974, Marylebone Magistrates

    • ^ Is that because there never was one?

      • The arrest was of somebody named Charles Lynton, for cottaging; he was fined £500.
        Since there has never at any time been anybody called simply Charles Lynton, it HAS to be Anthony Charles Lynton Blair! QED.

      • ^ Whatever.


      • Mr Goggins or Mrs Grimble, do you have any actual proof of these assertions? (links to conspiraloon land don’t count, btw, so spare me the bother).

  3. when the establishment is lliterally crawling with paedos, its pretty fair to dig deep into circumstantial links and offer hypothesis. that enquiry has been a joke and the satanic ritual abuse saga smacks of a massive cover up as well. david icke is just another establishment tool to discredit genuine research and the timing of his publicity fits right into the satanic ritual abuse era. just because the discovery channel, private eye, the bbc or yougov investigates something and decides there is nothing to see here doesnt make it so. the lies sold to the public by the establishment are complex, massive and endless. just five minutes researching holocaust revisionism will tell you that. have a look before theresa may filters it out in the name of fighting islamic extremism they have been fostering for the last century.

    • FACT: After three decades of millions of ardent, obsessive fundamentalists searching world-wide for cases of Satanic Ritual Child Abuse which they earnestly believe exists there has not been even ONE case discovered. Not one. There have been thousands of FALSE cases named and persued but not one which actually proves or illustrates SRA. Despite millions of column inches by the press and trillions of hours of broadcast coverage not one child has ever been sacrificed for Satanism anywhere in the world. Yet people like ‘Si’ are always ready to justify further false allegations against people, alive or dead, to bolster beliefs which have absolutely no basis in reality.

      “There was once a time when I naively believed that if you presented a certain amount of logic and common sense to these people you could change their minds, wnat I discovered is that there is nothing you can say, there’s no amount of common sense, logic or investigation you can use, no matter what you come up with they have an alternative explanation that is consistent with their belief in this conspiracy”

      Kenneth Lannmg FBI specialist in Violent Crime who wrote the bureaux‘s Guide to investigating Allegations of Ritual Abuse, January 1992, Interviewed in Antony Thomas’s ‘In Satan‘s Name’, Discovery Channel, Oct 1997.

      You can watch Lanning’s interview and view other extracts from ‘In Satan’s Name here:

      If you want to see how the SRAmyth has leached into modern politics and is now a danger to democracy read:


  4. the case False Memory Syndrome if very telling. I am no expert on SRA and for all I know, it may not exist. However, when a man and his wife set up a foundation to protect adults accused of sexually abusing their children and lots of parents join, there is something a bit unpleasent going on. peter freyds daughter jennifer has spent two decades providung a thorough academic discourse about repression of sexual abuse and trauma. Presumably she still maintains the accusations against her father and her father still denies them. its his foundation that was instrumental in quashing a number of SRA cases as far as I remember. so this highly questionable foundation and a number of establishment sponsered investigations fair to find any evidence. ok… sure they came to the same conclusion when questions were raised about jimmy savile up until he died and couldnt incriminate anyone else. I have done a lot of research into conspiracyloon stuff over the years and despite there being a great deal of false info out there and establishment pawns like Icke, Alex Jones and Russell Brand and hundreds more who muddy the waters, its clear to me that there is somehing a lot more sinister going on than just human greed as is the popular explanation to all this mess. Satanism could just be another red herring but there is a lot of occult stuff going on for sure. in a world of lies, people should not be so fast to try to discredit these potential victims. have a good day..

    • Ah, the fundie formula of ‘The Reasonable Middle’ appears yet again, to corral wavering voters on Barthsnotes.

      Take another look at ‘Si’s comments.

      “I’m not saying it IS true you understand, just that it MIGHT be.” (No smoke without fire, are you so sure it can’t be true).

      “I am like you, I too dislike the EXTREMISTS who haunt this issue, (make a name list of discredited people we can all agree with so that we become part of the same Set)”

      “As you can see from my writing I am a REASONABLE person and as far as I can see nobody has been able to categorically prove that satanic abuse DOESN’T exist ”

      (Always remembering that it’s logically impossible to prove a negative which is why Si is insinuating and alluding instead of actually giving facts”.

