T.B. Joshua Announces Plan to Move to Israel

From the Lusaka Times:

…Nigerian Prophet T.B. Joshua [has] declared his intentions to leave Nigeria and relocate his ministry to the nation of Israel.

Joshua disclosed that he had just returned from the ‘Holy Land’ after holding meetings with three prominent Israeli mayors of Jerusalem, Tiberias and the Jordan Valley.

According to the cleric, they offered both land and facilities in an area around the biblical site of the Sea of Galilee for the Nigerian Pastor to organise meetings for international pilgrims.

…According to the cleric, the invitation to Israel came due to the growing popularity of Joshua’s television channel Emmanuel TV, which is especially known on YouTube.

…Statistics from the Nigerian Immigration Services revealed that six out of every ten travelers to Nigeria go to The SCOAN [Joshua’s church – the The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations], with countless local businesses and hotels in the area relying on the church activities for their sustenance.

The report comes with photos of Joshua shaking hands with Jerusalem mayor Nir Barkat and with Idan Grinbaum, billed as “Jordan Valley mayor”  – the latter is actually head of the Emek HaYarden Regional Council, which covers western Galilee and the northern Jordan Valley (the Council is one of two entities that is also known as the “Jordan Valley Regional Council”; the other administers an area in the West Bank). Nigerian pilgrimage is big business, and carriers and handlers compete for contracts with the country’s Christian Pilgrim Commission.

Forbes has described Joshua as one of the “The Five Richest Pastors In Nigeria“, and his followers include politicians in Nigeria and elsewhere in Africa. However, despite some endorsements from other pastors (such as the late neo-Pentecostal evangelist Bill Subritzky), he is a highly controversial figure who has been rejected by many of his peers for allegedly “mix[ing] Christianity with occult practices”. He also makes extravagant claims to supernatural predictive powers, which he purports to prove by releasing heavily edited videos of old sermons after disasters and such; and in November, there was mockery after he attempted to explain away a prophecy that Hilary Clinton would win the US election.

For some reason, though, God apparently failed to warn Joshua about the state of a guesthouse owned by his church – the building collapsed in 2014, killing dozens. Joshua tried to explain away the negligent construction by blaming a “strange aircraft” nearby.

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  1. We found your mention of Bill Subritzky illuminating. Subritzky was the driving force behind The Full Gospel Businessmen’s Fellowship International (FGBFI) which had crucial input into the 1990 Satan Scare thus:

    “Both Maureen Davies and Kevin Logan and the REACHOUT organisation are involved in the Ellel Grange Christian Fellowship organisation which has hosted REACHOUT’s satan seminars.

    Ellel Grange is majority Pentecostal in orientation and holds that disease is not caused by illness but by DEMONS IN THE BODY which must be cast out through exorcism.

    Both Logan and Davies attended an Ellel Grange Jamboree in Southend in 1989 called The Battle is With The Lord where an evangelical rninister Bill Subritzky lead the assembly and cast out devils frorn those present.

    Caroline Marcnant, a distressed and mentally unstable young girl who, to get attention, had claimed to have been part of a Satanic Group and whose imagined experiences were used as fodder by the tabloid press to spread the scare also attended that meeting, for she had been living with REACHOUT members.

    There she met Maureen Davies. After the prayer-fest had ended she was driven back to Lancashire by Kevin Logan and stayed at his house near Blackburn. That night she committed suicide in Kevin Logan’s house by taking an overdose of prescribed drugs.

    Maureen Davies and Kevin Logan also appeared as ‘experts’ in Satanic Ritual Child Abuse in the 1989 Cook Report special ‘The Devil’s Work’ ”

    Extract from 1990SAFF newsletter

    Full background on Caroline Marchant’s death here:


    See Youtube video of Cook’s The Devil’s Work here:


    Note also that the ‘victim imposter’ ‘Jennifer’ who was used by fundamentalist film-maker Andrew Boyd in his C4 Dispatches special to convince the public that SRA existed was actually schooled by mad fundies at Ellel Grange which ran ‘counselling’ courses, picking up mentally unstable people and filling their heads with false memories about SRA.

    Full story about Jennifer & Boyd:


    The FGBFI is a kind of subversive freemasonic Christian group which finances and opens doors for aligned ‘stars’ in the fundie firmanent world-wide. The objective is to oppress non-Christian beliefs and further Holy Writ. It is no surprise to us that the FGBFI and its offshoots would be; following Trump’s rise to power and declaration of Holy War against Islam, tilling the fertile ground of conflict in Jerusalem to retake the Mount for Christianity, which is one of the ‘tribulations’ which has to occur before the Second Coming.

    John Freedom

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