Gilbert Deya: Wife Jailed for Stealing Baby in Kenya; Nephew Jailed for Killing Son in UK


THE wife of Archbishop Gilbert Deya, the controversial British-based evangelist who claims he can make women pregnant through the power of prayer, has been arrested hours after claiming to have given birth to a boy in the latest twist in Kenya’s “miracle babies” investigation.

…Yesterday, Archbishop Deya said the baby was proof he was able to help infertile women conceive. His wife arrived at a hospital in Nairobi on Saturday, carrying a new-born baby, a handful of blood-stained clothes and a placenta.


The wife of self-proclaimed miracle worker Gilbert Deya on Friday pleaded for forgiveness as she started a three-year jail term for stealing a baby boy.

…The court heard that Mrs Deya stole the baby from Kenyatta National Hospital on September 10, 2005. She alleged she gave birth to the baby miraculously.

…The magistrate did not agree with defence lawyer Mr Elisha Ongoya that a child, which the wife of UK-based evangelist is said to have given birth to, was exchanged between Nairobi and Kenyatta National hospitals.

Mary Deya was previously jailed for a related offence in 2007; I first blogged on media reports about the “miracle babies” way back in 2004, and in April 2010 I was depressed to note that Gilbert Deya was still in the UK, despite an extradition request from Kenya. He remains in the UK even now – and his nephew Paul Deya was recently jailed for life for murdering his own son in 2009:

A south London church worker has been found guilty of the murder of his three-year-old son after a trial at the Old Bailey.

Paul Deya, 32, of Bermondsey, slit his son Wilson’s throat in November 2009, six months after having a dream about killing children, the jury heard.

…Mrs [Jackline] Deya told the court:“We didn’t seek advice, we just prayed over it.”

Mrs Deya said her husband became calm after these prayers, but she believed it was at this point that he formed a plan to kill Wilson.

“Paul was angry and that is why he killed my Wilson,” she said.

“He was not mentally ill.”

Gilbert Deya’s influence was cited by Paul Deya’s defence lawyer:

Baroness Kennedy QC, defending, said the church to which the couple belonged was “strange” and “cult-like”.

“This was a tight-knit religious community run by a charlatan,” she said.

There are several other pastors associated with Gilbert Deya Ministries, although the organisation as a whole does not appear to maintain links with the wider neo-Pentecostal “scene”. (1)

(1) Alongside his son Pastor Amos Deya, pastors associated with his ministry include Pastor Brazz Bakka, Pastor Souzie Balosa, Pastor John Ezedom, Pastor Giovanni Ghidotti, Pastor Femi Emmanuel Hezekiah, Pastor Gabriel Idowu, Pastor Godwin YB Kwawu,  Pastor James Munga, Pastor Jerry Mukobo, “Pastor Shelly”, and Sister Mucha Zungunde. There are English-language and French-language services, and churches in Birmingham, Feltham, Leicester, London (Hackney and Walthamstow), Liverpool, Luton, and Manchester. Ghidotti runs a congregation for “people born in Europe, with a European upbringing and mentality, irrespective of race or colour”; his website does not mention Deya by name anywhere, although his congregation meets at a a GDM church in London.

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  1. i think the european church is a church of evil,racism,and the pastor himself is nothing but a fool,completly lost without hope.
    his wife seems to be the real leader of the lot.however her previous homosexual tendecies and experiences and an rather arrogant attitude are an isult to those who come in search of God

  2. these deyas are straight evil and use deliverence services to bewitcth people and cast therer evil spells upon peoples lives. I think that they should be sent back to their country and leave the name of JESUS out of their evil doings, Their ministry has been nothing but contravosy and evil and wrong doings. God is not happy with their anti-christ behaviour. It is totally disgusting to hear that these fake people come in the name of JESUS and are capable of such immorality and abomination to the Almighty Father who so loved the world that he gave his only son to die, that on judgement day everyone will be accountable for their lives.


  4. Many will come in the name of the LORD but will you be decieved by them. Wolf in Sheep clothing

  5. Restricted

    Home Office in UK has dropped all charges against Gilber Deya. There was some obscure “release” about cases A, B, C etc, but people wont know what that means.
    It might be prudent for you to contact the man and print a proper picture of the matter.

  6. Stay well away from any Gilbert Deya Ministries church, in the UK or anywhere else in the world. I was in three in the UK. I gave everything, and list nearly everything. I became mentally unwell, was unable to hold down a paid job, ended up on a psychiatric ward, the three years at a day centre for people with mental issues. I have not worked since.

    I do believe this is a very dangerous organization to get involved with, and has all the Hallmarks of a cult. Do not trust any of his pastors, no matter how nice it loving they seem. I believe Gilbert Deya is a child trafficker, and that several others are willing accomplices.

    Get out, get help if you need it, and stay away from all of them, even those who have left since 2014 and started up ‘chur hes’ or ‘ministries’ of their own. They may still be corrupted.

    You can get free if people and organisations like this. And, please remember, or like this may fool a lot of others , even for a long time – but they can not fool God.

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