Walid Shoebat Expands Internet Presence

Walid Shoebat’s website has had a make-over, and he has a new Twitter feed and Facebook page – all the better to make our flesh creep with tales of the evils of Islam, and of how the Bible predicts the rise of a Muslim anti-Christ (plus, of course, of how Obama is a secret Muslim). Shoebat’s handler, Keith Davies, explains that

We have now engaged a full time internet person, his Name Max Gibson former IDF veteran of the Gaza campaign of 2008/2009 who also happens to be a computer science graduate and an experienced marketeer in the internet world.

In the few days he has been working on the web traffic department we have seen a big increase, we hope with all the other bells and whistles Max will be working soon  that the traffic will multiply even further.

Gibson previously helped to arrange Shoebat’s university appearances. However, he also made the news on his own account back in 2007; the Orange County Register reported:

 A young man in a turban, his face covered, marches around UC Irvine with signs saying “Death to Infidels. Death to Israel” during a week of campus demonstrations by Muslim students.

Here’s the catch: He’s not Muslim…

…Was he aware that passers-by might actually think he was a terrorist?

“Of course,” said Max Gibson, 27, a self-proclaimed Zionist who lives in San Diego and is affiliated with a college Republican group. “It was to make people think.”

The report adds that campus police decided “to disarm him of fake bombs strapped to his body”. Further:

Max Gibson, the San Diego resident who marched in a turban around UCI, e-mailed a campus administrator on May 22 that he was “at UC Irvine campus, and as a young Jewish Republican, I am so, so, so enraged.”

Gibson went on to say that he had “been spit on, received death threats and been insulted heavily this last week.”

In an interview with the Register, Gibson, who is not a UCI student, repeated his allegations that he was spit on and threatened.

Campus police have a different version of the tale, saying that Gibson recanted when asked to discuss the threats.

According to a memo in which Assistant Police Chief Jeff Hutchison recalled the conversation, Gibson said, “I’m really sorry, but I embellished a bit”

“He said that no one had actually threatened his life, but four MSU students told him they would have their friends take care of me,” Hutchinson reported that Gibson told him. “I said, “So you do not believe your life is in danger or that anyone is planning to kill you?” Mr. Gibson replied, “No, no. Not at all.” I asked Mr. Gibson about the spitting incident and he said that the spit from the MSU student’s mouths, who he argued with, would land on him as they argued. I asked him if he wished to file a formal crime report on any of these incidents. He declined to do so.”

Someone who has “embellished a bit” working for Walid Shoebat? I’m shocked.