Doubts Raised About “Christian Rambo” Sam Childers

From the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review:

Hollywood’s glow is helping turn the Rev. Sam Childers from a self-proclaimed Pennsylvania hillbilly into a global brand. It’s also shining the glare of international scrutiny on his once-obscure Somerset County charity.

The new movie “Machine Gun Preacher” portrays Childers, 49, of Central City as killing paramilitary terrorists with assault rifles and rocket-propelled grenades to rescue children in an African war zone.

His group, operating under several names, including Angels of East Africa, runs orphanages and schools. With help from Hollywood backers, it’s raising money and expanding programs like never before.

The film has garnered considerable media interest: Fox News describes Childers as a “Christian Rambo“, and lead star Gerard Butler was present at the UK premiere at the Mayfair Hotel at the end of September.

I blogged on Childers back in 2006; the Sudan Tribune described him as a “commander” with the Sudan People’s Liberation Army, and I was particularly alarmed at his admission that he “stockpiles weapons” for the SPLA at his orphanage, as part of the war against the Lord’s Resistance Army.

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review raises the same concern:

Neighbors claim his flagship orphanage in South Sudan is neglecting children, leaving them hungry and crammed into small rooms. Portrayals of Childers’ violent tactics in the movie and his autobiography ignited uproar among advocates and aid workers over whether he might cause more harm than good.

…Some neighbors around Nimule want Childers removed and the orphanage turned over to local leaders. While Childers was on an American publicity tour, Nimule community leaders told a reporter for the magazine Christianity Today that he dishonored his agreement with them. The resulting story detailed a local government inspection that found the orphanage with no food, little medicine and shelters on the verge of collapse.

Those problems are real, said the Rev. Juma John, director of Cornerstone Children’s Home, another American-backed orphanage located less than 2 miles from Childers’ Children’s Village. Community leaders are upset by guns at the compound and that Childers does not stay long to lead it.

The Christianity Today report can be seen here – and it turns out that the SPLA aren’t too keen on being associated with him, either:

…an officer in the SPLA denies any association with Childers, and has asked Childers to stop “staining our names.” According to a letter obtained by CT dated April 8, 2011, Lieutenant General Obuto Mamur Mete told Childers that he had become “a problem,” and urged him to stop “using the names of our authorities, me in particular, to manipulate your wrongdoings.” Mete also told London’s Daily Mail that Childers’s “claims to have fought alongside us are a lie. He has never even seen the LRA.” Childers disputes Mete’s claims, saying that he has fought with the SPLA and against the LRA.

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  1. No matter what everyone says about this guy, he has helped a lot of people in Sudan and with kids especially. That is more than anything some of us has done with our life in this lifetime.

    • One thing is: This article is most likely made by some liberal fool, who has never left his hometown.

      The second thing: How can people keep ignoring Jospeh Konys methods, and as soon as some westerner fights back with his own medicine, it’s all of a sudden WRONG!?

      Americans really should be ashamed of themselves!

      Sincerely, a person from Denmark, Europe.

      • Fuck you man! Do you know about this shit. so do not talk about Americans as if they were bastards! Sam is an American and see how he could help. That you’d never be mishandled! There are many good Americans and did not know about them. So close that your mouth and stop writing crap!

    • Yes, Childers has done by himself much more than goverments with all they powers.
      He is a good man who makes a better world for those children and put in evidence and shame goverments all around the world.
      God bless children in Africa and God bless Childers work!

  2. it takes guts and deep faith to do that . The man has a clear vision and also a lion’s heart.

  3. I watched “Machine Gun Preacher” and i enjoyed the film but something about it made no sense to me. I see now that the story has been embellished beyond truth.

  4. Richard:

    what have you done for these children?

    with what moral authority you judge someone who before knowing the result came to a war that was not his war risking his life to save children?

    I say to you only save one child, it was worth, he has saved too many kids, that if he had not risked his life and used a weapon to defend them, would be dead and in the worst way and at worst suffering.

    • Childers is a murderer and criminal who is not under the authority of Jesus Christ but rather the authority of the devil. He is in direct violation of the teachings of Christ and is a known liar. He is not helping matters but sending people to hell for everyone he kills. Anyone who calls themselves a Christian and supports this man should be ashamed of themselves. God will however uses anyone anytime to do His work regardless if their are some bad intentions. God is working to help but Sams ego arrogance and pride has pushed him far away from God. If he doesnt stop it will blow up in his face.

      • Who are you to decide whats wrong or right? Sam is a warrior of God the same as Joshua or any warrior who picked up a sword in the name of God. Sam wasnt put in the place hes in by accident and if there were more christians like him then this world would be a better place not just someone like you who wants to sit back and watch someone like Sam save lives and spread the word to these kids that they never would have heard in the first place as soon as you save hundreds of those kids without firing a shot then you can have the right to sit here and act like you know something I think Sam shows what a christian should be someone whos not afraid to do whats right even if it cost them their life.