      “There was one UNNAMED case / organsiation / group / accused person / situation where (add DISCREDITED unsubstantiated story here because the type of people ‘Si’ seeks to convert to his views are Right-Brain types who see and remember everything pictorially. Not the Left-Brain types who infuriatingly demand the who, where, why, and when, which disproves such fiction.)

      “There’s something SINISTER/DIABOLICAL/DARK going on” ( Filters in religious types and confirmed Christians like himself )”

      Ending with

      “In a world where your mind is CONFUSED by competing ideas (i.e. you’re ignorant of so many things why not this one?) Si reminds us that “Only a really NASTY person would try to discredit THE VICTIMS.”

      (Direct challenge to sympathetic people tutored by the media and Xism to outpour commiserations on anyone who weeps and gags when telling lies)

      Bearing in mind that in the thousands of false cases already investigated it was the Victim Imposters discovered to have started each scare who have actually provided the firmest evidence that SRA is a Myth.

      And so, having gone to these extreme and cunning lengths to undermine the average reader’s resolve as well as tacitly balancing and challenging every other commentator who disbelieves in SRA in this discussion, it becomes clear that Si is far more emotionally invested in pushing the idea of SRA than he pretends, has a history he is trying to disguise, and is actually a fundamentalist agent provocateur, who will be ready to lie and cheat to do god’s work.

      It’s all vaporous nonsense.
      The SAFF have heard Si’s song for three decades.
      Nothing beats raw facts.
      The facts are that SRA is a myth created by people like Si for their own religious profit and that Thera-quacks have jumped on that bandwagon because it pays.

      Come on Si, PUT UP OR SHUT UP.
      Your opinions are worthless.
      Name names, locations, victims and how a pan-global conspiracy of tens of thousands of satanists could remain consolidated without even ONE person reneging and informing on them in 30 years; and without leaving ANY forensic evidence behind them. No bones, No Bodies, NOTHING.

      Get real.

      “If fifty million people say something foolish, it’s still foolish.”

      John Freedom

  5. at the end of the day, you are a disinfo agent and i would be surprised if you are not payed to do it. jonny freedom… give me a break. your backing up of the holocaust myth is proof enough for someone who has been fighting for truth for thirty years. your wholesale defence of jimmy savile on saff is interesting as a new perspective but without acknowledgement of any of his offences being genuine, it is both mind boggling and worrying. also, the fact you cannot produce one article on that site without backing up the freyds yet you fail to address the issue when i bring it up, instead opting to use the popular antireligious feeling to give you leverage against my assumed christian fundamentalism. i am from england mate, there is barely a christian on this island, yet alone a funamentalist one.

    • I see; the SAFF prints FACTS which can be checked. We challenge complainers like ‘Si’ to undermine the facts. They fail in all instances so instead of them confirming their own ignorance we become a ‘disinformation agent’? A classic example of Cognitive Dissonance!

      The Holocaust is a Myth is it? What did we say Roy?
      Anyone who prints the truth about Martin Luther’s despicable campaign to kill Europe’s Jews is a ‘Zionist’ and even though I’m not Jewish and neither are those who work with me at the SAFF, and even though we’ve been campaigning to show how the fundies vandalise our society for over three decades we are accused of using ‘popular anti-religious feeling’ to convince others of how lunatic the fundies are.

      Lastly the idiot Si claims that ‘there’s barely a Christian fundamentalist on this Island’, when there’s over 5,000 groups listed in the index of the Christian Handbook! Ignorance we can forgive. Downright lies we do not.

      John Freedom

  6. before you repond, i would like to say i am not really after an argument. assuming i am jumping the gun by accusing you of being a zionist information controller, i would like to offer the cautious hand of friendship as you are obviously pretty well educated in fields i am interested in and i do not wish to pick a fight with someone i could learn from. perhaps we have been drawn to different conclusions due to being right or left brain driven. i have no motivation other than gaining a perception of the world that i think is pretty accurate. i would draw a parallel with pizzagzte and sra. both are either a psyop or have their roots in truth. i was too young to remember sra coverage but i do remember david icke being on the bbc news claiming the queen mum was a lizard. that stuck with me and perhaps was the spark that made me realise there was something very wrong with mainstream sociaty. today, that episode seems to me like a desperate act by the british establishment to cover something up. if you are not a payed member of the zionist stroke establishment perception management operation, i could well believe that correspondance with yourself could help me understand what, roughly it was that the bbc was trying to cover with that lizard story. maybe your slightly entrenched brain could also benefit from a fresh perspective on the whole conspiracyloon scene. if you are just another agent backing up evil for personal gain because you have no concept of a god and so see little consequence in your actions, then feel free to ignore me.

