The Year of Trumpification and Other Donald Trump Prophecies

A striking word of caution from Steve Shultz, editor of neo-Pentecostal prophecy website Elijah List:

Of course we must always remind ourselves and others that President Trump is not our Savior. Jesus Christ is.

But God has both appointed and anointed President Trump to take the reins during the time and season when many of God’s prophets are hearing words such as


• The Greatest Awakening of All Time.

• More miracles than at any time in History.

• The Time for GREATER WORKS than Christ, as HE PROMISED!

Ahead of the election, neo-Pentecostal prophets received messages from God comparing Donald Trump to Cyrus (a non-believing ruler who restored the Jews to Jerusalem and Judea) and to King David (whose heroism was flawed due to sexual indiscretions) – useful rationales for voting for a man whose character and appetites were otherwise completely incompatible with Christian Right values.

It has also been claimed that prophets were told years ago that Trump would one day be president: in 2007, God told “singing prophet” Kim Clement that “I will raise up the Trump to become a trumpet, and Bill Gates to open up the gate”, which, although obscure at the time, is now taken to be a reference to the election. Then, in 2011, God made himself clearer to a retired Florida fire-fighter named Mark Taylor, while Taylor was watching Trump on TV.

During the campaign itself, God told Denise Goulet, wife of Pastor Paul Goulet, that Trump was his “son, with whom I am well pleased”, while a Messianic Rabbi used numerology to prove that God had arranged for Trump to become president at just this moment. On the day of the inauguration, God further made his views known by a bit of rain, supposedly a “blessing”.

Since then, God has continued to communicate with various prophets about Trump and the meaning of his presidency. Shultz’s Elijah List is a sort of clearing house for these messages and visions, and some items are further disseminated via Charisma News, which is part of Stephen Strang’s evangelical/neo-Pentecostal media empire. Charisma‘s correspondent here is Bob Eschliman, who ahead of the election also produced secular anti-Clinton articles for the website. Eschliman tends to quote the prophecies at length, one suspects because they are very difficult to encapsulate coherently.

Here are some examples from Charisma:

20 January: Stephen Powell Shares Prophetic Words for President Trump
“This man will batter through demonic barriers, even on the world stage, which no man or woman in world history has been able to have the breakthrough in before…”

30 January: Prophecy: 2017 Will Be a Year of ‘Trumpification’
From Gale Sheehan of the Christian International Apostolic Network: “We are moving into a year of ‘Trumpification’ here in the United States like maybe no other year in our history. This word was coined to represent the effect of our next president on the affairs of men.”

1 February: Prophecy: The Lord Is Decreeing a Clarion Call for Intercessors
Lana Vawser warns of demonic snakes “with a specific assignment to do whatever it took to hinder what God is birthing in the United States of America and through President Donald Trump”.

1 February: Prophecy: Donald Trump Is Unstoppable Because the Lord Is Unstoppable
God told Stephen Powell that “This man is unstoppable because I’m unstoppable. My kingdom is unstoppable, and this man has a mandate from heaven; he has momentum that is not his own. His movement will not dissipate, it will grow, and it will reach beyond the borders of American governing. It will inspire; it will stir up a nest.”

2 February: Prophecy: ‘Even This Week, I Will Shake Your Courts!’
Via Hank Kunneman, senior pastor of Lord of Hosts Church in Omaha: “Watch even this week, I will shake your courts and I’m going to establish as I said before. I am stepping in upon your courts for I am the Supreme Judge. And what I have planned shall now balance your courts, but very soon there will be vacancies again, and I’ve said to you and say to you again I am breathing upon your courts.”

6 February: Prophecy: Trump’s Inauguration Signals a Time of Reconstitution for America
From Diane Lake of Starfire Ministries: “We can expect the Lord’s glory to shine through like never before. God re-establishing His covenant is going to usher a movement of greater glory—expect new levels of glory, new dimensions of His presence and expansion within the prophetic. Watch for His voice to come forth from the cloud (Ex. 34:5; Luke 9:33-35).”

6 February: Prophecy: Here’s What Edie Bayer Saw While Praying for President Trump
“I believe that Jesus is giving us a ‘new hat’ to wear! Just like the horse in my vision wore a hat as protection from the blazing sun, this new hat will be one that protects us from the elements that would affect our mind, will and emotions.”

8 February: John Kilpatrick: Through President Trump, the Lord Is Lifting Up Truth Again
“The Lord said that He is changing the appetites of people. Instead of rejoicing in rumors and lies, the people will now become excited to hear truth again. They will love the truth and reject the lies as well as the liars.”

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