      • And you are a freaking idiot. This is a man who pulls CHILDREN out of the middle of nowhere. If you want the truth in the matter go talk to the CHILDREN he has SAVED FROM DEATH/SEX SLAVERY/CHILD SOLDIERING! You ignorant people that call yourselves Christians. You put a stain on our religion with your ignorance and stupidity. Pasethism is the creed of ignorance, and the whore of darkness. You have no clue what you are talking about.

      • what about in the old testement, , when god told , to take up arms and fight?, god uses men and woman of action, , , american churches are all false, , , so many examples all over the bible, , the churches do not teach the word of god,, , if his true story is true, thats amazing, if true, not the embellished movie, hes a real warrior for christ.stay in your fake limp wristed, false gospel churches,god doesnt need you.

  5. I watched machine gun preacher and I found a lot of holes in that story. The biggest question I have is how was a criminal able to fly out of the country so easily?

    • How are politicians able to fly out of the country so easily? They too are criminals!!

    • obviously is a Hollywood Film, so is used to make history more atractive, but the merits is that SAm Childers saves childrens with methods that he knows and resources he has at hand, he has been fighting to obtain resources to rescue childrens that the world had forgotten, thats the reason why Hollywood makes a film over his life, and no over your life.
      He was a criminal and He paid his debt to society and left the jail, and after that, no criminal charges against him more.

    • it so simple the holy spirit is in him and that is the evidence he is a true christian, even if people are against you, they cant stop you cos the presence of the holy spirit in your life. no man can stand against the power of God. those childen have cried out to the Lord and he hard them and its only someone that is not deplomatic, not afraid to take up wepons, that can fulfil this ministry so God sent him

    • Read his book and you will get your answer to that question. Yes, Hollywood played his past up to make it more than what it was.

  6. @mimi, Thank you for raising the question.
    To everyone who is doubting his actions based on a movie, then I tell you this: You are missing the point. Sam Childers is giving what he can and how he can. Which is more than any one else. If you have never been in combat (I have) then you are unable to judge another person’s morality and even then it is not your place to judge others. Sam Childers is standing for a belief. Get off your high horses and help or keep the negativity to yourselves.

    • And how do we know he fought in combat?
      how do we know if hes telling the truth? I could go to africa right now and say i killed 100 LRA combatants without any proofs would people give me thousands of dollars?
      and did you read
      “claims to have fought alongside us are a lie. He has never even seen the LRA.” I think its quite frustrating how someone finds proofs yet people refuse to believe it
      just because this man says hes christian fought the LRA teamed up with the SPLA doesn’t mean you should believe him dont get brainwashed dont get a blind eye everyone lies to get money I encourage you and everyone here to do their research BEFORE donating to mr childers
      I think its you who is missing the point how come people easily believe people without looking at the facts or proofs?
      so far there is only stories(by childers himself not other people) and a movie about it now
      I respect sam for helping children and building an orphan but it has been said(not proven) that hes been nejceting the kids in there but i think hes fucking stupid to build it right in the middle of a warzone where the kids could easily get hurt or kidnapped if you were christian you should know that god dislikes killing and murder if childers really killed LRA like he says he did then he just repayed evil with evil and god did not tell him to kill god would NEVER. EVER. tell you to kill no MADDER WHO IT IS killing is killing murder is murder commadment No.1 “thou shalt not murder/kill” i highly doubt our father in heaven told childers to “kill” hes obv lying god would never tell you to take someone’s life
      I encourage people to research before doing anything further

      • Actually not murdering is the 6th commandment not the first. Out of 10 it rates at number 6. And thenamei, stop the whole bullshit god doesn’t want killing. The whole Old Testament is filled with people killing in God’s name. Oh and what about the military and the police? Are they all not christian? If you had a child who was going to be killed right in front of you but you had the opportunity to kill the killer, who had killed hundreds of children prior what would you do? I would have no problem killing someone to save another, and I think me and the man upstairs would be just fine. Save your misguided attempts of debate for those who don’t know how to read or think critically. And btw your representation of Christianity probably pissed God off more than Sam ever did.

      • who are you or any one else in this world to tell anyone what God would say or not that may be a commandment but you have no idea what God is saying to him i believe you that we should do more research because you honestly never know if that money is actually going to someone but in that case if you would like to help then get a credit card sepperate from your account and put money on it just to donate to people and that way if it is a scam they cant take any money from you and a true christian is not interested in why they need the mpney but how they could help someone.

