Alan Lake vs Charles Darwin

While researching another subject I had reason to cast an eye over Alan Lake’s “4 Freedoms Worldwide” website. Lake, as has been widely reported, is a businessman who has supported the English Defence League in various ways, and his “4 Freedoms” website is a discussion forum for criticising Islam in the name of defending Western civilisation.

Here’a a diagram he posted on the subject of “Left Wing vs Right Wing”. Oh dear:

The spelling shows that this has come from an American source; the reference to “Liberal Democrats”  – placed close to “Totalitarianism”  – clearly refers to the liberal end of the US Democratic Party than to the centre-left UK party of that name. The fun stuff is the descriptions of the three dictators, with Stalin, Mao and Hitler all described as “Socialist Darwinist Communist killers”. At the base we read:

All of these Dictators believed in a so called “Master Race” which stems from Darwin’s so-called higher level of Evolution.

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  1. […] of evolution (Stalin, Mao, and Hitler were all “Socialist Darwinist Communist killers”) here. American Congress for Truth, of course, is run by Brigitte Gabriel, who was repudiated by the […]

  2. I would have no problem placing British Lib Dems, along with New Labour and the Greens, on the side of totalitarianism. Keep up at the back there eh?

  3. […] Lake does, though, have sympathises with Christian fundamentalism – on 4Freedoms he posted a very strange chart linking the theory of evolution with […]

  4. Srtrange how freedom,as perceived bt the Right usually means freedom to do harm to others, never freedoms from others doing harm to you.

  5. […] Lake also tells us that he is a “secularist”; one wonders, therefore, why he previously posted approvingly a Christian fundamentalist attack on the theory of evolution. […]

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