Persecution in Comparative Perspective with WorldNetDaily

WorldNetDaily reports on how Christians are persecuted in North Korea, noting:

“Christians are the target of fierce government action, and once caught, are not regarded as human,” said a veteran observer of North Korea who cannot be identified for security purposes. “Last year we had evidence that some were used as guinea pigs to test chemical and biological weapons.”

WorldNetDaily reports on how Christians are persecuted in the USA, noting:

The overt homosexual participation in Obama’s presidential inaugural events by ‘Bishop’ Vickie Eugene Robinson, the Gay Men’s Chorus of Washington, D.C., and a homosexual marching band.

The first example comes from Open Doors; the second from a list compiled by the Christian Anti-Defamation Commission. For those who don’t mind a bit of bad language, CADC’s list is discussed on the blog Is It Luck (via Ed Brayton).

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  1. As the author of the filthy language (as well as the rest of the blog post), I find the victim stance adopted by the CADC to be contemptible.

    Perhaps I could have chosen my language more carefully, but I sure had fun writing the post.

    Thanks for the link!

  2. Let’s be honest … if we got together with the Christians in China or North Korea or Azerbaijan and told them about how we were persecuted … because there were gay people at the Presidential Inauguration! … they’d slap us.


    And we’d deserve it.

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  4. I remember years a go reading of Pat Robertson claiming that Christian students were being persecuted because they weren’t allowed to gather around a flag pole to pray in the morning. Perpetua and Felicitatus would have loved to have been persecuted in that manner!

    These people have no idea what real persecution is. And, of course, they do enjoy persecuting others.

  5. It’s a totally predictable stance you take. The bible states christianists will be persecuted, so what you do expect and why would you want it any different. Think about it, if no christianists were persecuted, it would mean the bible was WRONG!!! So, it’s totally ok to persecute these clowns. This begs the question: do christianists deserve it? My answer is a resounding YES! These are people who believe some of craziest crapola ever written. They are homophobes, arrogant, militaristic, “we are always right” jerks, yet everyone is supposed to revere them. WTF?? Christianists are some of the most judgmental persecuting rubes on the planet. They totally ignore the biblical warning about removing the beam from one’s eye before trying to remove the mote from someone else’s eye. They are intolerant misogynists who crave the end of the world (aka, Jesus returns), and they believe in the rapture. But, again, we are supposed to revere and respect them. They are vermin. Treat christianists with the same disdain they dish out on others every day. And, tax all religions…double! Amen.

  6. Really?
    Whatever your religious beliefs are, they are just that,YOUR beliefs.
    Homosexuals are US citizens.
    Please separate your religion from your citizenship.
    We are a nation of religions, some of whose beliefs may be different from yours. If your rights are violated by ‘these people’, are their rights not violated by your wish that they have no rights?

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