Science Teacher Promotes Rebecca Brown Satanic Panic Book to School Pupils

From the NY Daily News:

A Brooklyn principal has reprimanded a sixth-grade teacher for selling students a book that tells how to “recognize those serving Satan and bring them to Jesus.”

Steven Arizmendi sold “He Came to Set the Captives Free” to four of his students at Junior High School 220 in Sunset Park for $5 apiece. The science teacher also loaned copies of the evangelical novel to eight students.

He Came to Set the Captives Free was written by Rebecca Brown, who is also the author of Prepare for War; her books were perhaps the most baroque concoctions to emerge from the bogus “Satanic Panic” Christian paperback genre of the 1970s and 1980s that led to so much misery and paranoia.

He Came to Set the Captives Free is the pseudo-biography of a mentally-disturbed woman named Elaine, whom Brown latched onto when she was working as a doctor. Here’s an extract from a summary:

For seventeen years, Elaine served her master, Satan, with total commitment. Then she met Dr. Rebecca Brown, who served her master, Jesus Christ, with equal commitment. Elaine, one of the top witches in the U.S. clashed with Dr. Brown, who stood against her alone. In the titanic life-and-death struggle that followed, Dr. Brown nearly lost her life. Elaine, finding a power and love greater than anything Satan could give her, left Satan and totally committed her life to Jesus Christ.

This group which secretly calls itself The Brotherhood, is made of up people who are directly controlled by, and worship, Satan. It is a rapidly growing and very dangerous cult. It has two major centers in the U.S. – the West coast, mostly in the Los Angeles-San Francisco area, and another in the mid-western U.S. where Doctor Brown lives.

…They all go by code names at their meetings so that, should they meet each other on the street, often as not they would not know each other’s name. They are rigidly disciplined by Satan and his demons. They practice human sacrifice several times a year and animal sacrifice on a monthly basis. The human sacrifices are most often babies–born our of wedlock to various cult members, cared for by the doctors and nurses within the cult so that the mother is never seen in a hospital…

But it’s not just Satanists: demons and angels abound, as well as Satan himself, “in human form”, and the book is also anti-Catholic. Elaine tells us that:

I have been to Mecca, Israel, Egypt, also the Vatican in Rome to meet with the Pope. All my trips were for the purpose of coordinating Satan’s programs with satanists in other lands, as well as meeting with various government officials to discuss aid to their countries in the form of money. A few did not know that I was a satanist, but thought I was associated with a powerful wealthy organization of some kind. People asking for money don’t ask too many questions. The Pope knew very well who I was. We worked closely both with the Catholics (especially the Jesuits) and the high-ranking Masons.

It was during this time that I met many of the well known Rock music stars. They all signed contracts with Satan in return for fame and fortune.

Brown has all kinds of bizarre advice about how to resist demonic attacks – for instance, in Prepare for War we learn that vegetarianism is a Satanic plot, because meat protein offers protection. Her lurid tales were comprehensively debunked in an article entitled “Drugs, Demons and Delusions: The ‘Amazing’ Saga of Rebecca Brown”, by G. Richard Fisher, Paul R. Blizard and M. Kurt Goedelman, which can be read here; a further essay of interest can be seen here.

Brown’s works were originally published by Jack Chick (who provided illustrations), but He Came to Set the Captives Free is now published by Whitaker House. Brown has a ministry, called “Harvest Warriors”, and apparently she visits various church groups; I noted in 2004 that Brown has one champion in Mark Dawes, a journalist with the Jamaica Gleaner. He wrote a gushing profile ahead of a visit by Brown to the island:

Some have dismissed the writings of Dr. Brown, claiming she fabricated some of the stories and there are a few Web sites that denounce her as a fraud. But then if one is exposing the ugliness of Satan shouldn’t one expect to be labelled in order to be disregarded?

Rebecca Brown’s writings are Biblical, and to the extent it assaults a conservative Christian mind set, it is radical. She says, for example, that werewolves and vampires do exist.

