Eric Allen Bell Describes “Campaign Against His Life” on WND

From Marisa Martin at WND:

…the Libyan terrorists et al, turned their sights on Eric Allen Bell and accused him of making the “The Innocence of Muslims,” knowing full well it was a complete lie.

…The filmmaker summed up the recent campaign against his life for “I stand falsely accused of being the director of the hit YouTube Islamo-comedy, ‘The Innocence of Muslims.’ I did not make that film, nor do I know the people who did, but that hasn’t stopped over a hundred Muslims from sending me death threats… or Islamic terrorists from placing a bounty on my head.”

The article is entitled “Counter-Jihad Filmmaker will not be Silenced”, although the url suggests that this has been amended from “Anti-Muslim Filmmaker will not be Silenced”. Bell’s travails have apparently included a reward for his death, posted in Urdu on a Facebook page called “Enemies of Pakistan”, along with the accusation in English that he was one of the filmmakers.

A older article on Frontpage includes the detail that:

The threats came, said Bell, following a series of blog posts on the website The America Muslim. The writer, Sheila Musaji, denied any involvement in linking Bell to the film.

Despite her denial, Bell said that shortly after the posts appeared he received a number of threatening messages on his Facebook page.

Bell wrote his own piece for the same site in which he drew attention to two September articles by Musaji (here and here). The first of these two pieces also refers back to a an earlier article with some general background to the film; it included the following reference to Bell as part of a profile of Joseph Nasralla:

Joseph Nasralla Abdelmasih, an Egyptian American Coptic Christian, is the head of Media for Christ who produced the film.  He spoke at Pamela Geller & Robert Spencer’s hate group SIOA’s anti-mosque rally in 2010 (also attended by Morris Sadek) and at their Freedom Rally in 2011.  In June 2012, Geller and Spencer held what they variously called AFDI/SIOA Historic Human Rights Townhall or AFDI/SIOA “Summer Night for Human Rights”, and which I called an anti-Muslim hate fest.  Joseph Nasrallah and Eric Allen Bell attended this function which included many former Muslim speakers.  In her articles, Geller includes a photo of herself and Nasrallah, and a photo of Eric Allen Bell sitting in the audience.  He participated with Steve Klein and Gary Cass in an anti-Muslim student outreach effort titled 911 Defend Our Students.  Geller said about Nasralla: Joseph Nasralla spoke at our 911 Ground Zero mosque rallies. He is a champion of human rights.  SOURCES:  – ** –  ** – ** – ** – **

This was at a time when the media was scrambling for information about where the YouTube video had come from; Nasralla subsequently claimed that Nakoula had used the “Media for Christ” name without his “knowledge or permission”.

Musaji also noted the following:

I knew that in one of the profiles I had done for the Who’s Who in the Islamophobia/Arabophobia Industry, one of those individuals had mentioned planning a film about Prophet Muhammad.  It took me awhile, and then I remembered that the individual was Ali Sina who runs Faith Freedom Int’l, and is a board member of the hate group SIOA which was founded by Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer.

…In June 2012, Eric Allen Bell (who does have film experience) posted an article on Right Side News

Musaji then quotes Bell’s article, highlighting passages of interest:

I could not help but remember reading that Muslim Apostate, Ali Sina, had announced a few months earlier his plans to make a full length feature film, promising to depict the true story of Mohammed… When the article was published, I received a lot of emails telling me that I should speak to Ali Sina about his movie idea, given that I had made some films and spent most of my career in the entertainment industry. So Ali Sina and I spoke.  …  I said I admired his courage and felt very strongly that this was a movie that had to be made. But I added that there was probably no way he would ever get a theatrical release. Movie theaters would be afraid of the violent backlash. The life of Mohammed would have to be released on DVD or online – streaming on demand. The production would have to be financed privately and the movie shot in secret locations.

In fact, Ali Sina is planning a different polemical anti-Islam film, but the above hardly amounts to a conspiracy to falsely accuse Bell of being behind Innocence of Muslims. Given the murkiness around the whole “Sam Bacile” deception, it was reasonable to draw attention to public statements and associations such as the above. Musaji went on to add:

Eric Allen Bell posted a hateful anti-Muslim screed on his FaceBook page on 9/11 (which said nothing about the “Sam Basile” film).  Then, on September 14th, he posted an article on Front Page claiming that people wrongly connected his FaceBook post, and himself, with the unknown filmmaker who made the “Innocence of Muslims” film… I searched but could find only one blog post dated September 13th that mentioned Bell’s FB post, and that post simply countered the substance of Bell’s FB posting. I could find nothing anywhere about anyone claiming that Bell was the person responsible for the film.  On September 16th, The Guardian published an article America’s ‘counter-jihadis’ fan flames of hatred across Middle East which quoted Bell… He said he had nothing to do with “Innocence of Muslims”, but said he endorsed its’ message.  It would seem that the only identification of Bell with the filmmaker came from Bell’s own FaceBook fan page.

The Pakistani Facebook page shows that someone somewhere has indeed mistakenly linked Bell to the film, but that’s hardly Musaji’s fault and it is reasonable to wonder whether the threats he has received are primarily to do with his 9/11 article. Certainly, the claim in the WND article that “Libyan terrorists” have accused Bell doesn’t seem to be based on anything.

In a later piece, Musaji writes that Bell has also contacted her directly, accusing her of “placing my life in danger” and of a “cover up of numerous Islamic death threats”. She notes:

This truly is a delusional individual.  I have never claimed he was the filmmaker, never said that he made up death threats, never libeled or slandered him, never covered up any death threats. 


