4 Freedoms Amends Code of Conduct After Post on Who “Should Have Been Killed” by Breivik

Writer was formerly the EDL member “most trusted” by Pamela Geller

The anti-Islam 4 Freedoms Community website has updated its Code of Conduct:

2.1 Legality

(b) Unlawful Killing
You must not endorse or encourage people to perform criminal executions. However, you can endorse enforcement of execution by the state (capital punishment) after application of due judicial process.

According to a note on the same page, the change was made on 22 April. It was made in response to an inquiry from the Norwegian newspaper Dagbladget about a recent thread on the site; Roberta Moore (posting as “Morrigan Emaleth”) had used this thread to express her disappointment that Anders Brevik had failed to kill Eskil Pedersen, the AUF leader who survived the Utøya massacre by escaping by boat:

It seems Breivik missed one. This is precisely the coward that should have been killed. Cowards can run but eventually they meet their fate. May KARMA play its part now.

This was a bit too much for one other poster to the site, but his squeamishness merely served to spur Moore on further:

If Hitler had been killed he would not have caused the death of 11 million people. Right or wrong?

I am not interested in puritan views, but rational ones. We are debating serious issues and frankly I do not care who reads this. I am not here to appease the leftist media. 

As has been widely noted, Moore has recently written in the same sanguinary vein on Facebook and on the website of the Jewish Defence League UK; her  article on the JDL site denounces the “kangaroo court” trying Breivik, and the “Leftist slander constantly being thrown to undermine him and his views.”

Dagbladet says that it contacted Alan Lake, who chairs the 4 Freedoms Community site. An FFC administrator responded by admitting that there had been an “oversight” in the site’s house rules, which had now been amended:

Dagbladet har også kontaktet FFC-leder Alan Lake. Da opplyste en administrator at FFC setter pris på å bli orientert om saken, og at de har hatt en «forglemmelse» i sine ordensregler. Ordensreglene er nå utvidet.

Roberta Moore originally came to prominence as the leader of the EDL Jewish Division, although she split with the organisation last June; Pamela Geller, describing Moore as “the person whom I most trusted in the EDL”, consequently temporarily withdrew her support for the EDL (see here). Somewhat oddly, Moore continues to maintain a registered company called the “EDL English Defence League”, although it does not appear to have any relationship to the EDL.

Various sites have posted a photo which shows Lake kissing Moore on the cheek; this tender moment appears to have occurred at a meeting of EDL leaders at the Old Bank of England pub in Fleet Street, London – parts of the meeting appear in an Australian documentary which was broadcast in March 2011. Like Moore, Lake has since become estranged from the EDL, and claims that he was a secret EDL strategist or “bankroller” are perhaps exaggerated.

(Footnote: Moore also has an associate named Robert Bartholomeus. The coincidental phonetic similarity with my own name has on occasion led to confusion and unintentional defamation; I would ask anyone writing on the subject to take care on this point.)

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