She cites scripture verses such as Leviticus 26:6,22 to make the point that wild beasts belong to the Lord and evil beasts (of which vampires and werewolves are numbered), belong to Satan. Similarly she cites other references to evil beasts in Ezekiel 8:9-10, Titus 1:12:13a, Jude 7-11.

A werewolf, she says, is a particular kind of demon that inhabits a person who enters into “a God-forbidden relationship with demons.”

Her work is also very popular in Ghana and Nigeria, as has been noted by Paul Gifford (see African Christianity: Its Public Role).

(Hat tip: Ed Brayton)

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  1. Oh dear, even reputable Christian sites slam Rebecca Brown for being fake. I’ve just started a blog on spiritual (and agnostic) subjects. Some of your topics from 09 look good, I plan to browse through them.

    Cornerstone mag – a christian journal – when it was going did some expose’s of her.


  2. we learn that vegetarianism is a Satanic plot

    OMG!!! I thought there was something suspicous about the neighbor’s cows!

  3. […] Satanic panic crap is still around and doing the christian talk circuit where she can, according to Bartholomew’s Notes: Brown has all kinds of bizarre advice about how to resist demonic attacks – for instance, in […]

  4. “I have been to Mecca, Israel, Egypt, also the Vatican in Rome to meet with the Pope.”

    Wow! Jews, Catholics and Muslims all put in the evil Satanist catagory in one sweep!

    • Now you know 100% she is lying fraud. There is no way she ever went to Mecca – no non-Muslim is ever allowed in Mecca let alone a woman by herself! She wouldn’t have survived a second in Saudi Arabia let alone traveling to Mecca.

  5. standing up for the truth and righteousness is never easy. or let me put it this way, going against satan is asking for war against all his power. and that’s exactly what dr. brown is going through (directly and indirectly through people)


    • its frightening the amount of opposition Dr Brown is facing,even from christians!!!!!!!!!!
      no wonder many christians are powerless today,cuz they are so naive they flow with thw currents,amazing!!!

  6. that book that Rebecca wrote has changed my life forever

    • Rebecca brown is a fraud, but a “good” fraud. its like when you scare a child to brush his teeth or else they will grow into fangs, Its ok to “invent” a real, living breathing “Satan” if it helps people behave better. My problem with Rebecca is that she didn’t put a Disclaimer in front of the book-confessing its all fiction. ALL religions are guilty of this one way or the other-Because God doesn’t really exist!!

      • Shame on u christians for not realising the truth wen u hear it. All becoz u haven’t seen.

    • did the book change your life for the better or worse?

    • My life was changed too. Rebecca Brown is a woman of God and yes, she is persecuted the most by the “ church” that is full of apostasy, entertainment, diluted and blind because of the sin that is not addressed.
      Witchcraft, occultism and humanism has plagued the church.

      • She is part of the apostasy– making up superstitious embellished fables that is not biblical to deceive people for her own ego and money. Not one word in your Bible mentions “occult” except Christ saying the cryptic will be revealed – occult which means hidden, cryptic, secret. This woman thinks everything is unclean and adheres to a distorted doctrine of spiritism and animism! And Satan was attacking her all the time? Yet, we’re told in scripture Submit to God resist the Devil and he will flee. The scripture does mention witchcraft/sorcery both in OT necromancer and most often in NT which is Pharmakeia– poisoning drug abuse drug dealing in the NT. Brown overdosed patients on narcotics was involved in Medical Fraud that is practicung sorcery in scripture. So who is really the witch she was and speaking lies in hypocrisy has seered conscience suffering delusional episodes. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was abusing drugs herself either.

  7. just one question….is loving Jesus and hating and exposing Satan of God or not ?