  7. so Theresa may losing a 144 page dosier of suspected sex offenders that wasnt kept on digital record to be printed out isnt at all suspect?

  8. john, lets talk about the holocaust which is my current area of interest… hit me with the facts….. i am really struggling to find one piece of evidence that puts the slightest bit of doubt in my mind that its not a massive fabrication. yes, there were concentration camps and yes many unfortunate jewish people were killed. no gas chambers and no policy of extermination are the key points for you to disprove with your facts. numbers conviniently falling around six million is another fascinating point.

    by the way i have no doubt that the church is rotton from the core and i take it that the vatican actually practices something much closer to our concept of satanism than my personal concept of christianity. if the sra was carried out by priests, that really doesnt make it a fantasy. i mean how the media portrays it and the high profile false cases they put out there to easily disprove doesnt really negate the initial cases. you are the expert on this for the last thirty years but by getting bogged down in facts, you can sometimes miss the bigger picture. if some of the abuses were real then whether it was the church or some other cult really doesnt matter. my concept of satanism is that which is against god. so in that sense its satanism… in this case, the dark side of occult practices.

    • I don’t know why you are continuing with this because you are clearly revealing your twisted agenda and your prejudices. Couching it in a feigned good-natured debate does not make any of the things you say any the less despicable.

      We at the SAFF are neither ‘left’ nor ‘right’ so we have seen the arguments you espouse from earlier generations of people who cloaked their anti-semitism and racism with pseudo-intellectualism. I don’t know why I am bothering to waste my time with you except that it will have the advantage of updating other readers of this column so they can see how these wicked historical deviances have played into the hands of the extreme right and note what kind of mental complexes are enshrined within them.

      On the subject of Satanic Abuse the SAFF is clear. It is a lie worked up into a myth. There is absolutely no evidence to back up the lies. Trying to switch horses mid-stream and accuse the Catholic church of being Satanists and then inferring that because there is plenty of evidence of their wicked child abuses and they have an ‘organisation’ it is THEIR Satanism which proves the allegations that Satanists are abusing children is just idiotic. This inversion gained currency in extreme right Protestant Christian groups who have for centuries replayed historical Prot vs Cat enmities (the ineradicable root cause of the trouble in Ireland) of which I assume you are one. Ordinary folk simply do not realise just how religion has fucked this country up over the centuries. Even when it is playing out in front of them in the Middle East.

      I will not gratify your specious arguments about the Holocaust with a detailed reply. The SAFF’s research on this issue and the people who would rather believe that millions of Jews were not murdered by the Nazi state because the German people were endemically religiously and ideologically anti-semitic, shows that their arguments are based on one false premis, that all of the Death Camp records were burned by the Nazis before the Allies got to them. This is untrue. There were many records found to corroborate the systematic murder of millions of Jews. The extant records of the Mauthousen Concentration Camp, amongst others, list all Jews interned and classify how and when they were killed. Even though Mauthhousen was a combined work-camp and death camp and not solely built for extirmination in the way that Auschwitz was they still executed tens of thousands of Jews each year. There is AMPLE, incontrovertible proof of this genocide and I have seen the index card records and ledgers with my own eyes. The usual reposte from oiks like yourself is to pedantically argue whether the estimated figure of 6 million was accurate. It behoves me to point out that anyone who can make an argument over the difference between five million murders and six million murders is likely to be one of those more ready to pour Zyklon B into the gas chambers.

      The SAFF doesn’t get ‘bogged down by facts’ (whatever that’s supposed to mean – shall we get bogged down by lies instead?) and only the facts can give you the ‘bigger picture’ as you call it. For instance, pogroms against Jews is an old sport in England. In 1190 150 Jews were massacred in York. see

      The hate against Jewry was created and cultivated by the Christian churches because, having spawned Jesus in its synagogues the Jews refused to accept him as the Messiah. This utterly undermines the ideological foundation of Christianity. They are therefore the living embodiment of an alternative to Christianity and their existence questions the validity of the Church. As the churches see them as enemies and they must be reviled and extirpated and blamed for everything in the world, even though it is Christians themselves who have been mostly in control of the world for the past 2,000 years (Christian Empire). Most evangelical/fundamentalist Christians, like you, have been indoctrinated with this blood-libel for centuries. SRA lies are not ‘new’ and, unfortunately, the mentality of people like yourself isn’t new either. I am disappointed that, from what you have said, you appear to be amongst the new generation of haters, so the evil and violence will continue until people like you wise up. My advice to you is to break the Christian Church’s conditioning and free your mind from this mediaeval nonsense.

