Nation of Islam Promoting Dianetics

From the Florida St Petersburg Times:

Leaders of the Nation of Islam are in Tampa to mark the 15th anniversary of the Million Man March.

…Nation of Islam leaders have had ties with Scientology recently, but Muhammad would not say if they were meeting with Scientologists in this area.

“We are studying the Dianetics as a technology that can help members of our community,” [Minister Ishmael Muhammad] said.

Louis Farrakhan has had an interest in L. Ron Hubbard’s Dianetics for a while; in 2006 the same paper reported on an awards ceremony organised by Ebony Awakenings, which is a grouping for African-American Scientologists:

This evening’s black-tie celebration of Black History month at the Fort Harrison Hotel is a clear signal Scientologists are forging fruitful relationships with persuasive voices in some of the nation’s black communities.

Among the four black clergy to be honored at Scientology’s annual Ebony Awakening awards ceremony is Minister Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam.

…In interviews this week, Muhammad and [Baptist pastor Alfreddie] Johnson said they are comfortable partnering with Scientology. They both disclosed a plan to train members of the Nation of Islam to administer Hubbard’s “study tech” and drug treatment methods. The programs will be offered at mosques in the Los Angeles area to start. A similar collaboration is playing out in East Tampa at the Glorious Church of God in Christ. Rev. Charles L. Kennedy has arranged for his congregants to be trained by Scientologists to teach Hubbard’s scholastic and drug treatment techniques to residents in the predominantly black neighborhood.

This wiki page has further information and links to original sources, including a recent report by Mother Tynnetta Muhammad taken from Final Call:

On the eve of Ramadan on August 10th and the 11th [2010], a few sisters headed out from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, on a spectacular journey to the Clear Water Scientology Center… Following dinner, we were taken on a brief tour of the two hotel’s ballrooms, one of which was host to the Ebony Awakening Awards Program held on June 19th, where my son, Rasul Muhammad, was invited to perform. From there, we ascended the elevator to the 10th floor to view the Crystal ballroom; and from there we were escorted to the balcony… As we looked up to the sky, there was a soft gathering of grayish black clouds. Sister Callie Muhammad noticed a small light coming from behind one of the faint cloud formations… A variety of color hues began to appear around the object, which were clearly visible to all of us. The shape of a dome emerged on the top with an angular slant on both sides. At a certain point, we recognized a rotating center ring or hub of bright oscillating lights. The color sequencing that we observed went from amber to reddish tints, to soft greens and blues.

I blogged on links between Scientology and certain Pentecostal churches here, and on links between the Nation of Islam and Rev Moon’s Unification Church here and here.