From the Ads: The Mel Sanger Conspiracy Theories

An advert on WorldNetDaily promises a “Frightening 150 Page Report on Obama’s New World Order”. Clicking on the link (warning, various pop-ups make it difficult to get out once you’re in) takes one into the fevered universe of one Mel Sanger (MSc); apparently, he’s been hawking his awful disclosures since February, but I’ve only just noticed them:

My name is Mel Sanger, an international political researcher. I and my group of political research analysts were asked by members of a Major American Christian Church (can’t name it for obvious reasons) to investigate whether Barack Obama had any involvement with the implementation of the new world order.

And never mind the quality, feel the length:

During 2008 and 2009 our research group examined over 4000 pieces of documentation…We studied more than 5000 hours worth of footage on all his speeches, looking out for views, comments or words which may carry coded or cryptic messages missed by the general public but discerned by others….After assessing over 3000 pieces of documentation our research team uncovered some damning and frightening evidence that completely changed our view of him Totally.

In September 2009 we released a new version of our report entitled “The Antichrist Identity”. The title is slightly misleading as we do not believe that he is the biblical Antichrist. However there is iron clad research and evidence that confirms that he is a major pawn in the new world order and one of the most dangerous US presidents ever to hold office.

…The report also implicates not only Barack Obama but also Javier Solana of the European Union, Prince Charles of Wales, Queen Beatrix of Netherlands (daughter of Prince Bernhard, founder of the Bilderberg Group) and Prince Hassan of Jordan (Head of the Club of Rome).

Sanger’s tale is largely unoriginal, re-hashing the Illuminati, Freemasons, Merovingian bloodlines and other familiar fare.

However, it appears that he also wants to assimilate Joel Richardson’s theory (heavily promoted by WND‘s Joseph Farah) that the Bible predicts a Muslim Anti-Christ; another part of his website promotes another project, entitled Holy War:

My name is Mel Sanger, a researcher on hard hitting apocalyptic themes. Between July and September 2009 I and my research team spent over 3 months examining the belief system of an “Islamic New World Order”. The purpose of the project was to see whether there was any merit in the view that the coming New World Order will be “Islamic”. A view totally alien to the vast majority of us, including probably you.

Our project was triggered by a controversial book published in July 2009, called the “Islamic Antichrist”. The premise of this book was a major attack on the traditional and historical belief that the Antichrist is to arise out of the European bloodlines of the Illuminati and that a new and unbiased understanding of Bible prophecy shows that it is Islam through which the New World Order will be established and through whom the Antichrist will arise. The book was a sequel to an original publication called “Antichrist, Islam’s Awaited Messiah” which was published in 2006.

…The study was critical because if it could be proven that for thousands of years we have been led under a false premise that the Antichrist would arise out of the West, then this radically turns everything upside down in regards to bible prophecy and the end times.

This would mean what is going on in Europe with the rapid rise of the European Super State (the prophesied revival of a Revived Roman Empire), the history and objectives of the Illuminati and the future goals of freemasonry, would count for nothing because we have been looking at the wrong groups in the wrong areas.

…we tackle head on the “Islamic New World Order Antichrist” theory and the relationship between Islam and those plotting for a one World Government. Are they compatible or are they mutually exclusive?

Sanger asks these questions rather than giving us a straight answer because he wants us to buy his “report”, but one suspects they are compatible, as just about anything can be thrown in the pot; let us move on to a third site, entitled 2012:

My name is Mel Sanger, a political researcher and publisher of reports focusing on the rise of a coming world government…

For much of 2009  I and my research team of research analysts have spent thousands of hours researching the 2012 end of the world controversy as hundreds of our members wanted to know what our conclusions are regarding the 2012 debate.

This demand had been created by the coming launch of the blockbuster movie “2012”  which has increased public perception to the whole 2012 doomsday debate regarding the Mayan prophecies, Nostradamus, Planet X, Solar Flares and Polar Shifts.

In hours of research and trawling through hundreds of books and reports on the Maya Prophecies, Planet X and Nibiru, across different religions, civilisations and ideologies such as the Sumerians, Egyptians and Nazi Germany, it became clear that all of these areas are important in building the foundation for understanding the 2012 end of the world debate.

…We came across a specific plan which has been defined as Project Enoch. Once we understood Project Enoch it became clear how the 2012 end of the world phenomena ties into the agenda of the Illuminati and Freemasons regarding the movement of the world towards what is known as a New World Order and why 2012 is actually significant but not as is presently being conveyed. Our findings were published in a report, 2012 – The Year of Project Enoch?

That’s a busy couple of years. In all cases, we’re advised to purchase the materials quickly, as they are “under threat of being taken offline”. There’s also a magazine, entitled Vision Report. We’re told it’s “award winning”, although no details are given

On yet another site, an essay attributed to Sanger attacks Jews:

The rise of Masons to political power in Israel dates back to 1948 and to Israel’s founding as a modern day nation. David Ben Gurion, its first Prime Minister, was both a Mason and an avowed Marxist Leninist and Communist. Since that time, every single Prime Minister has been a high level Mason, including Golda Meier, who was a member of the women’s organization, the Co Masons… The Jews have an oral version of the Torah called the Tenach, or which some call the Talmud, but theTalmud a minority of real Jews are familiar with, is not the Talmud being used today. The Babylonian Talmud has taken precedence since 1905 and is a blasphemous version steeped in idolatry… Today the majority of Jews in Israel are practitioners of Pharisaic law— Talmudic law—which is the enemy of truth, Jesus, and God. There seems to be a great divide amongst the Jews.

