Kamal Saleem Doubles Down on “Obama is a Muslim” Conspiracy Theories

Fake ex-terrorist Kamal Saleem (background here) is still doing the rounds – from the Hill Country Community Journal (Texas):

At the June 25 event at Southern Oaks Baptist Church [in Kerrville], Saleem said… many kinds of jihad are practiced in the U.S. White House.

…Saleem said there is a film on YouTube showing Obama using a Muslim gesture, right hand at his waist over his left forearm, when saluting the American flag. And he said Obama wears a ring that is inscribed “There is no God but Allah.”

…The Muslim Brotherhood sent Saleem to America, partly financed by Saudi Arabia. “My job was to create a clash between blacks and whites, especially recruiting blacks to Islam.”

….Saleem said in Muslim theology there are seven spheres of influence in their work in the United States: family, education, government, medicine, economics, art and entertainment, and media. And the Muslim Brotherhood organization has lobbied in every sphere.

Saleem said, for example, ObamaCare exempted Muslims.

…He listed the three altars of the Muslims: Islam (Baal), homosexuality (Sodom and Gomorrah), and abortion (Malek); and said all three are burning now.

….Saleem said by the end of Obama’s presidency, probably 100 million Muslims will live in America; and Obama made it possible for them to enter through Cuba and have instant amnesty.

Most of this is the same old stuff, although his projection of a garbled version of dominionist “Seven Mountains” theology onto Islam is perhaps new. Further, his claim that his job as a secret Muslim operative in the USA before was was “to create a clash between blacks and whites” seems to be a new adaptation to current affairs, providing a congenial explanation for recent black discontent at oppressive and sometimes lethal “policing” in certain areas. A couple of Saleem’s specific claims have long been debunked: the story of Obama’s Muslim ring was based on a blurred image, while the ObamaCare exemption actually refers to the Amish.

Saleem’s presentation was facilitated by Pastor Greg Young, who recently had a prominent position at an event where the Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, signed a law designed to ensure that pastors will not be obliged to perform same-sex marriage services. Abbott also recently appeared on Young’s radio programme, Chosen Generation.

Also speaking at the same event was Jeremy Dys, senior counsel for Liberty Institute; Dys previously featured on this blog here.


Today’s date, of course, is the tenth anniversary of the 7/7 attacks in London, in which 52 people were murdered by home-grown Islamic terrorists; the massacres took place on travel routes that a number of my friends were at that time using on a regular basis. The ruthless ideology and the callous mind-set that inspired the killers remains a blight, spreading misery and horror wherever it is found, and countering its baneful influence is today a more urgent task than ever.

However, that does not mean we should be too busy to ignore the various frauds and fantasists for whom an “anti-jihad” pose is an opportunity to spread hate and paranoia, to promote themselves, and/or to make money. This blog has drawn attention to a few examples over the years; my efforts have been modest, although a certain impact can perhaps be measured in abusive counter-attacks and other underhand behaviour I have experienced. Media and police have been hoodwinked; members of the public, including church groups, have had their fears played on or their good intentions manipulated. Clowns like Saleem should be given no indulgence or quarter.

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