“Conservative Leaders from around the World” Gather in Berkshire

From the website of the Leadership Institute:

Once a year, the Leadership Institute organizes the International School of Fundraising for key conservative leaders from around the world.

Held in Berkshire, England, this week-long training gives you the chance to develop effective skills in fundraising for both candidates and causes.

The event took place from 30 March to 3 April, and was held at Wellington College, one of Britain’s prestigious public schools (for non-UK readers: this means that it’s an upmarket private school). The website of the Honorary Doctors’ Association has further details:

“Productive donor relations” and “Face-to-face fundraising” lectures, covered by Morton Blackwell, the LI president, were highly motivational and offered an insight into the subjects from the philanthropist’s point of view.

The Chief Executive of Cobden Centre, Tim Evans, delivered a great speech on corporate donations and was generous with his time advising trainees on the strategy based on their charity’s goals.

Incredible talent and expertise were the main features of the lectures such as “Grant writing, by Karla Bruno from Leadership Institute and “Organisations that fund international non-profit organisations”, by Larry Jacobs from the World Congress of Families.

Bruce and Katherine Eberle from Eberle Communications Group shared some tips on planning and organising highly successful fundraising events.

Evans and Jacobs are both faculty members of the Leadership Institute, an represent a broad range of conservativism: Evans is a former president of the Libertarian Alliance (and the author of a useful book about about the 1980s UK right-libertarian scene), while Jacobs’ World Congress of Families is part of the Christian Right. Kathryn Joyce described the WCF in 2008 (as I noted just a few days ago); she described it as

a locus for heavyweight US conservative actors such as the Heritage Foundation, the Family Research Council, Concerned Women for America and James Dobson’s Focus on the Family–a Who’s Who of the American Christian right–to network with representatives from the Vatican, conservative Christians from developing nations and a smattering of Muslim groups seeking allies to fight gay and women’s rights at the United Nations.

Also likely to have been present was the WCF’s man in Russia, Alexei Komov; in a recent episode of the Voice of Russia’s Religion and Society programme, Komov told presenterVakhtang Kipshidze (following a discussion between Kipshidze and Christian Concern‘s Andrea Minichiello Williams) that he planned to be there. Komov has expressed his enthusiasm for US conservatism on a previous episode of the programme; he also runs a Russian franchise of Ted Baehr‘s Movieguide.

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