Al-Muhajiroun “Massacre” Slogan Reappears in Indian Protest

In February 2006, the media noted the presence of sanguinary signs at a protest organised by an al-Muhajiroun front-group outside the Danish embassy in London. The signs bore slogans such as “Massacre those who Insult Islam”, and they were crudely but distinctively created with black marker-pens and white cardboard.

The phrase “Massacre those who Insult Islam” has now made a comeback, this time on properly-printed banners. These new banners can be seen in an EPA photograph taken at a 5 October protest in Kolkata/Calcutta. According to the blurb, “Hundreds of protesters, from the Muslim Group of Bengal [for Peace], rallied to denounce the anti-Islam film ‘Innocence of Muslims'”; these specific banners, though, also include the detail “Organised by the Aashiqan e-Rasool Committee”, along with what appears to be an address. They are shown intermingled with banners from other groups (including one, oddly, which shows Obama in the form of a Na’vi from the film Avatar), and judging from other crowd photos in the set they do not appear to have been widely distributed among the protestors.

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  1. Islam is not called “The Religion of Peace” because they are peaceful, but rather because that is their AGENDA — To bring about world peace by eliminating every other religion, culture & political system.

    Most western Muslims who are not devout, allow their conscience & common sense to determine what aspects of the Quran they want to accept & incorporate into their own personal belief system. These people we call “Moderate Muslims” They will not, can not & do not Change the Islam of the ages; (Islam as Mohammed set it up to be & as he intended) (270 million dead since Mohammed, 60 battles of conquest during Mohammed’s lifetime; 545 Islamic battle since, ’til now.)

    Islam is Not so much a Religion as it is a total way of life; an
    ideology that includes a militaristic component, & a political and
    legal system. Islam is Not Only an Intolerant, Totalitarian,
    Supremacist Ideology that Justifies and Sanctifies Hatred,
    Violence and Murder, it is in fact, a Violent Expansionist Religion
    that Seeks the Destruction or Subjugation of All Other Faiths,
    Cultures and Systems of Government. Violence is And Always
    Has Been an Integral Aspect of Islam. The Qur’an Teaches that
    by Refusing to Convert to Islam, the Infidel has made ” Mischief &
    Corruption” in the land and thus, is seen as having Declared War
    on Allah. They are thus seen as a danger to Islam and the Muslims
    must respond to defend Allah and his “True Religion” – That is:
    Make War Upon Them. To subjugate & Kill for the Sake of Allah is
    a Duty of Jihad. The Qur’an Gives the Muslim the Manifest Destiny
    of World Domination.

    Warning: Learning about “Taquiya” & “Abrogation” is essential to understanding Islam before discussions with Muslims.

  2. Steve, you have a very simplistic view of Islam…albeit a very misguided one. Your usage of words like “infidel”, and your rantings about battles, and your focus on one aspect of your own belief is a clear indicator of your ignorance. I would invite you to please go back into history and study the Christian religion from it’s inception–all the way to today. You will find that Christianity has more blood guilt on it’s hands, more terrorism at it’s hands, more corruption at it’s hands… than any other religion in this world. If your silly theory about Muslims wanting to cleanse the world of all religions except Islam by way of violence–you wouldn’t be spewing crap out of your mouth right now; you’d be dead. And for that matter, so would lots and lots of other people. There are over 2 billion Muslims in the world, many living peacefully among the rest of civilization, in harmony, in good deed, in good times and bad. We have not been immune to the heinous acts committed by those of our own religion, nor those of other religions around the world. We are killed, we are oppressed, we are tortured, we are abused, we are defamed, we are a lot of things. But rest assured that not every Muslim has your proposed agenda at heart. There are fools of every kind all over this world, claiming a connection with every group and religion that exists. As for your warning–you need to learn more about history, cultural norms, language and society of ancient tribes in Arab lands. This is where religious history began–and until you understand all things to be considered, you cannot begin to determine that you have a full and accurate understanding of the Qur’an. Your words are evil propaganda…and you’ve taken a whole lot of information out of it’s context to support your propaganda. It’s like taking something from a soldier who speaks on a war battlefield and making his mantra in everyday life. It is you who is intolerant–it is you who is waging war–it is you who is ignorant. I hope some people are keen enough to study and research and get to know some Muslims before taking a bath in your dung.

    • Deanna, stop dreaming and look at the founders of each “religion” and their instructions. Being a Christian hater doesn’t cut it any more.

    • Salute sister… We should not be arrogant to tell the simplicity and universal brotherhood and message of love and peace .

      Thanks for your words.

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