Leo Igwe Asks for Justice for his Father

A letter in the Nigeria Nation:

SIR: I am writing to draw the attention of the general public to the incessant threats, attacks and harassment on me and my family members by some state and non-state agents in my community since 2007.

For over three years, a campaign of intimidation has been carried out against my family members by some thugs with the help of some local police officers following our attempt to bring to justice a 50 year old man who allegedly raped a 10 year old girl in the community some years ago.

Several police actions have been brought against us. I and my family members have been invited, arrested and detained by the police over 18 times based on fictitious and malicious allegations brought by these local thugs.

On August 4, 2010, two hired assassins invaded my family house in Mbaise. They attacked my parents and beat up my father, which resulted to his loss of an eye. These criminals are having a field day because of corruption and lack of rule of law in our country. Particularly because the police at all levels have failed in their duties to protect civilians and guarantee justice. Also because our police system is morally bankrupt.

I hereby call upon the Inspector General of Police, Abubakar Ringim, the Commissioner of Police in Owerri, Imo State and the Divisional Police Officer in Ahiazu Mbaise to rise up to their constitutional duties with integrity by protecting my family members and ensuring that we do not suffer further attacks and harassment.
Leo Igwe,

Ahiazu Mbaise,

Imo State

I blogged on this incident here, and the background here. Leo has many enemies in Nigeria, including the evangelist Helen Ukpabio, who hates Leo for his efforts to end the practice of children being accused of witchcraft.  Ukpabio’s followers have left comments on this blog expressing their joy that Leo’s father was attacked and their hope that more misfortune will come.