Pastor Terry Jones to Join Punk Anti-Mosque Protest

Pastor Terry Jones has forced himself back into the news, with fatal protests in Kandahar following a Koran-burning at his church in Florida. He is also once again drumming up publicity for himself by announcing that he intends to join a protest being organised by another group – a few months ago he did this with three groups based in the UK (the English Defence League, the National Front, and England is Ours), and this time it’s with a group called the “Order of the Dragon”, which is organising a protest in Dearborn. Arab American News notes:

Despite strong opposition, extremist pastor Terry Jones still plans to protest in Dearborn later this month.

Founders of a northern Michigan group named Order of the Dragon, and organizers of the anti-Sharia law protest scheduled for Apr. 22 at the Islamic Center of America say the event is nothing more than a political demonstration.

The group, which has no more than five members according to Fox 2 News, released the following statement by email to The Arab?American News.

“This protest was formed by a few concerned citizens that want to ban ‘foreign law, legal code, or system’ meaning any law, rule, legal code, or system of jurisdiction outside of any state or territory of the United States.’ We are protesting global jihad caused by our Middle East policy, and wish to expose some Israeli/Palestinian lies that we feel need to be approached…to move forward.”

The “Order of the Dragon” (OOTD) has a website here; the protest is also billed as being against the “Palastinian [sic] Wall of Lies”. The site also has a section called “Bands for the Cause”, where we can listen to the song Mosque of Terror by the band “Crude Legacy”, along with items by Chris Christy and Brian Jess. A second website, called the “New Order of the Dragon”, appears to be an older version of the same group; Christy is listed as “treasurer”, and with Frank Fiorello as president; Fiorello also heads the “Crude Legacy” band. According to the site:

One of the Original Founding Members and President of the Dragons. He is a promoter with the DRCP ARMY a Detroit based underground punk/metal movement.

“DRCP Army records” is Crude Legacy’s label.


The Order Of The Dragon is a non-profit, non-partisan organization that relies on donations to continue its work to help Americans from harming changes that are occuring at an alarming rate, by Secular Proggresive movements and by Facist Islam’s Stealth Jihad. If you have questions before you make a donation, please write or call the number below.

Fiorello has also created a Facebook page to promote the protest, billed as the “OOTD RALLY Anti Sharia & Jihad Protest”. It’s also featured on Jones’ website, along with a letter from Fiorello:

It is necessary that we set very clear lines for Muslims that are here in America . They are welcome to be here. They are welcome to worship. They are welcome to build mosques. But we do expect them to honor and obey our Constitution. If they desire to change our Constitution, in other words to institute Sharia, then these Muslims are no longer welcome in our country.

Now is the time that we make a very, very clear statement to radical Islam.

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  1. You are simply the DEVIL in the cloth.

  2. What about the Crimes Against The English Language these goofs are committing (LOL). I thought most racist/nationalist groups were all about protecting the mother tongue.

    T Webb…What the hell are you talking about, child? There is no Devil, and if there were He would certainly be more worthy of worship than the vicious genocidal nut you call God.

  3. […] with the English Defence League back in December, and the same has now happened with a group that recently invited Jones to join a protest at a mosque in Dearborn. The Dearborn Patch reports: Order of the Dragon […]

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