Cheerleaders Send a Threat: Back Off or “They Will Mess You Up”

A comment arrives, supposedly from “Justin”, concerning the gang of cyber-bullies known as the “Cheerleaders”:

I’ve met this bunch. They genuinely don’t give a flying one about anything or anyone, no one manipulates them, and they laugh at legal and police business. Ireland was an absolute fool to go up against them and I’d advise you lot not to either because they will mess you up. In the same way you’d be a bit daft to conduct a campaign against the Reading branch of the Hell’s Angels, I’d advise you not to needle the Cheerleaders.
Just a thought, and I enjoy your blog Richard. When are you going to post some more Subgenius stuff?

This comment refers to the campaign of harassment which the “Cheerleaders” have been undertaking for the last few months against the blogger Tim Ireland. There’s some revisionist history here: Tim didn’t “go up against them” – the Cheerleaders attacked him, for reasons which still have not been properly explained, starting from when he wrote a blog entry showing how the self-styled “terror-tracker” Dominic Wightman had lied to us in an attempt to get us to attack a man against whom he has a grudge (Wightman denies any link, although he knows one of these “Cheerleaders” – a man named Charlie Flowers – and the “Cheerleaders” have stated that they have done things for him). The harassment against Tim has included publicising his home address and send threats of violence.

The “Cheerleaders”, as I have blogged on numerous occasions, see themselves as vigilantes against Islamic extremism. Aside from Flowers, they use a variety of fake IDs, although evidence suggests that they are members of Flowers’ music band and perhaps some other hangers-on.

“Justin” is one such fake ID; the email came from an IP proxy which I have only ever had from comments left by the “Cheerleaders” and, more recently, by a commentator named “Barry G”. And – what a surprise – “Barry G.” also shows inside knowledge about these “Cheerleaders” and what they’ve been up to. “Barry G.” left several comments preceding the one from “Justin”. “Barry G.” began by dismissing my research on the subject, but when I responded to his various points, he turned to this:

your and Ireland’s sites have a reputation for passing on peoples’ details to jihadists. And please do not deny that.

As I responded in the comment following, I do not pass on “people’s details” to “jihadis”. In fact, I corresponded with the administrator of a Muslim forum in order to get information about IP addresses and other details in order to track down fake postings made to Muslim web forums by Glen Jenvey; in January last year, Tim showed how Jenvey had used a posting which he himself had made to create a bogus tabloid scare story about a terrorist threat against British Jews. My communication with a Muslim forum to get information wasn’t a secret, but Wightman used it as a later justification for his admitted lies. He also forwarded a private email I had sent to him to Flowers – whose “Cheerleaders” created this silly graphic.

I further added:

What “information” did I have that could I pass to Bukhari? For what purpose? I got information from MPAC via Ummah about an IP address, but you can see that from my blog entry on the subject – no secret, no story, nothing to lie about. And the reason I needed the information was to find out about fake postings made by Jenvey and perhaps others – a subject you clearly don’t want people investigating. Now, why is that?

“Barry” responded by repeating himself, and I concluded on this note:

Sounds like you’re trying to convince yourself with your repetitions. This isn’t going to go away: Flowers and his friends conducted a campaign of harassment against someone for no justifiable reason, and that’s going to tarnish anyone they work with. It may also eventually lead to legal consquences.

The warning from “Justin” came after that.

So, we can see a downward arc here: goading and cocky messages received from the “Cheerleaders”, followed by more soberly-written messages from someone advancing an argument to rationalise what the “Cheerleaders” have done. When that fails to make an impression, we move on to a veiled threat.

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  1. An obvious sock-puppeting that brings us back (again) to the undeniable role played by Wightman in the Cheerleaders’ attacks me.

    As for the mistake of ‘taking them on’, how very dare I not roll over and quietly allow them to spread damaging lies about me while repeatedly broadcasting my home address from behind a shared wall of anonymity/deniability. I’m sure they would’ve gone easier on me if I’d just let them get on with it.

  2. Please keep us posted Richard and the same goes for Tim, I hope both of you know that if you need any support, in any shape or form from me, then please do no hesitate to contact me and I will be of all the assistance I can.

    As a person currently under attack from some racist coward I feel strongly about such tedious behaviour.

    Take care the pair of you.


  3. Tim, why dont you involve the authorities?Threats have been made against you and your family and I fear the only way to get to the bottom of what this group is about is to have a police investigation, if that is at all possible?

    BTW, Bart, I was looking through the Cheerleadered FB page and found this picture:

    http :// www. facebook. com /photo.php?pid=65034&op=3&o=all&view=all&subj=35673288170&aid=-1&oid=35673288170&id=100000061968661#!/photo.php?pid=46017&op=3&o=all&view=all&subj=35673288170&aid=-1&oid=35673288170&id=100000061968661

    Interesting stuff.

    Daniel, what racist coward?

  4. My struggles with a BNP blogger called The Sentinel are small fry compared to those of Tim and Richard, info can be found here:

    • Woah Daniel careful. Do not go and meet racists and violent people in the real world after they challenge you or call you out. As you stated yourself: you have too much to live for.

      • Indeed, even though the person didn’t show it was still very foolish thing to do, esp. when you have things to lose that are precious.

        The racist coward is still following me around online, currently causing comment havoc over at Liberal Conspiracy.

  5. What utter, utter rubbish.
    Richard, you seem to have painted yourself into a corner over the last year or so regarding the above. If you actually got out into the world you would realise that it is not an arena of so-called “sock-puppets”, but comprised of real people who happen to know each other. If you have a problem with that just email me, you have my email.
    I have advised friends who post here to use anonymising services because I am concerned about the ease with which you pass on information to jihadist sites. That has been noted in previous posts.

    Can I also respectfully make two comments regarding the posts of the last week or so-

    1. Why do you continue to support Ireland, since he is obviously on a downward spiral?
    2. You are an intelligent man- you should have worked out by now why P-Group got close to Wightman and then dropped him. They wanted him for his contacts. Now they have them, they don’t need him.


    • Evidence suggests that you and “Justin” are sock-puppets, just as the “Cheerleaders” use fake IDs. If that’s not true, just reveal your real name. You won’t though, because you love making threats and sending out tit-bits of useless information while hiding in the shadows. And don’t tell me it’s because you’re scared of “jihadis” – I’m sure any real “jihadis” have other priorities than your silly games. Don’t hide behind anonymity and then whine that you’ve been misunderstood.

      As for your two points:

      1. Tim Ireland was the victim of a disgusting campaign of harassment that was completely unjustifed. Flowers and his friends might now want to move on to other things, but everyone should know what they’ve done – and eventually there may well be legal consequences.

      2. “P-Group” is once again Flowers and his friends playing secret squirrel. You’re playing his game, so you’re part of the “Cheerleaders”, whoever you are in reality.

  6. Richard, why in the 30+ years that I have known you have you not told me that you pass information onto Jihadist sites? I would have been a bit more careful about showing my right wing tendencies to you if I had known. Or, could it be that I know you are one who can be trusted and do (although a little bit left wing for my taste) keep a “(somewhat) middle of the road” and unbiased view. As a right wing Christian thinking (but not practising) person I would ask you to continue as you are. No reasonable person could object to your blog (although they may disagree with some of it). FIGHT ON BROTHER! (sorry, nephew!). Those who read this may think (because of our relationship) that I am a “puppet” but believe me my friends, Richard and I do not discuss Politics when we are together (I’m bigger than him and he’s not too big for a clip round the ear). I have MY say here and he can take it or leave it.

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