Joseph Farah: Coining It

Staying with WorldNetDaily, Joseph Farah has a coin to sell:

The 9-11 / 10th Anniversary “NEVER FORGET” Challenge Coin keeps the memory of those who died on 9-11 forever alive in our hearts and minds. This classic coin is a reminder to “NEVER FORGET” what was done to our great nation on that tragic day. The 9-11 / 10th Anniversary “NEVER FORGET” Challenge Coin also pays tribute to our warriors who are serving, have served, and those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. HOME OF THE FREE, BECAUSE OF THE BRAVE!

The basic product is available at the “disount price” of $16.95, down from $19.95, and comes with “FREE 3-month trial subscription to our immensely popular monthly print magazine, Whistleblower“. Shipping is extra, although the cost apparently depends on where you live – the basic rate to send one to New York is $5.34. However, one can pay more and have it bundled in with other products, such as anti-Islam screeds by Pam Geller and Hal Lindsey (both published by WND Books).

Curiously, however, the blurb doesn’t tell us anything about where the “Challenge Coin” has come from. Perhaps that because the manufacturer, Coinforce, has a website of its own – where the coins are for sale at $10.00 for one, plus $5.95 for shipping. That’s $15.95 all in from Coinforce, versus $22.29 from WND – although admittedly you don’t get Farah’s “free” magazines.

And should you want more than one coin, Coinforce becomes progressively cheaper: five coins would cost you $55.95 from Coinforce, including postage in the USA, while Joseph Farah would charge $90.09. WND‘s shipping rate for larger quantities becomes progressively cheaper than is the case for Coinforce, but WND‘s markup on the coin itself (shamelessly described as a “discount price”) more than makes up for that.

Coinforce is making a donation to services charities, and it describes the coin as “a great fundraising opportunity for non-profits and service organizations including military units, associations, CAP, ROTC, etc. to raise funds benefitting their needs.”

WorldNetDaily, of course, has been a for-profit outfit since 1999.

2 Responses

  1. Calling these people “whores” would be a great disservice to whores everywhere.

  2. So, which one is more reprehensible; Farah for sinking even further into the slime, or his readers for buying these trinkets and displaying them to illustrate their patriotism?

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