Judith Reisman’s Kinsey in Croatia Conspiracy

Right Wing Watch has the latest from Judith Reisman, as the anti-Kinsey obsessive returns to the subject of her recent visit to Croatia. In conversation with anti-Illuminati conspiracy theorist Rick Wiles, Reisman explained that funding from George Soros has “brought in pedophiles from around the world” to Croatia, as part of a plot to establish Communist tyranny in the country.

Reisman visited Croatia in January, as I discussed here, and she afterwards gave an account on Michael Coren‘s TV programme Arena. Her trip was in support of Karolina Vidovic Kristo, a television journalist who was removed from her position after her TV show The Image of Croatia aired a segment on sex education in Croatia under the headline “Pedophilia as the foundation of sexual education?” Kristo was was subsequently received by the Archbishop of Zagreb, Cardinal Josip Bozanic, and in March she was nominated to receive a “Global Leadership Award” from Morton Blackwell’s Leadership Institute, which holds a yearly conflab at Wellington College in Berkshire, UK (I wrote about last year’s event here; Kristo’s nomination came via the World Congress of Families).

Kristo’s programme reportedly included extracts from Kinsey’s Paedophiles, a documentary which was aired in the UK as part of Channel 4’s Secret History strand in 1998. The programme had been made by British journalist Timothy Tate, and he joined Reisman in Croatia. Tate is himself a controversial figure, having played a role in popularizing Satanic panic in the 1980s; Philip Jenkins’ book Intimate Enemies: Moral Panics in Contemporary Great Britain (Aldine De Gruyter, 1992, page 161) has further details:

In 1987, [Tate] began to encounter American allegations about satanic rings, including charges of infanticide and ritual cannibalism. He presented these views in a controversial book, which apparently uncritically accepted as fact the charges brought against supposed witches and diabolists in the historical witch trials… Tate was also significant because he worked as a researcher for Central Television’s “Cook Report,” which in 1989 presented a sensational (and influential) documentary entitled The Devil’s Work. Tate wrote extensively on the topic of ritual abuse, and acted in an advisory capacity in the Nottingham investigation.

I gave an overview of the “Satanic Panic” saga here.