…On March 20, 1991 President Bush signed into law a Congressional Joint Resolution entitled, “A Joint Resolution To Designate March 26, 1991, As Education Day, USA”… It is typical of the New World Order Planners to devise innocent sounding words, phrases, and titles to mask their true intentions. Public Law 102-14 states emphatically that all civilization from the beginning has been based upon a set of laws entitled “The Seven Noahide Laws”….These laws originated from the mystic (and Satanic) Babylonian Talmud, which no Christian has ever accepted as inspired sacred Scripture…. These seven laws are a counterfeit of the Ten Commandments, and are promoted by the Neo Pharisee occult group, the Lubavitchers…

The first three websites discussed above are copyrighted to a self-proclaimed “international media organization” called Rema Marketing, which has an uninformative website here (with the slogan “Where Ideas Become Reality”). A PR release for Sanger’s “Anti-Christ” report gives a London-based telephone number for Rema and the name Kevin Farringdon; Farringdon, apparently a “computer expert”, is British, and he is interviewed on an American radio show here.

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  1. It should be no surprise how far the Illuminati will go to gain control of the world.

    Here is a book that will detail the mind control techniques used by the illuminati to create mind control slaves.

    These are TRUE MIND CONTROL SLAVES that are being made and used for drug mules, international assassins, sex slaves, suicide bombers and secret messengers. This could be anyone, from your congressman to your cable guy.

    It is 350 pages of detail descriptions with illustrations.

  2. Hello

    You`re attempt to sell people your notes is just hilarious, seriously, in the description you wrote many things withouth any grain of content.


  3. Actually, your judgement is not quite on the mark. Mel does NOT agree with the Islamic anti-Christ idea. His discussion of this is free–not for sale. He takes an opposite position from that of Joel Richardson.

    The writing could certainly use some better editing, but it is engrossing. I purchased and read the report you mentioned. It is pretty interesting and informative. He definitely says that Obama is NOT the anti-Christ and tends to lean toward the traditional view of a European beast. As you mentioned, there are several candidates. Obama is more likely a pawn groomed and trained to implement certain actions desired by spiritually wicked authorities in high places.

  4. I stumbled onto Mel Singers page. Whern I read his claim that the Jewish leaders were freemasons I knew he was bad news, especially after I read what you had to say about this con artist, an enemy of Gods chosen people.

  5. Buy this report? It’s so vital to the Christin church, and civilization as we know it? Put it our there for free, like all the other conspiracy theories.

    Pogo had it right
    “We have met the enemy and (he) is us”

  6. […] like he should be trying to get as many people to read this report as possible, no? some links: From the Ads: The Mel Sanger Conspiracy Theories Project Enoch, 2012, and the […]

  7. Who is Neel Kashkari, and what is his role in the nefarious scheme of the Bilderberger Group?

  8. I love these kind of scams wrapped-up in conspiracy theories;

    “On March 20, 1991 President Bush signed into law a Congressional Joint Resolution entitled, “A Joint Resolution To Designate March 26, 1991, As Education Day, USA”… It is typical of the New World Order Planners to devise innocent sounding words, phrases, and titles to mask their true intentions. ”

    The true intention being? To designate March 26th 1991 as an Education Day, USA?

    How nefarious is that?

    Yet the disturbing element is that more and more US christians are becoming more obsessed with loony conspiracy theories by the day; if anything the web sites of Alex Jones, David Icke and the likes of this Sanger bloke are consuming more interest than The Bible (which is used only to extract random passages from, just to make their message more appealing).

    So we are now seeing a new type of American christian emerging; one who has only a teneous connection with genuine christianity and its past, but who has an avowed belief in the fantastical and magical. One with a belief in science fiction concepts of aliens and time travel and vast extraordinary technologies, one in which an evil, satanic CIA have extraordinary powers to influence and script any event. One where the US military and law enforcement bodies are nothing more than pawns of satan.

    God, for this new style American christian, is simply relegated to the role of bit-part player, a doorstop, a casual observer. Media personalities sputing the right rhetoric can claim ascendency over him, whilst their willing neophytes buy-up more DVD’s, web-site subscriptions, books and magazines and The Bible gets lost somewhere, in-between the latest Alex Jones tome and some pamplets on satanic conspiracies.

    The snag of course is that the whole New World Order conspiracy edifice keeps on collapsing in a heap; not helped by the long-term decay of the Euro currency, which exposes the hopelessness of thinking you can get any arbitary group of nations to give-up anything, even their currencies, let alone their governments, for a joint cause. Plus, darn it, every four or five years in places like the US and UK, the leaders of this bright spangly NWO keep changing, and after two terms in office, some can’t even stay in power! How nefarious is that!

  9. Can anyone furnish me with any of Mel Salger’s theory’s? It would be interesting to see what he has to say. I have been following several writers and those who proclaim to have the truth, however; I do have my doubts. Nevertheless, its best to be informed in order to cultivate an opinion and discuss it with others.

    Kind regards,


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