Walid Shoebat and the “Fort Hood Memorial Convention”

Walid Shoebat’s handler Keith Davies announces a new event for November: the Fort Hood Memorial Convention:

The one-day convention will be held in Killeen just a mile or so from the Ft Hood base. It will comprise of former Military leaders, experts in the field of Islamic terror and two former terrorists including Walid Shoebat.

…You can purchase tickets which are only $25.00 each by calling 1 877 832 7200. For those that can sell or purchase to resell 50 tickets… they will receive a free dinner in which they will personally meet all the speakers who include Lt General William Gerry Boykin Retired., former head of Military intelligence and commander of Delta Force, Major Stephen Coughlin former analyst with the Pentagon and expert on Islam who was fired for telling the truth, Robert Spencer best selling author and expert on Islam, Walid Shoebat former Islamic terrorist best selling author and pro Israel/America activist and Kamal Saleem former Islamic terrorist best selling author and activist.


In July we have lined up meetings with 56 churches in the Killeen area who have all expressed an interest as well as at least 6 churches who have already volunteered to be actively helping us with the event – both within their church and in the community. The combined attendance of the 6 churches is over 4000 people and of the 56 churches their membership is over 20,000.

…Tickets are only $25.00 and VIP tickets which include a buffet dinner, preferred seating as well as meeting the speakers personally are $100 per VIP ticket. All purchases are regarded as donations and are tax deductible. If you purchase 50 tickets you will receive 48 tickets and two VIP tickets; You will only pay regular price of $25 for the VIP tickets.

….Our organization is determined to speak the truth loud and clear in our nation. You can help us by attending, or if you cannot then a donation will be greatly appreciated as we expect to run over budget by at least $15,000 without extra donations. We have made the tickets as cheap as possible so everyone including lower income people can attend who wish to.

The event is being organised by the Forum for Middle East Understanding, which describes Shoebat – risibly – as a “world-reknown [sic] speaker”. I provided some background to the forum here; it was set up as a non-profit for donations to the Walid Shoebat Foundation.

Shoebat, as I have written about on numerous occasions, has three shticks: (1) going on about his supposed past as Jew-hating Palestinian terrorist and Islamic extremist (one would have thought this had been milked to death by now); (2) using his past to pose as an expert on all things Muslim (such as his Obama conspiracy-mongering here); and (3) using his Arabic background to promote a bizarre re-interpretation of the Book of Revelation which purports to prove that the Bible predicts a Muslim Anti-Christ (a subject I looked at here).

Boykin, meanwhile, is well-known for the controversy around the intersection between his public role and his religious beliefs. He is now a regular speaker at this kind if event, and  in 2008 I noted his presence at a Christian Zionist conference in Jerusalem where he plugged an old apocalyptic paperback called Armageddon, Oil, and Terror.

As for Coughlin, Fox reported in early 2008 that:

Stephen Coughlin was fired after a confrontation with one of the deputy defense secretary’s aides, which ended with Coughlin being called, “a Christian zealot with a pen.”

Apparently sharing a platform with someone who promotes the theory of a “Muslim Anti-Christ” is good way to correct that misapprehension.

It is doubtful that Robert Spencer believes such nonsense, but he sees Christian fundamentalists as useful allies, and he has endorsed a  book promoting the “Muslim Anti-Christ” theory.