Speaker Notes Syria Crisis Ahead of Prophecy Conference

An announcement from Bible “prophecy expert”* Rob Lindsted:


…You know, in the last ten days we’ve watched the United States, Syria, Putin and Russia, with Iran in the background go through an incredible time. A time maybe unparalleled in American history. And for sure, in recent yearsm no-one can believe what is taking place. And I go to the book of Ezekiel, I see what God said in Ezekiel 38 and 39, exactly the nations that are aligned up right now, with their ships right there in the Middle East, the boiling pot in the Middle East. The Bible indicates what will take place, how it will build up, and then what will take place.

Lindsted’s assurances that current events were predicted in the Bible as signs of the Last Days come a mere 23 years after his 1990 video Saddam Hussein, The Persian Gulf and End TimesFrom a blub:

Is the drama of Iraq’s Saddam Hussein’s invasion into Kuwait really the fulfillment of prophecy in the Bible? Are the events taking place in the Middle East actually being set up to bring Israel into a war? Could the chemical and biological warfare – using anthrax – threatened by Hussein, and the nuclear retaliation promised by Israel bring about the state of “desolation” of Iraq as stated in Jeremiah 50 and 51? Will the eventual destruction of Iraq and Hussein make a peace treaty for Israel possible? These questions and many more are addressed by Rob Lindsted as he examines current events in the light of Bible prophecy.

Lindsted’s new YouTube video comes ahead of the Midwest Hebrew Ministries’ 35th Annual Prophecy Conference, where he will be speaking alongside Glenn Beck’s End-Times Prophet Joel Richardson. Richardson is better-known, and his theory about a forthcoming “Muslim Anti-Christ” is particularly suited to profit from contemporary fears, but Lindsted is more of a veteran: some years ago he was a collaborator with Emil Gaverluk** on titles such as Why the Church Will Not Go Through the Great Tribulation.

Lindsted – an engineering PhD and the superintendent of a Christian school – recently also took part in the 23rd Annual Winnipeg Prophecy Conference; while the likes of John Hagee or Joel Rosenberg are best-sellers, there’s also an extensive circuit of lesser-known speakers and authors. I looked at a couple of other examples here and here.


*NB: “Prophecy experts” have a detailed familiarity with the prophetic texts of the Bible, onto which they impose pet theories and current affairs; such persons should not be confused with Biblical scholars.

**Gaverluk, who is no longer with us, also specialised in wonderfully crank theories about technology; in Did Genesis Man Conquer Space? he suggested that pre-Flood humans had developed advanced technology, and in Fiber Optics: Eye of the Antichrist he warned that televisions contain cameras by which viewers are monitored. Lindsted did not collaborate on these titles, but his YouTube video above does make reference to technology being predicted in the Bible.

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