      SRA is bunkum and so are most of your arguments.

      John Freedom

  9. Not one case of SRA does seem dodgy.Not one ever?And of course Saville!There were allegations dismissed no doubt by sensible people leading to untold damage .And T May covered up child sexual abuse and I think asking why is reasonable.

  10. now come on johnny, nobody is trying to deny genecide and I already stated that many unfortunate jews were killed. in fact, of course there was a policy of extermination in some camps at some times. I would like to say things may well have been different if there was no war. saying that, the continued use of the 6 million figure in the media for some forty years leading up to the event is evidence that this was all carefully planned out so its irrelevent to consider what would have happened if there wasnt a war on at the time. I am not going to get embroiled in debating every one of your far reaching falacies. one that stands out is the accusation that I am pedantically pointing out the difference between five or six million. as I am sure you know, the highest estimate of jewish dead by a revisionist is around three million and that was by david cole, a zionist jew and republican who admitted this was really a generous estimate. I believe that poor old ernst zundel puts it at around 750 thousand. we are not talking about the difference of five or six million. add to that the cause of those deaths being largely due to environmental conditions rather than execution and the vast majority of those executions being shootings, the whole shower heads putting out gas story goes out of the window. I know a polish guy whose auntie died in auswitsch and he still believed they were tricked into thinking they were going to have a shower and then the nazis made soap out of them. this is an argument not about five or six million but about a massive propaganda tool being slowly eroded over the course of sixty years. its also an argument about truth and lies. exactly what part does a verified fact play in an argument about whether the establishment lies? the established facts, established by the establishment like the child abuse enquiry, are just meaningless in the face of the bigger picture one can appreciate when all the lies are pieced together.

    lies like your one about religion causeing the trouble in the middle east. give it up johnny. I am sure you have served the establishment well over the last thirty years but your style is starting to look a bit old. isllamic extemism, zionist aggression and western imperialism go hand in hand. these powers are all controlled by crypto jews. like most great things, the jewish religion has been used and abused by these guys and after opressing the jews for years as crypto christians, these guys jumped ship and became the jews, and they have certainly played the victim card with the holocaust.

    anyway, back to today and I would like to draw attention to the case of dc wedger of the met who has apparently been heavily surpressed trying to expose child abuse in london here and now in 2017. I take it that if our hero for freedom, old johnny decides to pipe up again it will be to point out that these fantastical theories were published in the notorious sun and star so clearly not anything for serious people to be concerned with. anyway, johnny, you are certainly doing a great job of brining a smile to my face with your hypocracy and incredibly fuzzy replies. great job, maybe the bbc will employ you when adam curtis retires.

    • The SAFF don’t need to waste their time arguing with Holocaust Revisionists who can’t spell.

      We have provided all the facts necessary to illuminate your anti-semitism. The train of messages in this thread speaks for itself.

      If anyone has evidence of any instance of child-abuse SAFF advice is to inform the police of their suspicions immediately. The idea that all policemen from all police forces in the U.K. are in league with and supporting paedophile rings, therefore can get away scot-free, is simply idiotic. Anyone who suggests it either has a hidden agenda or needs psychiatric help.

      John Freedom

  11. this thread does speak for itself. you evade questions, misrepresent my arguments and make personal attacks that are irrelevent to the discussion.

    look what happens in the uk when someone reports child abuse of the wrong sort (dc wedger) and look what happens when the government sets up an inquiry into child abuse (chairing it with people with a clear vested interest in supporting those under investigation.

    sorry my spelling is not up to your standards but I am not landed gentry. I dont vote conservative. anyway fuck your democracy. all corbyn voters should realise they are legitemising the phony government by taking part in the corrupt process.