      • So God didnt damn David for killing men on the battlefield there is a difference in killing someone in war and murder.What Sam does is not murder it is fighting for a reason and that reason is to save lives not to take them he is at war for the right reasons and if he is wrong thats for God to decide and not you!

  7. Hi guys,
    just read the article and surprisingly came here only after watching the movie
    For me i guess the biggest question that all of us have to answer is what Sam asks at the end of the credit roll.
    “Every that has a child or everyone that has a brother or sister. If your child or family member was abducted today and If I (Sam) came upto you and say, I can bring your child home. Does it matter how I bring him home”
    sure I dont agree with many issues but I guess at the end of the day all those kids are still ALIVE with him irrespective of their present state of health of that matter in a situation or life or death, which I guess would have been slavery or possible death.

    • completely agree with you

    • MY biggest question is how the fu.., could you ignore the fact the girl was 7 years old, then suddently 12-13 years old in the next clip!
      Grow a brain or buy glasses!
      Second; NO true christian KILLS… whatsoever!
      It just shows how “christian” america is… (america with a small a…, a for assholes)
      I would like to sort out the bad men in the world too, but if you have FAITH, you let God sort’em out himself! THATS FAITH!

      • Anti-illuminati, I see what you’re saying about faith and letting God do his thing, and to an extent I agree with you. But in the Old Testament we see how God commands his people to deliver his justice to the evil nations around them. Joshua, Gideon, David, and many more were used by God to deliver his justice. How is Sam Childers any different? Why can’t God use Sam like he used Joshua? Like he used David? Isn’t that limiting God? And who are we to judge what Sam does? We’re not perfect.
        Your comment about “no true Christian” really irks me. No “true” Christian would demoralize and degrade other people because of their differing opinions, and call them morons. The only true Christian to ever walk this planet was Jesus, and to be honest, I think he’d be ashamed to be associated with that label if he came to earth today. We do not portray the love he wants us to at all.
        I agree with Eternal Skeptik. Sam Childers has done more for those kids in a year than most people will do for others in a lifetime. Before you get all high and mighty about what he sacrifices and how he brings those kids home, go do some charity work yourself, in a situation like his, and see how that changes your perspective.

      • agree.

      • i’m an african residing in nigeria so we no dis tynz i respect Sam 4 wat he is doin, its nt easy 4 any1 2 survive in d sudan while doin wat his doin.
        dont be fooled by all dis wrong publicity……remember it is war its either kill or be killed, deres no diplomatic stand in d desert of sudan my friend

      • @ Anti Illuminati. You seems to delight in finding fault in others. and for that matter do you have the guts to answer Sam’s question if it was your child would you simply sit and pray as you point out about being a good Christian and their responsibility. Take some of responsibility dude. Wake up. do something. stop complaining.. every body has enough of their own and yes one more thing. Your use of language does speak a lot about how you think.. Think about it.

      • hmmm, crusades anyone?

      • let god sort it out??? are you kidding me!!! Childers realised that WE need to stand up, stop talk shit from your couch and do something! I am!

      • I have to laugh at someone calling people morons and assholes and claiming to know true Christianity. What an oxymoron that in itself is. 1st, the age progression illustrates that he worked there for that many years but in a film are we going to sit through all the years of his daughter aging? That is just silly so you may want to grow a brain or think. Secondly um yes Christians do kill people. Think of our servicemen and women doing their jobs or our police officers doing their jobs, sometimes people have to die it doesn’t make them unchristian. So pull your head out of your bottom, stop talking about a faith you obviously know nothing about and respect others opinions. Next time you think to put others down ask yourself WWJD.

      • So are you assuming then that there are no Christians in the American Military who are currently fighting a war which obviously involves killing people? Are you really prepared to say our soldiers can’t be soldiers fighting a war and be Christians too? They are there because they volunteered for the military. They were not drafted so they are there by choice. I hope you do not condemn them for that.

      • God sure is doing a great job. More than 400,000 deaths and 40.000 children abducted….

      • Second; NO true christian KILLS… whatsoever!”
        THANK YOU…
        not all americans are assholes btw :P
        hes just lying so he can get support from christians in america that old trick always works
        I doubt this guy is christian…I just feel hes lying to me

      • remember the lord did flood the lands and u must be such a good christian with calling people morons and if ur5 gonna going to add fu you might as well add the rest of the letters now i say to you i shall ride in the wind and pray for u because i have the need to rid the anger in me for i am human also and what if some one harmed your child how forgiving would you be i know u would be cussing and that is all and no thought of doing harm to the person would even cross your ming grow up and be honest at least with yourself

  8. Weak christians mouth on and on… and do nothing. Sam Childers has DONE something. All I hear from pastors is talk and more talk, and ‘give me money’… money for what exactly? More comfortable churches? More luxury cars? I say buy some rifles and join Sam Childers and men like him…

