Background of Mining Company in Bizarre “Third Temple” Claim

A couple of days ago WorldNetDaily carried a typical sensationalised headline:

Will Rockefeller build 3rd Temple?

The answer is “no”, and for once we actually find WND debunking a story (a rare but not unprecedented occurrence). Aaron Klein explains:

The story spread virally through the evangelical Christian blogosphere.

But it was all part of an elaborate hoax.

The release, filed with MarketWire and republished at, claims “Supriem David Rockefeller” is director of a company, Kinti Holdings group, which is working with a Jewish Temple organization to rebuild the Third Temple.

States the release: “Kinti Holdings will be raising funds to go towards building the Third Temple in Jerusalem in strict coordinance with The Temple Institute, Rabbi Hiam Richman and The Palestinian National Interest Committee (PNIC) and supporting Husam Bajis for President of Palestine.

Richman, international director of the Temple Institute, a Jewish Temple activist group, told WND the release is a “scam.”

…Yesterday, hours after a WND request for comment on the Third Temple announcement was sent to the sole e-mail address listed for Kinti, the company posted a statement claiming, “Kinti is now conducting Due Diligence of a Major National Brand Name Chain concerning debt for equity and will enter into a mandatory quiet period.”

The “management” section of Kinti’s website states, “All of the previous Officers, Directors and Board of Directors have resigned. Richard Byrd has been appointed the new CEO and the only member of the Board of Directors.”

“Supriem David Rockefeller” is some kind of mythical bogeyman who is discussed on “New World Order” conspiracy-theory websites, although Klein notes there is also someone in Tennessee who has taken the name for himself. There is of course no connection to the Rockefeller dynasty.

One previous release from “Kinti Holdings” has the following:

(Marketwire – Dec. 28, 2009) – Kinti Mining Ltd. (KMLD) (OTCBB:KMLD) receives Khangolov Resources’ Equity Position in Palisades Petroleum (PINKSHEETS:PAPT).

Richard Byrd, the CEO of Kinti Mining Ltd., Is extremely pleased to announce that Khangolov Resources has agreed to assign their large equity position in Palisades Petroleum to Kinti Mining Ltd. This will make Kinti Mining Ltd. the largest shareholder in Palisades.

Frank Love, the CEO of Khangolov Resources, states, “I have assigned Khangolov’s equity position to Kinti Mining Ltd. so as to consolidate my mining assets. In addition, I wanted to confirm to the Kinti shareholders that I will make Kinti Mining into a conglomerate housing many different successful projects under one umbrella.”

Richard Byrd further states that he will finalize the record date for the 2 for 1 forward split previously announced within the next few weeks.

The management team also wishes to welcome Mr. Supriem David Rockefeller to the company.

A press release regarding Khangolov Resources appeared early in 2008:

James Monroe Capital Corporation (Pinksheets: JMCP) has signed a  definitive agreement with Khangolov Resources regarding its oil and gas  contracts, and other related mining assets, in exchange for a large portion of ownership in their mining group.

The company has completely divested itself of its oil and gas  contracts, and other related assets which are now in a separate  company, Khangolov Resources, run by Frank Love, which now has nothing to do with James Monroe Capital, other than the fact that James Monroe  Capital is now a non-managerial shareholder in that company.

…The following report was  given to James Monroe Capital by Khangolov:

“Frank Love, President of Khangolov Resources Inc., is pleased to announce the acquisition of an alluvial mine located in Guyana, South  America. The mine has been sought after for some time by different parties including publicly-traded mining companies as well as established mining companies located in neighboring Brazil and Venezuela. The property is located along the Mazaruni River which has history of housing both diamonds and gold. Frank Love comments on the property and its location, I like Guyana since it is the only English-speaking country in South America. I was attracted to this property not only because it borders on the Mazaruni River but, more importantly, geological maps indicate that the Mazaruni actually ran through it many years ago. Diamonds should, therefore, be plentiful.’