    • “There was once a time when I naively believed that if you presented a certain amount of logic and common sense to these people you could change their minds, wnat I discovered is that there is nothing you can say, there’s no amount of common sense, logic or investigation you can use, no matter what you come up with they have an alternative explanation that is consistent with their belief in this conspiracy”

      Kenneth Lannmg FBI specialist in Violent Crime who wrote the bureaux‘s Guide to investigating Allegations of Ritual Abuse, January 1992, Interviewed in Antony Thomas’s ‘In Satan‘s Name’, Discovery Channel, Oct 1997.

  12. johnty, you are like a broken record with that quote. you have it mapped f8 key or something?

    “See, in my line of work you got to keep repeating
    things over and over and over again for the
    truth to sink in, to kind of catapult the
    George W. Bush

  13. I will just leave this here….

    • Si,
      You are obviously so challenged that you’ve not understood what’s happening here.

      You started off pretending to be a ‘reasonable’ commentator.

      We ‘outed’ you as a raving anti-semite.

      You can’t sit still or keep quiet so just keep on confirming it to everyone who reads this blog.

      Personally I don’t give a rat’s ass for your opinions on the Holocaust or anything else. The idea was to disallow you the Xist disguise. That certainly worked!

      You really are wasting your time here Si.


  14. but I havent bad mouthed jews. in fact I have complemented the ancient culture of the jews. certainly I am more a fan of the traditional sematic jew than the white european ‘jew’. what I dislike is white supremacy. also, questioning the ‘holocaust’ does not automatically make my anti ashkenazi. I am sure that the majority of them have been hoodwinked like the rest of us and of course many were sacrificed during the war in order for the long term plan to come together. its fair to say I am anti the policies of the israeli state and anti everything I know about zionism. thanks for saying I seemed reasonable in my first post. I am not pretending anything so maybe I just am reasonable.

    I had a little read of the article on homeopathy on saff and found it informative and reasonable. I would describe it as a diamond in the rough. I personally had verucas healed through homeopathy and they took roughly two weeks to be gone and never return so fitting in very neatly with the content of the article. well done the saff for that. maybe I am wrong about the holocaust. were there any gassings mentioned in the records at mauthausen? maybe you are just not educated on the subject. just because a couple of billion people and the whole of the western and ‘credible’ acidemic world beleive it doesnt make it true. I take it you are rather older than me. perhaps you had your beliefs formed when the cover up was more in tact and havent bothered to reasses. I am just trying to help you john as there is not much point in calling yourself john freedom unless you want people to be free from tyrany and tyrany if propped up by mass deception. I am just trying to elucidate. if you dont agree, we should debate as we both want freedom. I would be happy to take the debate elsewhere as we have clearly strayed from the murky history of mother theresa’s father.
    rave on…

    • Why would I need to poison my mind with insidious ignorant inuendo from someone intending to dilute the Truth and con untutored onlookers?

      “The Mauthausen gas chamber formed part of a complex of gruesome buildings. The others were the execution cellar (Genick-schusskeller); the morgue, which was always full of bodies awaiting cremation; and a dissection chamber. All these will be dealt with individually. The gas chamber could hold about 120 victims. It was nowhere near as large as the chambers of Auschwitz-Birkenau, which could take up to 2,000. Its size bore very little relation to the huge numbers of deaths in the camp. It generally came into use when large transports arrived from elsewhere. Most of the regular camp inmates were killed by shooting, hanging, beating, starvation or disease rather than by gassing. Medical experiments in injections of various fluids into the veins and heart also accounted for a good many deaths. If the Mauthausen gas chamber could not take large convoys of Jews, those of Hartheim were brought into use. It is believed that Hartheim was kept only for euthanasia victims. The gas chamber at Mauthausen was filled with carbon monoxide, which was pumped down from the gas van when required. The results need no explanation. The frantic struggles of the victims when they realized their fate can be imagined. Even today, deep, despairing claw marks can be seen on the painted surface above the tiles which cover the lower half of the walls. Even the tiles are deeply marked, some low down at the height of a child. When the chamber was filled to capacity there was no room for a body to fall down.

      At first sight the chamber resembled a shower room. This may have deceived the people who entered it straight from a transport. It could hardly have taken in those who had already seen the real showers. There was no window. Shielded lights were placed high in the ceiling, close to the ‘shower’ pipes. The pipes were equally spaced in series of three across the room and were provided with twelve jets. (See Plate 6(a).)