    • smallheth, I´m agree with you when you say that Childers is doing something, i´d aggregate that he´s doing something really important, he´s fighting a war that not he´s war, and he is saving kids that have been forgotten for the world, and showing the problem in the eyes of the world remember us that the kids must be important for all the world, and he is doing that risking he´s life, he is admirable; but please don´t make the mistake that are making people like Anti-iluminaty, judge the persons, do not etiquete people, not all the christians are like him, just some ones cristians feel the authority to judge instead of act, those christians forget that any one can´t judge, just God can do it,
      and I ask to anti.iluminaty, if you´re in middle of war, people shooting you, people trying kill you and trying kill kids around you, would you do nothing and would you permit the kids were killed? or you´d take a weapon and you´d try to save the lifes of the kids and your own life?

  9. k AV just watched the movie NW and I can tell tht Sam has the best interest for those children instead of the critics yapping around why don’t you find a way how you can support those children, and to Tht other orphanage get food to Sam’s instead of spying on them. there should be more people like childers and less like konyi

    • Good point, sych. If Childers hadn’t built his orphanage, this other orphanage nearby would not be there today. If there really wasn’t any food, wouldn’t the children be flocking to the nearby orphanage? And shouldn’t this other orphanage be doing something to help? Perhaps they are low on funds and supplies themselves, and have none to spare. Every American reading this page can donate to both orphanages right now. America is the only country I know where half the country (including many ‘Christians,’ sadly) thinks poor people are poor by choice, that it’s their “own fault.” That’s so they don’t have to feel guilty about being selfish and self-centered. It’s this same mentality that criticizes people like Sam Childers; they won’t lift a finger or spend a dime to help someone less fortunate, but are quick to criticize those that do, and blame the less fortunate person for his own misfortune. Many of these types identify themselves as Christian, which is what makes it so absolutely preposterous. It’s these types of Christians that tend to judge another person’s Christianity, grading it like we belong to some sort of club or something. I left the church when I was young because of people like that. When I came back, I realized that it wasn’t the Gospel I had rejected, but other Christian’s misuse of it. Modern-day Pharisees all. Is Sam Childers a perfect person? Of course not. He’s just as flawed as each and every one of us. This new focus on his ministry, and the funding that’s sure to follow, will be a test for him, certainly. But I’d rather pray for the man than judge him. He’s risking his life while we sit in air conditioned rooms and talk about him. The US sent military advisors over last year to help the SPLA, and the President was criticized for it, called out for opposing an “army” with the word “Lord” in it (Limbaugh), in an attempt to paint him as “anti-Christian.” That’s how ignorant people in the States are. Bottom line: If you don’t like what Childers is doing, don’t donate to his ministry. If you’re a Christian, remember what we’re told, and to be careful when pointing out another’s sin, that you don’t fall into sin itself.

  10. If this man Sam Childers would also have ended up dying like his childhood friend as junkie with an apparently meaningless life, who would have even discussed about it?

    People who are raising questions about this man (about him being right or wrong) should rather ask if there really is so much atrocities there why aren’t the world leaders or world community more vocal about the situation at least.

    I mean I do watch news now and then, but I still do not remember seeing or hearing anything about these genocides. All I hear in repetition is issues about climate change and US-Israel-Palestine-Iran-Iraq-Afghanistan and sometimes N.Korea.

    • You’re not going to if you live in the States. It’s on the news once a quarter, but mostly it’s in magazines and newspapers. Hollywood makes a movie here and there (Hotel Rwanda), but it’s largely been ignored for a decade now.

    • You can watch news til the cows come home and you won’t find stories about international involvement. Why? Because there’s nothing in the Sudan that we want or fear. No huge deposits of oil or gas, no gold or other worthwhile minerals. No nuclear weapons or real money of their own to ever acquire weapons, so they are no threat to the west, so western governments say, who gives a rats ass?
      Rwanda was the same story, put on the back burner, some foriegn correspondents trying hard to get their story out and nobody could be bothered. Because unless they have something that makes it worthwhile for us to take notice, Western nations are too busy changing the channel, or cleaning the cat box, something we obviously feel is far more important than questioning what’s really wrong with humanity.
      Yes, I say humanity, not any one society or culture. Shouldn’t we be looking at what can be wrong with us as individuals when there are people turning helpless children into slave warriors. Doesn’t anyone ever wonder what can be the only possible outcome when you have an entire generation of children being raised by parents that have known nothing but civil war all their lives. They will be mentally ill, to be sure, with no hope of psychiatric treatment. What is the likelihood of it ever ending on it’s own?

