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A few days ago the “Casuals United” website changed its name to the “British Defence Leagues”, with links to the following groups: The English Defence League, the Welsh Defence League, the Scottish Defence League, and…erm, the Jewish Defence League. This final page links, as expected, to the American “Jewish Defense League”. The JDL, of course, is a notorious extremist organisation with a history of violence in the USA, and which has been repudiated by most other Jewish groups. The Anti-Defamation League has a chronicle of its activities here.

I doubt very much there is any real link with the JDL – more likely, this is just the usual vicarious identification with Israel in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. But if there is a link, perhaps someone from the JDL will ask why “Casuals United” created a video – since removed from YouTube – which promoted a quote by Kevin Alfred Strom, an American known for railing against Jewish “supremicism”.

UPDATE: Several hours later, the link to the JDL has been removed. Instead, we now have the Sikh Defence League; we’re told that “some Sikhs and Hindus even have started to support and liaise with the BNP”, and we’re directed to watch “a tape made by the BNP a few years back with a Sikh and a Hindu”.

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  1. Idiots united in the defence of their idiocy!

  2. althought mentioning an Irish element in their header, there is no link to an affiliate in Ireland … but it wouldn’t surprise me, if they have some contacts among some of the more unpleasant loyalist groups with similar names

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  4. Richard,

    I know one should never read too much into an e-mail address but the Scottish Defence League links to someone called berkshire_bear’s e-mail account. It would seem that we Scots have out of area defence!

  5. Apparently these tits are planning another demo soon. Nothing more pleasing than to see a bunch of fat pasty f**ked up fat beery munchkins exercising their right to freedom.

    Laughable and paranoid. I’ll be there with the eggs and tomatoes.

    Black Flag t-shirt – if anyone wants to join me!



    I was disgusted to receive an email from the racist english defence league,
    asking us at the Uk chapter of the Jewish Defence League whether we wanted
    to form some sort of alliance for the edl’s deplorable demonstrations
    outside Mosques around england. This revolting email was obviously
    motivated by the perverse belief that as Jews with the hearts of
    Maccabeans, we would want to oppose Islam. They were made absolutely aware
    that we support our Muslim brothers, and would proudly stand with you in
    defence of your Mosques, family & faith.

    Unfortunately this is another example of how the existance of the state of
    Israel, without the existance of the Palastinian state with equality, is
    causing a terrible divison between us.

    There will be antagonism, caused by the policies of those that
    currently govern the Land of Israel; policies which continue to deprive
    thousands of Muslims of basic human rights. Supporters of Israel &
    Zionists must also be human beings, and whilst Palastinians suffer at the
    hands of prejudiced Israeli soldiers, all of those from the House of
    Jacob, that are scattered around the world, will be affected, by this
    injustice to Muslims.

    I am sure that most Muslims in england are aware, that supporters of
    Israel, or even Zionism, are not anti-Islam, but when the racist edl are
    bringing Israeli flags to their anti-Muslim demonstrations, groups such as
    JDL, that are rightly or wrongly seen as Zionist, must make it clear that
    we stand with Muslims, our fellow children of Abaraham, in the fight
    against Muslim hatred, the vermin english defense league, and other nazi
    groups in england.

    Antagonism between us and the british Muslims is a consequence of the
    death that surrounds Palastinian refugee camps, in the shadow of the
    opulance of the King David Hotel, and not from a studios promotion
    & lifesyle of anti-semitism and vehement hatred of Judaism, as is the case
    with the edl. I have lived as a Jew amoungst Palastinians, Arabs, Asians,
    Persians, and Muslims, and my life is richer from it. Not only am I
    respected, but these communities go out of their way to
    welcome a fellow Semite.

    JDL.UK respects & supports Muslims in england protesting & demonstrating
    at the parades by anglo saxons, who have returned from murdering Muslims,
    on Muslim land.

    The Jewish Defence League, UK chapter, is based in Bristol, so please do
    not hesitate to contact us, so that we can offer our support, should any
    Mosque in Bristol face demonstrations from the racist english defence

    The JDL.UK chapter wishes all Muslims salaam during Ramadan.

    Jacob Pres LL.B
    National Director JDL.UK

    useful link :


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