  8. the three major religions of the world Christianity,Jews and Islam acknowledges existence of Satan….just doing a google search will reveal numerous rituals and orgies similar to what Brown described in her books including sacrifices in satanism and occults…

  9. i dont understand these writtings against Rebecca Brown. I read both books “He came to Set the Captives Free” and “Prepare for War”. As crazy as the stories may seem, she gave biblical scriptural references for all her claims. The fact that she doesn’t mention the people’s real identity to protect them doesn’t matter anymore since the Bible back her claims. God Himself say Satan is real and evil. Just read your Bible and check if what she is saying is not true instead of reading other people’s opinion of her.

    • Dr Rebecca Brown is servant Of God and thoze who are biz discreditting her, GOD WILL ASK THEM QUESTIONS DURING JUDGEMENT DAY DAT THEY REFUSED TO HEAR AND ACT ON THE REVELEAD TRUTH. AND IT WL BE TOO LATE. THE WORLD NEEDS TO KNW DAT THE devil is real and is living, and they need to open their spiritual eyes to discern as the word of God says that w r living in the last days.

      • Amen. so very true. i cant believe that even christians are against her. they should somehow know better. but then again, most christians that i know, know of the devil, but have never seen or experienced demons. which to that i say, good. better.
        i got saved december 2010. i was in the occult before that. reading rebeccas book, he came to set the captives free, made me go thru memory lane, because she tells it like it is. its true whether people believe it or not.

  10. Rebecca brown is a con woman, but a “good” conwoman-the way Tom Clancy is a professional “Liar” . She should do the christian thing and admit she made it all up!


  12. This is to YANCY. Your heart may be in the right place, but you catch more fllies with honey than urine. Your use of grammar is poor to non-existant. You’re speaking in all CAPS cause people to instantly have the impression that you are both emotionally immature and under-educated.

  13. I think shes telling the truth – the devil is determined to hide the truth so he finds all kinds of people to insult her and bring her down – but they say her books are still being circulated around – why is that so? because her books help a lot of people, it is the simple truth, yet something satan doesn’t want people to know so he makes her out to be a bad person – its that simple.

    Rebecca is a very wise woman, and the only reason why her books are still being read is because God wants people to read it.

    Unfortunately people will remain blind – but one day they’ll see the truth.

    • well said! like i said in some above comment, i was in the occult also. reading her book made me go thru some memories. what shes saying is all true. its sad to see even christians, being so ignorant about these things, like it doesnt matter.

  14. Dr. Rebecca Brown is a woman of God. She has helped many Christians in a way God wants them to be dealt. Through her books I became strong in the Lord and I came to know all the tactics of the devil and knew how to fight them. Those who say bad things about her should repent and submit themselves to the Lord. The Lord says in His word, “Do not touch mine anointed”, so be careful you people in destroying Rebecca Brown’s reputation, you will not succeed because the Lord specifically called her for that ministry. Repent and read her books, you will be set free by the Lord through her books and most of all, read the Bible.

  15. wonderful and inspiring book.Friends. never miss the chance to the read the book.It will strenghthen you spiritualy in every way.praise God for Dr. Brown.

  16. I am one of the people who was helped by Dr Browns books. Everything she that is written in her books is true and who say Dr Brown is crazy, he/she is the ones who are craze not her. She is 200% correct and she is telling us secrets of the underworld that’s why they are filling so threatened by her books and her books are nothing but the truth. I advice people to buy her books because they are good and for that matter WHY IS IT BoTHERING YOU SO MUCH THAT She’s craze? Why are you so after her? Why do you keep on saying that everything she writes is not true? What is it with you people who are opposing her, I see now! That Rebecca is the only person who is talking the truth, she the only person who is tellin the truth because I don’t see you calling other writers crazy except her. Why is that? Is she saying to much of your world people? Thanks to God the Father for Rebecca and unfortunately for you people there’s nothing you can do about it

  17. The shall set you free. One cannot sit still when the truth finds one’s heart. I think this is the reason for such controversy about Rebecca Brown Books. Her books are backed up by the Bible. The Bible has been through the test of time. A college professor once said “documents lasting for more then thousands of years are known to be true.” Lies/secrets/half truths have a way of coming out. So far in my own life the truths of this book and more importantly that of the Bible so far has been through the test of time. May God have mercy on those who oppose the truth.

