WND Selling DVD about “2,000-Year-Old Scroll Hidden on Top of Masada”

WND promotes a new product from Jonthan Cahn:

The newest, fast-paced, highly produced, one-hour teaching DVD from Jonathan Cahn and the WND Films team that brought you “The Isaiah 9:10 Judgment” is called “The Masada Mystery.”

For 2,000 years, God kept a scroll hidden on top of Masada in the Israeli wilderness waiting for the Jewish people to come back to the land and uncover it. Discover this awesome prophecy of God and what it has to do with you in Cahn’s “The Masada Mystery.”

Cahn is the author of The Harbinger, which, like The Isaiah 9:10 Judgment, claims that events on and after 9/11 parallel the Biblical account of God’s wrath against Israel’s faithlessness. The book is currently a top-selling Christian paperback in the USA. Cahn’s “Masada Mystery” seems to be a recycled effort from before he was famous – it’s also listed as a DVD and CV on his own website, although dated to 1998.

As far as I am aware, the only source to have published anything about “a scroll hidden on top of Masada” is a certain Donovan Joyce, who wrote a crank paperback in the 1970s entitled The Jesus Scroll (subtitle: “a timebomb for Christianity?”). Joyce claimed to have been shown the scroll by a certain “Dr Grosset”, and that it contained Jesus’ own account of his life after surviving the crucifixion. Inevitably, Jesus had married Mary Magdalene and become a father, and he also described himself as the last Hasmonean king of Israel. Alas, however, Grosset then took the scroll to the Soviet Union and was never seen again, so we have to take Joyce’s word for it all.

Historically, of course, this is drivel – and to believing Christians, utterly repellent. Does Cahn think there’s some truth in it, or does he have an alternative bunkum yarn about a scroll on Masada? It’s not clear, but I’m not about to buy the video to find out.

However, it is worth noting that WND‘s trailer for the video has very little to do with historic Christianity; although Cahn is supposedly a Messianic Jew who accepts Jesus as the Messiah, the trailer presents a religion in which the State of Israel has completely displaced Jesus. Cahn is heard in full flow:

In the early 60s, Israel decided to return to its ancient grave [Masada]. This night a most profound fulfilment of God’s prophetic word – the resurrection of Israel.

…The nation of Israel lives, the God of Israel lives, and you are his children. Therefore rise up to life in the same power; L’chaim, to life. Amen.

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