School of Shariah Publicises Glen Jenvey Conversion

Glen Jenvey Conversion

Anjem Choudary’s “School of Shariah”  – a successor outfit to the banned extremist Al-Muhajiroun group – has posted a YouTube video in which Glen Jenvey is guided through a formal conversion process to Islam. This is a long and somewhat meandering story which I’ve blogged numerous times, most recently here.

The video’s blurb contains a taunt aimed at Jenvey’s former “anti-Jihadist” associates:

Former spy embraces islam dr rusty, paul ray pipeline choke at it

Jenvey features on the controversial Obsession DVD – his profile for the film can be seen here.

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  1. Is Jenvey gonna apologise then to Ummah or write a letter to them since it was mentioned in the video!

  2. and tim ireland for that matter

  3. Seen it all now.
    As stated in earlier posts neither Jenvey or Ray where friends of mine, They where contacts on facebook. My friends i trust ,these two i would trust a rattle snake more. Have never trusted either of these two that is why neither have any personal details of myself,
    The latest email i have from Ray proves despite what he said to the Daily Mail he was not a friend of mine and never will be.
    I have never grassed anyone can the other two say that?
    To make it clear March for England had nothing to do with Ray although he did try and drag us into a few things. Despite his latest sniveling email we do not want him in our ranks we dont hold with his views or his betrayal of people.

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    07 Aug 2009


    I became Muslim, because it was a personal choice between myself and God/Allah. I always believed in a God of some sort. I was dumped at birth by my mother and father. I was placed in a Church of England children’s’ home in 1965 as a baby. The reason I could not get close to god was I grew up in a racist abusive church children’s home. I was not the only child sexually assaulted by the Church of England staff and beaten until I was 7 years old. This is not an attack on good Christians. I grew up hating the night times, as even after being given a good home I would wake having nightmares about the abuse I had received.

    I am an Asian man and I am retired from spying. I know many media outlets world wide, political leaders, diplomats racists ,terrorists and spy masters from lots of countries.

    When some one retires it mean’s just that I am not spying on any terrorist group. I appeal to political parties and experts to work for peace. I have lived for too many years with hate in my heart and lost faith in the church due to my past after I was abused. Like many bloggers abused me on the Internet calling homo, gay, some pose as Muslims others think I am still spying which I am not.

    I have converted to Islam in front of Muslims who for years I worked against. I faced them as a man. I will follow my new faith and give up drinking, smoking and pray to the one God I always believed in. Allah and Muslim Brothers have given me a new start in life. I will not sin any more and my past is my past. I do not sleep with men or have casual sex with loose women.
    The racists who support the church have a photo I sent them when I was a Christian dressed in fancy dress for my friends birthday. I was not a Muslim then and I was drinking and smoking. I am living a peaceful life as to me no one is more important than Allah.

    And my friends in my past in life are my friends. Race hate crimes in the UK are on the rise and urgent action should be taken to stop this. The Labour government has lost control of the police and MI5. This country can not keep quiet when whole communities are being attacked not just in the streets but in the work place.

    I have much to learn and all who thought I was acting becoming a Muslim you are very wrong. I am a peaceful man who can understand why groups like the LTTE in Sri Lanka used suicide bombings funded from supporters in the West. I can understand how we can stop another 7/7 in the UK and what the Labour government has done wrong to prevent another attack.

    I ask the racist white Christians who abused me as a child in their church funded children’s’ homes to leave me to pray and live a peaceful life as a Muslim. Your rude emails and web campaigns are not as painful as my childhood. I have a way now to pray to Allah and be an honest person and say good bye to my past. I have found Allah, which means God.

    I have found away of praying to the God I always believed in and I have many brothers and sisters ready to teach me.

    Yes, it is true I have met Anjem Choudary and talked on the telephone with Omar Bakri. He has kindly invited me to go and stay with him in the Lebanon. I have also met many other new brothers. I might not spend £45 every week on a train ticket to meet Anjem but he is a man of his word and I am not stepping back on my new faith to the Church of England. If you are reading this post have trouble in praying to god then become a Muslim. If you want more information on my day spent with Anjem and his followers who are people who showed me kindness write to me or phone.

    There is no trick I am now a Muslim it’s up to me to become good one.

    Why are NATO still supporting these act’s in Afghanistan like this ???  Will these acts be played out on the streets of England with the Labour Government turning a blind eye to attacks on Asians living peacefully in the UK.? 

    As for the book written about me called Terror Tracker by Neil Doyle

     I never did get any royalties from the book as promised and it was his words about some of my work which made him an expert. He has never spoken with Abu Hamza, Omar Bakri or Anjem Choudary. I learnt from the Sri Lankan intelligence their war with the LTTE is over (for the time being). . NATO can never win a war in Afghanistan like this .

    I will not go to court as a police witness against any Muslim or anyone as this is man made law.

    You can only win a war like this

    My email account my friends have will stay open but I will be using my new name with a new ISP soon. My last words are that there is a big world out there room for all of us. 

    Omar Hamza Jenvey aka Glen Jenvey

  6. Congratulation Glen Brother… May Allah blesses your life…

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