      • I absolutely agree with you. The United States needs to add provisions for humanitarian efforts in their foreign policy. If it isn’t a financial or military gain we aren’t going to help with it. That is shameful coming from the world’s most powerful country. We don’t have to fight every fight but we certainly can send contingency forces to help train others. We don’t need to arm them to the hilt like we did Afghanistan, look where that got us. However a little help and warlords knowing that crimes against humanity will be dealt with would be a huge dent in any region.

  11. I support everything Childers is doing, no matter how he does it. All those kids are still alive nad he is doing it for a good cause.
    I’m a seventeen years old boy from Norway and just read through all your comments. Some of them disturbes me and makes me feel sick. I don’t know if it’s americans in general or just religion or whatsoever, but you guys are f**ked up if you think he is doing something wrong because it’s against something in the bible or whatever. I’m sure all of you “christians” or any religion, have done something against your religion.
    I don’t believe in anything myself, but I’m not against religion. You can do whatever you want for my sake, but don’t go down on others whos doing something good. I’m sure any of you have done anything near the deeds he is doing. EVER
    SHAME ON YOU! freaking start seeing things in perspective.

    Sincerly the the rest of the f**king world

  12. I have checked out Christianity’s article and I wish to quote in Sam’s defense, despite whatever flakes the self righteous religious and propagandists are throwing at him:

    “When a CT reporter visited the orphanage this week… CT observed no significant problems; the children seemed happy and healthy, and living conditions seemed generally good.”

    Here’s an article that puts Sam’s gun carrying role in perspective –

  13. Honestly, after watching the film and doing research about Sam, I can say that this published article is full of crap. What I can’t understand is why is there someone or some people who want to destroy Sam’s image? For those who wanna oppose Sam and mission, I ask you: WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO SAVE THOSE CHILDREN?
    You say that Sam’s actions are immoral? To some extent, yes. BUT WAIT. If you were in his shoes, WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO? Would rather be killed and do nothing? At least what he’s doing is for the greater good! And all those mistakes he has done in the past, he gave up those for this kind of life! SAVING KIDS! I ask you! If that was your kid being kidnapped/sold as a sex slave/being turned into a monster, would you stop Sam doing what he’s doing????
    if I were you, I’d rather do something that’s significant to help those kids than spending your time making up this BS. Got what I’m saying? And oh, by the way, I’m from the Philippines. Just letting you know that even a person from Asia is furious with what you had just posted.

    Message to Sam: I don’t bro if you’re reading this, but I hope that after I get a decent job and had enough savings, I would personally contact you and ask if I could come with you to Sudan to help with whatever job you currently have there. Thanks.
    – Saved

  14. People, please stop talking shit! Do something of value, support this very real cause. Even if Childers isn’t the saint you hoped for he’s still doing ALOT more than you for the people on earth. I don’t want to be a hipocrite so I’m actually going to africa to help and meet Childers if I can. I’m no great hopen but if I can help ONE person it’s worth it, if we all helped one person the world would be a great place…just saying

  15. hey guyz… to be honest i think people talking negatively about childers should go and visit that orphanage,,, then how in the world you critisize someone while you never did anything to help?????
    would you be pleased if sam childers would just be a tourist taking pictures of those children and sell them to the New york times????? is that what you guys want???
    he without sin shall cast the 1st stone on sam childers but atleast i know he helped the children… and what about you who just post a comment about him????/

  16. Really, those who criticize Sam Childers are missing the point people who judge him are judging what he’s standing and fighting for that is Liberty and Justice. His methods are irrelevant, because his intentions are pure so judge him then and you too judge the ideas which he fights for. Are you then against Liberty and Justice? No one is perfect, but his intentions definitely are. Thats where God is.

    • Very Interesting !!! This is a Hindu philosophy: As long as the results/intentions are noble, the methods really dont matter. This is a very very subjective matter.

      My family is starving and is close to death and I need money. There is a rich guy who has lots of money and would not give; Should I kill him? Hey! I am doing it to make my family safe!!! This is wrong! So is killing any man, because humans are created in the image of God and only He can pronounce that judgment. He has done that before in the nation of Israel and remember, it was always in context of a nation and judgment pronounced on Caananite people as a nation.

      No one can play God no matter what the end result is and then get away with it. Why do I say that? This is why?

      Jesus never tried to save anyone who was mistreated by killing the perpetuator. There were poor and ill treated people during His time, He did not try to over throw the Romans to save His own people. He laid His life down not kill someone else.

      Killing people to seek justice completely downplays the millenial kingdom and His righteous rule. Making Better life on earth the SOLE purpose of Christianity undermines the exclusivity of Eternal Life.