A Google map image showing the whereabouts of the Guyana mine appears on the Kinti Holdings website, along with a mining permit for a tract in the “Mazaruni Mining District No. 3”.

JMCP in turn has a very basic website here, hosted by Google. It lists Frank Love as CEO and Chairman of the Board, and Richard Byrd as President. It carries a photograph from a business meeting in Russia (Stavropol), and explains that:

We are a privately held Oil & Gas Corporation located in Palm Bay, Florida.  Our current assets include Wales Holding Corp.  a $5,000,000 mining corp. and a Joint Venture with Strat Petroleum Corp. which has Oil & Gas ventures located in Russia.  JMCP Acquistions Corp. has a wholly owned subsidiary, Silver Bar Oil & Gas also located in Palm Bay, Florida.

In 2007, a press release announced that

James Monroe Capital Corp. (JMCP) President, Frank Love is very excited to recap recent developments. Frank Love states, “In recent press releases, I discussed $270 million worth of oil sludge in Bashkorstan, Russia; an oil field with 48 million barrels of oil reserves (with today’s price range of $50-$60 a barrel) in the Samara region of the Russian Federation; hundreds of thousands of Stripper Wells available in North America; the acquisition of Wales Holding Corp. (Wales Gold Mining), the Ghanaian-based Gold Company with properties in the Ashanti belt region; the formation of the James Monroe Capital Royalty Trust and finally, the joint venture with Strat Petroleum.”

Meanwhile, Palisades Petroleum announced the Kinti deal in September:

Richard Byrd, CEO of Palisades Petroleum, is pleased to announce that a Joint-Venture has been entered into with Kinti Mining Limited on an adjacent gold property in Guyana.

Palisades Petroleum’s property in Guyana borders Kinti Mining’s property. The Agreement provides for Palisades to mine the property in exchange for half of the net production of gold and diamonds. In addition, Kinti will become a minority shareholder in Palisades.

Richard Byrd states, “Palisades will be able to achieve economies of scale by mining its property in conjunction with Kinti’s. This will lower our unit costs for the production of gold and diamonds. This second acquisition has also made us more attractive to potential institutional investors.”

“Leslie Rutledge wanted to be sure the Company was set up with a good opportunity to proceed forward and flourish before stepping down and resigning. I have an in-depth knowledge of Palisades’ property from my prior extensive due diligence on the adjacent Kinti property,” adds Richard.

We would like to thank Ms. Rutledge for her service with the Company in the recent challenging times and extend our best wishes and good fortune in her future endevours.

Palisades Patroleum is based in Vancouver, and Leslie Rutledge and her husband Don Rutledge have recently been the subject of negative reports in the Vancouver Sun:

By all appearances… it was a lucrative business. Rutledge lived in a $2-million house in West Vancouver, drove expensive cars (including a Porsche), travelled extensively, and consorted with celebrities. As recently as 2008, he and his wife were listed as members of the Hollyburn Country Club.

But it was all a facade. Don Rutledge has been swimming in debt since at least March 2003, when he was petitioned into bankruptcy by Canada Revenue Agency. His declared liabilities totalled $4.4 million, including $2.6 million owed to CRA, against only $1,680 in assets.

The Rutledges have maintained their lifestyle, with the result that Don Rutledge has been an undischarged bankrupt for several years while small investors have lost money. Further,

Leslie Rutledge stepped down as president of Palisades and was replaced by Richard Byrd of Lexington. Miss.

“I am glad to see that the company is progressing rapidly in their endeavours which should bring fortune to us all,” Leslie Rutledge said in a release.

That appears to be wishful thinking. The company’s most recent financial statements show that, as of June 30, it had only $21 in the bank, no revenues, negative equity and negative working capital. The stock is trading at a fraction of a cent on scant volume.

Well, if that’s “wishful thinking”, how does building the Third Temple sound?

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