BNP Rev Robert West “Doubts” Fellowship of Independent Churches “Would Oppose My Views”

Back in May, Seismic Shock carried a report on the Fellowship of Independent Churches’ reaction to the news that a chapel affiliated with the grouping had given a platform to Rev Robert West, the BNP candidate who teaches that races should live apart:

British Messianic Jews had expressed grave anxiety over the FIEC’s slow response, first blogged by Bartholomew, to the BNP priest’s meeting at an FIEC church. However one concerned Messianic Jew was told that the “FIEC is entirely opposed to any BNP spokesman or representative being used to forward their cause in our churches.”

I had asked the FIEC for comment on the matter, and was politely fobbed off by an uninterested church official. It seems they took the Messianic Jew more seriously – although only so far as to give a private assurance; no statement was published on the FIEC website.

Now, however, Rev West has responded with a comment to my blog entry on the subject:

I doubt very much that the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches oppose my views or the views of any genuine Christian and patriot, backed-up as they are by the holy Scriptures. They may express disapproval of how evil men (and women) twist my Christian views, but that is an altogether different matter. It is the devil (not me, or the British Nationanl Party) which likes to demonise, simply because their views are so stupid and hence cannot bear the light of proper debate and arguementation; which is what lies behind their “No Platform” stance “for any free speech but their own”. This clearly shows who the real Fascists are – not the BNP.

West takes the view that a multiracial society is

a transgression of God’s will…Adam and his descendants were commanded by God to fill the earth, not to come to one part of it, namely England. The refusal of Adam’s surviving descendants through Noah to spread out led to God’s judgement at Babel, and his confusing of the tongues…The blossoming of what I call the proto-race…into many nations was to be a manifestation of God’s glory, like light passing through a prism.

The FIEC would appear to adopt a contrary position, as can be seen from the black and East Asian models who appear as part of its website masthead; this is a visual representation of Galatians 3:28, that within the Christian community there should no longer be distinctions such as “Jew or Gentile, slave or free, male and female”.

West’s appearance at the chapel was arranged by chapel administrators who appear to be related to a local BNP candidate. The chapel has no regular minister, and it is unlikely that the FIEC gave specific approval. However, while Rev West did get some photos from the event, this is the first time he has directly asserted that the FIEC would be willing to indulge his views. Perhaps now, belatedly, the FIEC mught like to clarify the point?