      Finally, there are many Christians who were beheaded through History. If killing those persecutors were right, then why Jesus’s teaching: “If anyone wants to walk with you for 1 mile, walk with him for 2 miles. If anyone strikes one cheek, show him the other. If anyone wants to take from you what is yours, then dont demand it back”?

      This world is so fallen that it would take God himself to change. Yes we can play God and do “something”, but dont be fooled that you can get away with it.

      Sam Childers’ message given in a church in Australia was pretty good, God Centered and the gospel powerfully delivered. But he himself talks about the mistakes that he has done that he does not want others to do. He also admits that there are consequences. Yes there will be consequences.

      Take out: A life lived indeed is a life lived in light of Eternity.

  17. Didn’t even finish reading this bogus article…
    … All I can say is, as Sam says at the end of the movie…if a mad man, terrorist came to your home and snatched your child and took him/her away and Sam told you he could get back your child, would it matter how he got your child back?

    Read the Book of Joshua in the Bible, its in the Old Testament, then go ahead and critize Sam

    If children are starving and are neglected, then that should be a wake up call to send donations in kind and cash to Sam so he can concetrate on bigger matters that need his attention, and that is TO KEEP THOSE POOR CHILDREN ALIVE!!!

    Well, Chao! Am off to Sam Childer’s website to see how I can send my donation.

  18. I love Sam , He’s my Hero, Our Lord Jesus has chosen him for his purpose, n Sam is doing a mighty fine job, God Bless

  19. I have heard a lot that Sam is fighting a war that isn’t his war? We are one world, one people. Any obstacle on the planet needing to be overcome to make this a better planet is all of ours to overcome. Just because we aren’t African doesn’t mean their problems are not ours. I feel powerless when I see the waste in western society. If we all had only what we needed and shared the rest around what a beautiful world we would have.

  20. How do you spell hipocrite?
    And before you jump all over this post, let me just add two more things.

    I give you the dictionary definition of hipocrite.

    a person who pretends to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles, etc., that he or she does not actually possess, especially a person whose actions belie stated beliefs.
    a person who feigns some desirable or publicly approved attitude, especially one whose private life, opinions, or statements belie his or her public statements.

    God bless you Sam Childers. If people were more like you this world might be a better place.

    Signed: Disgusted

    • I think that if all the energy that has been expended here on this subject were put into a good cause, like helping the children of conflict, these children would be much better served. Sam Childers should not be judged by you, me, the media, the film industry, your government, their government or any one else. This man has the moral conviction to stand up for his beliefs. DO ANY OF YOU.
      I don’t see anyone giving up their comfortable life, their comfortable car, their comfortable lifestyle for the sake of small people they have never met. Hell I don’t see any one giving up even a small part of their good fortune to help someone less fortunate than themselves.
      I really like Jon’s definition of hipocrite. I think either of those definitions could apply to many people who spew their venomous, ill informed and self righteous opinions into the ether. Let me ask each and every one of you a few questions.

      1 Did you have a good dinner tonight?

      2 Is your bed comfortable and warm?

      3 Is there any possibility you could be rounded up and sold into slavery, or forced to kill your parent.

      4 Is it easy for you to sit in your lounge room and judge others.

      5 What have you done in your life in the service of others.

      Whether he is right or wrong, Mr Childers is standing for his beliefs. Are you?

      Children are our future. And they will be what we, the adults of the world, make them.


      • agree with u bikers we are not gangs we r brothers and we do good toy runs benfits for cancer feed the hungery and more some time we use a little force when needed but didnt god flood the land just saying sometime we just have to standed up for those in need it may be here or another country i know in my heart i have and do what needs to be done with kindness or force

    • You put it better than I could but I agree with everything you said. I too do not subscribe to organized religion because I see what humans use it as. I believe in a higher power and if the only higher power was the one who would really believe in the things these people say then I’d rather be an atheist.

  21. Sam Childers may not be a perfect Christian but who cares… he’s DOING something to make the world a better place… not just mouthing off on the internet like some people…

  22. I pray that the reports are not true, but Christianity Today is a largely conservative magazine that approaches its subjects from a deeply Christological, theological and pneumatological standpoint. I am weary of people who downplay its own assessments. You have to seriously consider what is being reported here. If they were trying to sell magazines, why is it that the article is accessed ONLY online (and publicly at that), and not in their magazine?

  23. I belong to a good Christian country and Childers behaviour has no sort of behaviour in the modern world. It is abhorrent that anyone thinks they have the right to walk into another mans country and fight a war he has no right to be in. How can any good christian agree that this is a good thing? No ‘Christian’ in their right mind would fight a war for these kids!

