Shas on Gay Israelis

20 January 2008:

As a Knesset panel deliberated Tuesday on proposals to ban all gay pride parades in Jerusalem, MK Nissim Ze’ev (Shas) accused the homosexual community of “carrying out the self-destruction of Israeli society and the Jewish people.”

Ze’ev also said homosexuals were a plague as “toxic as bird flu.”

20 Feb 2008:

Homosexuals caused Israel’s last earthquake, Shas MK Shlomo Benizri said Wednesday.

During a special Knesset session on earthquakes, Benizri said he proposed that the Knesset “find a way to prevent mishkav zachar [sexual relations between men], and thus save [us] a lot of earthquakes.”

2 August 2009:

Israeli police are hunting for a gunman who shot dead two people in an attack on a support centre for homosexual teenagers in Tev Aviv.

…Shas, whose members and rabbis have been openly critical of the country’s homoseuxual community, condemned the attack.

“We are shocked and bereaved, and denounce without reservation the murderous incident that targeted Tel Aviv’s gay community,” the statement said.

Surely they mean to say “we are shocked, shocked…”?

UPDATE: Incidentally, the Israeli police still haven’t arrested anyone for a 2008 letter bomb attack which left a teenage Messianic Jew seriously injured.

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  1. I love how gays are so powerful that they cause earthquakes and the demise of a people single-handedly, God-like powers if you ask me…

    Maybe God is gay?

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