 It seemed odd that Bell so regularly insinuated his name in discussions about making an anti-Muslim film.  Now, he has announced that he will use 300 hours of film that he already has as the base for a film to be called “American Infidel”.  He is requesting donations and says he only needs $200,000 to complete this film. 

According to the WND article, Bell “metamorphosed from a typical left-wing, Maoist acolyte into someone resembling Mel Gibson’s character in ‘The Patriot'” as a result of his researches into the building of the Murfreesboro mosque; it seems that likely that “Maoist acolyte” here is simply flesh-creeping rhetoric meant to denote a general liberalism rather than a specific far-left ideology.

The Guardian, meanwhile, describes Bell as

a one-time scourge of Islamophobia who changed sides after concluding Islam wished to subjugate the world…

However, there’s not a great deal of evidence that he engaged in serious debate with anti-Islam activists, although he did sometimes leave supportive comments on Loonwatch. According to a July article there:

During the time Bell was filming his documentary [in Murfreesboro] he used to constantly email us, asking us to publish his writings and advertise his documentary, his articles were usually so terrible that we declined. There was always something strange about Bell, and this strangeness manifested itself when Bell joined the ranks of the JihadWatch looniverse.

When Bell’s documentary failed to achieve the payback he had hoped for, (he expected to make money off of the venture, just like he does from his site, a new-age spiritual mishmash with adverts from psychics) he turned to funding from the Islamophobia movement.

Bell in turn has accused Loonwatch of being a “Terrorist Spin Control Network“.

UPDATE: An exchange on Twitter:

@Barthsnotes You should try getting your facts right before publishing an article where you know nothing of the topic. #tcot #tpp #gop #a4a (1)

@EricAllenBell As ever, the comments are open if you have anything you want to add. (2)

2 Responses

  1. This Musaji/Bell issue was aired a little while ago, and my feeling at the time was that she was making fair comments and that he was over reacting (in relation to her posts). Of course it’s appalling that he is receiving death threats

  2. As someone who I believe Shelia Musaji would characterize as an Islamophobe, I would like to say Eric Allen Bell is does NOT speak for me or for most of the Counter Jihad Movement.

    Although EAB is correct in general, that is to say Islam is a growing danger that must be confronted, he has established a pattern of lying, and manipulation that can not be ignored.

    For example the “bounty” that is supposedly been placed on Eric’s head is not to be believed. It is for 19 trillion dollars, and is not confirmed by any other source. There are no fatwas, or anything else supporting this Photoshop creation.

    Here is a link to Eric’s appearance on Israel National Radio saying that four Pakistani newspapers have identified him as connected with the video “Innocence of the Muslims”, and have called for his death.@ 10:00

    However, none of the papers he cites call for his death. In fact, one of them is sympathetic to him, and is in no way calling for his death.

    There is no doubt that Eric has received perhaps hundreds of death threats, but he has also adopted the motto of spreading napalm, and he has considered the pros, and cons of nuking Mecca, as well as repeatedly calling for the “destruction” of Islam.

    Eric is not motivated by the First Amendment, but rather is making this a personal matter between himself, and Muslims. To his supporters he characterizes this as a struggle for “Liberty”, and “Humanity”, but it is really about himself, and his ego.

    Eric appears to be a “snake oil salesman”.

    Eric’s GlobalOne web site claims over 1 million visitor a month.

    At about 16:36 during his appearance on the Jamie Glazov Show you can hear Eric say 24 million people have come to his site.

    And, here, Eric claims his web traffic is up to 28 million.

    However, this link to Alexia traffic stats shows a number closer to 3 million.

    Eric denies his website GlobalOne is “New Age”, despite the numerous New Age scams that can be found there, such as : “A Course in Miracles”, “Laws of Attraction”, and lavish praise for the various scoundrels in the Ramtha infomercial “What the Bleep”.

    EAB has endorsed Dr. Emoto, John Hagelin, and Deepak Chopra.

    Several people at GlobalOne “like” Ramtha,

    and many more like “What the Bleep”.

    EAB posts segments of “What the Bleep”, (a movie made by Ramtha students, for Ramtha, promoting her views) on his GlobaloneTV site.
    Including this segment that is the interview with Dr. Joe Dispenza, a master teacher at Ramtha School of Enlightenment.

    Here is what he says –
    “An excerpt from Dr. Joe Dispenza’s interview from “What the Bleep Do We Know” on creating my day and setting intention. If you want to know more or understand fully what he is talking about I suggest you watch the film “What The Bleep do We Know.” – Eric Allen Bell .

    Joe Dispenza is a master teacher at Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment.

    No one seems to be discussing Eric’s long history of anti-social behavior.

    “A couple years later, after spending time in Juvenile Hall, a mental hospital and then finding myself in a group home for troubled teenage boys, I started to have a bit of a revelation.”

    Where are Eric’s movies?

    Has anyone seen any of them?

    Why can’t we see a pilot, or rough draft of what he has in mind, to see if we want to invest in it? Will it be a sincere contribution, or an infomercial for his vision of a “movement”, and do we really want someone like Eric Allen Bell leading a movement of 330 million people?

    Is he really a promising film maker, or someone whose career in Hollywood was peering out? His Youtube videos do not inspire confidence.

    As it is now, Eric is confirming what groups, and individuals like Loonwatch, and Shelia Musaji say about the Counter Jihad Movement; he is motivated by greed, and teaches people to hate Muslims, and uses fear to get attention.

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