    Our own country is falling apart and we should look after our own needs first! Concentrate on our pensions, pay our taxes and fill up our cars with fuel! Without these things we are at the mercy of other peoples charity. For gods sake if we’re going to going to make war, at least let it it be worthwhile and for a worthwhile cause, like we did in Iraq and Afghanistan. I agree with the war in Afghanistan because it is all about womens rights and not about something silly like the Muslim North fighting the Christian South. WTF? Thats just retarded….

    • That is just ludicrous to even say. How does one judge what a “good” christian country is? No Christian would fight a war for kids that can’t protect themselves? Didn’t Jesus say, that which you did for the least of one of mine you’ve done for me? What kind of Christianity do you follow? You obviously are the kind that keeps hold of the stones Jesus said not to cast because in your warped view you are sinless. Haha Iraq was worthwhile? How the hell do you explain that and yet saving innocent children is not. You say its a retarded war, you might be licking a window yourself there.

      • Good point. I also had a question. Did Jesus teach killing for a good cause is ok? Atleast in the context of “doing for the least of one of mine, you’ve done for me?

    • Wow i realy cant believe i just read that from underthebridge,truley crazy it just goes to show how brain washed some people can get,infact i would go as far to say that i feel more sorry for him than i do for the children of sudan.I have seen some great responces here and that is anough for me.
      My best wishes to all that mean well.

    • i believe that this is how we christains look at the world (underthebridge) jesus first, YOURSELF LAST and others in between, and that is exactly what childers has done he open his heart to god and asked for forgiveness and found salvation within jesus name, god then told him and showed him of this place and people in desperate need of somones help he help childers to open his mind ,heart and soul to make his own choose to say ‘HEY SOMTHING NEEDS TO BE DONE , WHERE CAN I START, he started by helping others first it was to help with the constructions of new homes but even then he new he could do more so he helped fight for others salvation , he put hes life and family and luxurys of having a safe place and put himself last , he relised that thre is more to living than having money to bay taxes ,or fill the car with gas , having an illegal high or even having the simplest things like toilet papper etc and found that he has a purpose to save others , he is definatley a very strong and faithful christian , and as a christian its easy to have somthing or someone to come along and shake your faith it could be as simple as a friend tempting you to have a drink or a family member dought your purpose or for someone to come along and say somthing dicouraging , you seem to have had your faith shaken because you clearly dont understand what god ask for, and this is my biggest disagreement with your insecure comment is , in any sane human beliefe weather they belive in god or not in what place in this world is it not worthwhile to help fight another mans or countrys battle if there life headed for nothing but total destruction if we were to let it continue . any mother brother sister or friend etc has the human instinct to help a loved one in need . if the world lived by the most simple and one of the most powerful phrase that evry man on earth has heard before “LOVE THY NIEGHBOUR” and learn to love others the same way they love there friends and family the world would be a much better place .

    • oh u say wtk and ur a could christian omg and those are not childern worth it what is your good christian county kkk lol woman rights omg u really need to update on your history

  24. Hey man!

    “I agree with the war in Afghanistan because it is all about womens rights and not about something silly like the Muslim North fighting the Christian South. WTF? ”

    Now it’s my time to ask the same! women’s rights my a**. I’m like LMAO.

    “Our own country is falling apart and we should look after our own needs first! Concentrate on our pensions, pay our taxes and fill up our cars with fuel! ”
    BTW thanks for showing your true colours.

    • ok its people like you two (underthebrige and uditha) that are the worst examples / role modls for the genarations to come your comments make me sick to my stomach , ill putt it in a simple form so you two folk can understand a lil k, if you saw a child or someone on the side of the road who was beat up didnt have clothes on there back it was freezing cold and raining and they were calling out for somones help , knowing that you had a spare bed and a change of clothes and a meal for them … would you bring them into your home and not judge them but instead comfort them and encourage them and let them know there no longer alone , or would you carry on and look away as if you saw nothing . if you could walk away , where is your heart every human has one whether there there beliefs are with god or not

  25. sam childers in my eyes is doing what he can to save childrens lives . so why make things up about him . we fight unjust war in the name of oil and what faith we are ,but have you ever looked at yourself and said i want to make a diffrentance , to save children from pain and suffering and death , yes chistians dont kill and should not , but sumetimes you have to take stock and pick up a gun and fight for the greater for good ,ask yourself this . a man has a gun to a childs head you have 2 choices 1 pray to god for that child then let him kill the child or at 200yrds pray to god to shoot strate and good then bring him down , i leave you all with this thought and as far as i know i did the right thing now that child lived to have her own family , i would fight along sam and would be proud to , contact me sam ian

  26. Good action movie. Now, can someone explain:

    1. How ol’ Sam flies in and out of Africa and the USA without EVER being apprehended for arms dealing?
    2. How ‘ol Sam is such a powerful commander when he (allegedly) can’t speak the language.
    3. How the CIA, Interpol or any one of a dozen intelligence and/or UN agencies haven’t renditioned his ass out of public circulation.