      History of a Death Camp (Evelyn Le Chene) pp84.

      ““There was once a time when I naively believed that if you presented a certain amount of logic and common sense to these people you could change their minds, wnat I discovered is that there is nothing you can say, there’s no amount of common sense, logic or investigation you can use, no matter what you come up with they have an alternative explanation that is consistent with their belief in this conspiracy”


  15. so I have done an hour or so reading about the mauthausen gas chambers. seems that they were only claimed to be used for visitors as the usual inmates would be killed in a variety of other ways. the so called gas chamber looks like a shower, smells like a shower and even operates as a shower. the gassing apparatus was of course removed as the site was about to be abandened. not only was it removed but the wall which would have contained the holes for the fittings was rebuilt so it contains no trace the aparatus was ever there. thats why it looks like a shower now… because the nazis used their german presicion engineering skills to make it look exactly like a shower. similar to auswitsch where they made it look exactly like an air raid shelter.

    also the story has changed over the years. first the gas was supposed to have come out of the shower heads, then from one side of the room and then the other.

    I am sure it was a hellish place with a large number of documented murders but as usual, the gas chamber bit is just a total lie with no physical evidence whatsoever to back it up.

    and again, someone locked up in austria for four years for saying there wasnt a gas chamber there. the ‘Truth’ of your precious fucking ‘Holoaust’ need millions and millions of money spent in the courts of europe and the prison systems to maintain it. what kind of truth is that? it is a very orwellian ‘Truth’ that needs to be constantly updated to retain any semblence of credibility. gone are the claims of shrunken heads, human soap, gas coming out of shower heads, flaming pits into which babies were thrown on arrival and yet academia is still compelled to keep alive the gas chamber myth because without it, the whole narrative of world war two falls apart and we realise that evil was far from defeted.

    • Evelyn Le Chene who wrote the definitive book on Mauthausen (quoted above) was married to a man, a Frenchman and non-jew, who survived it. She wrote it immediately after the war. It is a reliable first-hand account. There were many other survivors. All of them corroborate the Truth of what was in the camp and what the Nazis did there. The book is impeccably researched and it’s conclusions are incontrovertible. What the fuck do you know? Your take on Mauthausen is factually incorrect and has been twisted to suit your perverse intentions.

      Though in the course of time some second-hand renditions of the camps may have gilded the lily, to suggest, as you consistently do, that it is mostly a fiction designed by Zionists to justify a New World Order is the most vicious and foul form of racist slander imaginable.

      You are obviously one of those unreconcilable terminally hostile anti-semites for whom the Far-left (whom I deplore as much as you) recite ‘The Only Good Fascist is a Dead Fascist’ to illustrate the fact that the views of people like yourself are not simply misinformed (i.e. caused by ignorance) but irredeemably evil. Readers can clearly see that this evil bubbles up behind your logical arguments. It shows that your ‘yes but what if’ debate is simply a vehicle for your unbridled hatred.

      Your inexcusable second-generation incessant creeping ideological spite seeks to re-write history and justify genocide. Your arguments are invalid, inaccurate, unworthy, highly unsympathetic to victims, largely psychopathic in content and going nowhere.

      I’m certainly not going to waste any further of my time with your tit-for-tat nonsense.

      I will ask Richard to block you from commenting any further in this thread which, despite my best efforts, you have successfully hi-jacked to air your jew-baiting views. You’ve already had too much attention.

      My email is If you want to waste your time putting forward your arguments there then I’ll reply to you giving you the facts which undermine your entire world-view but I won’t reply further on this thread as I’ve already outed you as a Neo-Nazi so don’t want to give you a further opportunity to network your poison.

      John Freedom.

      ““There was once a time when I naively believed that if you presented a certain amount of logic and common sense to these people you could change their minds, wnat I discovered is that there is nothing you can say, there’s no amount of common sense, logic or investigation you can use, no matter what you come up with they have an alternative explanation that is consistent with their belief in this conspiracy”

  16. anyway john, you said: ‘records of the Mauthousen Concentration Camp, amongst others, list all Jews interned and classify how and when they were killed.’

    my question was whether these records include any gassings. you have either misunderstood or evaded the question. I was not interested in an emotive description by some author I have never heard of but for you to point me to the documentation that describes prisoners being killed by gassing.

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