  18. It is of no need of condeming the accussers of Truth.In the reign of our Lord Jesus Christ,we have oppositions,antagonist,pharises and saducess,few to be mentioned.They all kicked against Jesus philosophy,Teachings.Do you believe they are no more in the world?We must be persecute to make our Salvation real.Let the destined to perish continues in the blasphemy,the WRATH of God is at hand.Dr.Brown has confessed the truth,demons are real.Any written work grounded by the word of God is REAL!Brown fire on,we the heavenly minded souls enjoys your write ups and we are blessed through them.Heaven is REAL,Hell is REAL…..!

  19. Excellent books Rebecca.These things are their..thanks for all the tips. May God continue to use you and may God keep your channel clear so that you only bring from the LORD JESUS CHRIST alone. Peace

  20. Ok. What if someone tells you he also got delivered from the same kind of ‘Elaine’ situation as stated in her book?

    I want all of you to research Wicca, Patanjali Yoga, Luciferian Witchcraft, Kali Witchcraft, Abra Melin Witchcraft to name a few.

    Maybe also research Freemasonry, the AMORC (Rosicrucian Sect), Voodooism or come to Africa to research Idolatory and Witchcraft and you’ll know if there is a dark side or not.

    Ignorance is truly bliss. These things are real. I pray that you don’t get initiated or deceived into them (via curiosity) like some of us were; because you might not get the chance to repent and enjoy the redemption through the peerless Blood of our Lord and Master Jesus Christ.

    Go to YouTube and try queries like Demon’s being cast out etc etc and judge for yourselves.

    In a nutshell, don’t be in a haste to condem till you know what you are talking about unless you are the epitome of all knowledge (physical, mystical and esoteric)

  21. Is there anything more hilarious than a solemn lecture on the evils of the occult from someone using the pseudonym “Warlock”?

  22. most of you dont want to believe its true- I suggest you wake up & smell the roses- we are in a spiritual battle!

  23. I live in Africa… I had suffered so much from demons but i got to read Rebecca Brown’s book just after the warfare was over…i wish i knew everything i saw in her book before my warfare. Everything she wrote is absolutely true and accurate. If anyone is against it…then there’s a probability of such being used by satan to persecute her…. God bless Rebecca Brown.

  24. I,m very glad to see a lot of you stick up for Rebecca. All the trash on the web is all one sided. Not one of these tale-bearing sites has talked with Rebecca. The only ones they have spoken with, is her enemies who are either agents of Satan or jealous of her success at setting free those that are in bondage to Satan.
    I would look up what God says about gossip and tale-bearing and such. Or better yet, get Daniels and Rebecca’s new book Tale-Bearers.

    Daniel Yoder Rebecca’s Husband

  25. Wooow. Daniel Yoder and Rebecca Brown!!! God bless you both for yielding to the call. I read her book ‘he came to set the captives free’ when I was just 11 and I dedicated my life to Christ. I’m 21 goin to 22 now and God has built me through the bible and prayer and used me by His grace to minister deliverance to my family and others. I’ve been through a lot but God has been faithful. I will never forget Rebecca Brown. Many ppl will be suprised in heaven at people who will get crowns. Ministers defaming other ministers beware ‘no one can stand against the truth but for th truth’. Face your ministry and the great commission, if u can’t edify others, keep quiet. The gate of hell can never prevail. Halleluyah!!!

  26. Rebecca Brown is a true woman of God with great courage to share what she did in the face of opposition and hatred from Christians. The reality of Satanism is very true and growing at a fast pace because Christians do not believe and tear down other Christians.It is very sad..If we prayed together about the rising problems..the scenario would be very different in the world today

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