    Just saying.

    • How is he dealing arms? He isn’t bringing stuff over. You do realize other countries do learn our language especially those countries that were under foreign rule for a long period of time right? And why would the CIA or anyone else have him out of circulation. Perhaps he is doing what they wish they could without all the red tape.

  27. I am not religiouse,not even sure i beleive there is a god,this man may not be perfect is anyone???this man may be struggling to feed these children he does not have a neva ending supply of income ,but saving these children from torture slavery humiliation & so much more is obviously in his eyes more important,i am embarresed to say i could not go & do what he is doing,but will if i can donate,anti illuminates veiws & others are laughable let god save them,i would like to know of the ladt time he saw god save a child from from being murdered by savages this is what kony & his men are,and im sorry no1 is slating the freedom fighters for shooting these savages & i guarentee some of them are religiouse too,i have known of men of the cloth over years & years abusing children yet this man is saving lives regardless of his beleifs,im thankful the children of sudan have him

  28. I invite all of you to come to our ‘Third World Countries’ and live as we do, the poor, not in some tweeked up tourist devoted area and tell me? Will u survive? It’s easy to judge although it’s not even for any of us to judge.

  29. I watched the movie on a flight recently and was very moved by the story, so through the web and looking at his history in real terms knowing how movies can paint up images of heroes I came across these comments .What I find quite astounding is non Africans apparent knowledge of how things work here in Africa? I have worked in many Sub Saharan countries even amongst the genocide in Rwanda and Burundi as well as Uganda,Burkina Faso,Tanzania,Kenya,Eritrea,DRC, to mention but a few. I can tell you that some of the sh.. I observed made me as a Christian frightened at the lack of Gods prescence and ultimately it is up to us to allow him into these areas so we can see his power at work. We serve a God that allows us free choice so where we do not allow him in like in parts of Africa,evil and tyranny reign. So when a man like Sam Childers decides to leave his comfortable society in America and come to Africa and in a dark corner to allow God to be present through his works then all he is doing is exercising his free choice to allow God in there where others did not have the faith to do so!!! He has done amazing work and like the Crusades where people killed in the name of God are not always painted with a pretty picture however there Crusades where necessary at the time. I would know from experience that he would have to be hard handed somedays to acheive certain goals in Africa, it aint always friendly here. When the scales are tipped at the end of the day and you good outweighs the bad I would say a job well done,however for the taking of lives we can only ultimately answer to GOD!

  30. One more thing regarding the mudslinging in previous comments ” A man that looks for the bad qualities in another man is a real fool” — Benjamin Franklin…

  31. Has anyone noticed the orphanage is unhealthy and no food. Yes he had a passion but using God for a reason to murder is wrong. There could easily be a motive of greed for his fabricating.

  32. If you dont stand up to the bully that takes your lunch money everyday, he will continue to take it.

  33. Hi All,
    Many people among us believe that ONLY one God exist no matter what is your religion…….Let’s not foul ourselves and take one step back and think what is the difference between Childers and Binladen, or any other religious fighters……why there is a devoured aim to promote Childers over all this Well done Job ! Publicity ! Etcc……I let you think about it and don’t be biased Please.

  34. I am an apostate, however, I do remember something in Romans 12:18 “If possible, so far as it depends on you, be at peace with all men”. The Key phrase is “if it is possible”…

    This chapter of the epistle talks about how Christians should act when faced with a clear and present danger.

  35. So you sit on your computer and pass judgement on someone with the guts to face evil on it’s own terms. Remember folks Jesus is the judge no one else. Keep it up Mr. Childers, go get some.

    • Ill pass judgment when a murderer is a murderer. The secular world has an askew idea of morality and since they do not have the spirit of God they will not fully understand why this man needs to be stopped. They do not have the heart of God nor do they read the scriptures so they are going to stick up for this guy when God doesn’t support the war hes engaged in. Every oone he kills he is sending them straight to hell. Hate the sin but love the sinner including your enemies. This is Gods war not ours. His word is clear we do not fight against flesh and blood, period.

  36. Sudan is Oil country and Rockefeller’s, Rothchilde’s and English Monarchy oil corporations wants to take control over this country by overthrown Governments who prefer Chinies companies over Western. And CIA using such Church organizations like Sam’s Childer to finance rebels-terroristic groups inside of Sudan. That is all about.

  37. I was with him in Sudan in 2005-2006 His methods are unorthodox, yes, but children were saved from the LRA- I saw first hand what the LRA does to children, women—You lay your life on the line in Sudan 132 children were at the orphanage there in 2005 they were cared for decent clothing, food etc my wife was there with me part of time, I am unsure what happened there after 200d

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