Lord Bramall’s False Accuser: A New Variant on Satanic Panic

From today’s London Times (paywalled):

The former head of the British Army, who faced a string of accusations by an anonymous man, said that among the most galling was that he took part in a Remembrance Day sex party.

Lord Bramall said: “It was completely and utterly daft. I would have been at the Cenotaph.”

As has been widely reported (and discussed on this blog yesterday), Lord Bramall’s accuser – known by the pseudonym “Nick” – claims that Bramall was part of a murderous VIP paedophile ring that also included former Prime Minister Ted Heath, cabinet ministers, and senior intelligence figures. Police have spent months – and millions of pounds – investigating Nick’s gothically extravagant tales of sex abuse, murder and torture. Bramall’s home was raided in March 2015; he was given the details of the allegations against him six weeks later (although only because of “considerable pressure” by his lawyer, according to the Times interview); and only this week has the matter been formally dropped.

The police statement uses the phrase “insufficient evidence”, but Bramall has in fact been cleared beyond any reasonable doubt. He was out of the country on some of the dates given by Nick to police, and other allegations made by Nick have proven to be unsubstantiated (in particular, his claim that the gang killed a boy on the streets of Kingston-on-Thames by running him over – there is no record or memory of the incident).

Nick’s claims about Remembrance Day are worth highlighting, as I believe they show more than anything what has been going on here: no less than a new variation of the bogus Satanic Ritual Abuse allegations that caused so much misery in the 1980s and 1990s. Satanic ritual (as popularly imagined) is an inversion of Christian ritual, characterised by upside-down crucifixes, puerile blasphemies, and lascivious celebration; the notion of SRA takes this further, with a genuine transgression that amounts to the worst thing that most people – Christian or not – can imagine. This transgressive behaviour is not just paedophilia, but intentionally sadistic paedophila, sometimes culminating in murder.

Britain is today a largely secular society, but Remembrance Day is nearest thing we still have to a “sacred” occasion in the calendar. Remembrance Day events are sombre, and everyone at commemorations is expected to behave with decorum and quiet dignity. What better way to invert all this than to imagine the head of the British Army instead celebrating with a special Remembrance Day paedophilic orgy?

Similarly, if we still have a sacred object, it is the Remembrance Day poppy. Those who choose to wear it are making a public statement about their personal mindfulness of the war dead; but Nick inverts this into an act of sexual sadism. The Daily Mail quoted a piece of Nick’s public writing (now removed from the internet) in September:

He explains, in graphic detail, why he now has ‘such mixed emotions’ on Remembrance Day.

‘I know poppies are a symbol of respect for those that have lost their lives during wars, however for me, they lost their meaning once the soldiers that hurt me physically pinned them to my bare skin.

‘I see poppies as a symbol of their hatred towards me. As a sign of respect (they said) I had to wear a poppy. So they would pin one directly to my chest and hurt me badly.

‘Once one was done, the next would unpin the poppy and move it to another part of my chest and do the same. They would all take turns until they had all had enough. The pain from the pin was nothing compared to the other pain, but it added to the humiliation.’

Where has all this come from? I will be very surprised if Nick’s fantasies have not been nurtured with the help of a “therapist” obsessed with SRA-related notions.

Nick’s case is significant not just because he has managed to derail the lives of two living public figures (Bramall and Harvey Proctor) and tarnish the memories of several others who have died: elsewhere, he has been widely praised and supported for his supposed “courage” in talking about the abuse he claims to have suffered, and he has become something of a poster-child for a cause that, through his lies, he has in fact mocked and degraded.

UPDATE 2019: “Nick” has now been revealed to be a man named Carl Beech. His allegations have been comprehensively exposed as lies, and he has been found guilty of perverting the course of justice and fraud. He was also found to be in possession of a collection of child-abuse images, and to have used a hidden camera to film the teenage friend of his son using a toilet. For more, see here.