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Yesterday I blogged on the three British National Party “Reverends” revealed on the leaked membership list; Edmund Standing of I Kid You Not today has a more detailed post on the BNP members who consider themselves to be Christians. In particular, there is more about the Rev. Robert West, on whom I have blogged several times in the past. I had thought West’s “Christian Council of Britain” became defunct when its original website disappeared, but I noted yesterday that there is now a new one. Standing gives us some juicy background on this new site:

The current Christian Council website is registered in the name of a company called Cinemavision, which turns out to be owned by none other than the BNP’s ‘web guru‘ and Poughill and Standon electoral candidate Simon Bennett. Cinemavision is a website that turns out to feature some interesting content, including an entry linking to a video described as ‘Kim Kardashian Amateur Porn’, featuring the distinctly un-‘Aryan’ beauty Kim and her black boyfriend Ray J. ‘She is sooo hot!’ reads the description on Bennett’s website, who is obviously not adverse to making a few pounds from promoting ‘race mixing’.

Standing also provides information on Colin Farquhar of the “Durham British-Israel Fellowship”. I had alluded to this cautiously in my previous post on the BNP, but Standing notes that Farquhar’s support for the BNP was in the public domain before the list was leaked and so can be discussed freely. Standing gives us a nice potted guide to British Israelite beliefs as promoted by the British Israelite World Fellowship (BIWF), and the appropriation and development of such docrines in America into “Christian Identity” (a process discussed in Michael Barkun’s excellent book Religion and the Racist Right).

Standing further notes a link between Farquhar and Alan Campbell of Open Bible Ministries, Belfast. Campbell promotes the teachings of “‘Dr. B Comparet”, aka Bertrand Comparet. Comparet helped to found Christian Identity, and he was explictly racist. Alan Campbell has featured on the blog before – I noted that his books at one point had been sold via the (now apparently defunct) Northern Ireland Springbok Club, but that they had at some point been withdrawn.

As regards Christian Identity in the UK, Standing reveals that:

In the year 2000, a website appeared at the address and continued until 2005. The self-styled ‘pastor’ who ran the website promoted the extreme ‘two-seedline’ [anti-Jewish] Identity ‘theology’ and provided a wealth of hardcore Identity teachings and links to numerous neo-Nazi organisations. The main organisation promoted by the ‘pastor’ was the BNP…Investigating Christian Identity for an undergraduate essay, I contacted the ‘pastor’ posing as an Identity believer and duly received a couple of CDs, one featuring an Identity ‘sermon’ and one featuring a National Front era speech given by veteran Nazi and BNP founder John Tyndall.

(Hat tip: Harry’s Place)

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  1. Just to clear this one up for you…

    Yes, I am the BNP webmaster, and yes I setup the CCoB website.

    My ex-business website (which I no longer run), has Google ad words and Google Video links. What is displayed on them is out of my control, but I seriously doubt there are any porn links as Google would not allows them.

    So why don’t you grow up, get and life and a girlfriend you moron, lol.

    Have a nice life, and happy blogging you lefty freak!

    Simon Bennett.

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  3. Well, Bennett’s website ( lists Cinemavision as ‘for sale’ meaning he still runs it.

    See whois entry:

    ‘I seriously doubt there are any porn links as Google would not allows them’.

    It’s safe to say this is neither a Google ad word or video link. It’s an entire entry:

    Kim Kardashian Amateur Porn
    By admin ⋅ August 11, 2008

  4. You total idiot!

    Look again. It’s a film review that states the person in it once starred in a porn film!

    Cinemavision – the domain name – along with a registered trademark is for sale. I won it still, I do not run it – it is dormant!

    Jesus, what are you on pal? Are you really that dumb, or just short of friends and a life?


  5. So why aren’t you defending yourself on Standing’s blog?

  6. Especially as he has now done an update.

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  10. I’m afraid this webpage is utterly useless in detailing Truth, but is (like most sources of ‘media’ these days) completely co-opted by the disinformatia types, and the propagandists for a Zionist-worshiping Weltanschauung. What with the BBC itself corroborating one of the long-held beliefs of CI

    I find it duplicitous of you to demean and denigrate those who merely do NOT want a multicultural Europe or America!! What- do you prefer shari’a law?
    God forbid such- or the equally damnable Noachide law the Jews want to impose! For that is what this scurrilous reportage is advocating. For a pagan Europe is an oxymoron- you cannot exist in a moral vacuum, or go back to the ‘good ol’ days’ of Wodinism, or a sexual amorality. God is not mocked.

    Bertrand Comparet was a Lawyer in the USA, back in the days when being a lawyer MEANT something. It was this legal mind that led him to embrace a vision of WHO the “Israel of God” was (something mentioned by no less than St. Paul [Gal 6:16], apart from ‘those who say they are Jews, and are not.’ [Rev. 2:8,9]. This his embace of a theology that is not aberrant, or novel, but had Bishops in the C of E among her adherents, and was the modus operandi for American Expansionism, and the rationale for the British Empire.
    But (of course) if you see morality, the rule of law, proper hygiene, and high culture as ‘evil’ then there IS no hope for you…..

    Thirdly, the false ‘Holocaust’ is an utter theological and historical charade, in that even Yad Vashem ( the “Hollow Cause” Museum in JERUSALEM) has HAD to, because of [sic] ‘holocaust deniers’ REDUCE the number of ‘Jewish Dead’ from 4 MILLION down to less than 1.4 MILLION. It is due to the courageous work of men like Zundel, Faurrisson, Rudolf, Butz, et al. that we can look OBJECTIVELY at the greatest theological heresy since Calvary, put forward by the same Deicides that killed Christ!

    Where did those poor 3 million dead Jews go? Yad Vashem is not saying. the International Red Cross also corroborated the ‘six million’ was an inflated figure, back in the early 1950’s! So, who is telling the TRUTH? THAT is what those who care more for Truth, than slavish obedience to the antichrists of the modern age (such as you seem to advocate) are seeking to find out.

    The only thing that this page has done is given me, and all those who I write to, the contact information for this esteemed Priest of God. For that, I thank you.

    For ‘the blood of the martyrs, is the seed of the Church.’

    Christus Vivat
    Christus Regnat
    Christus Imperator.

  11. P.S. The CCOB’s constitution says this explicitly:

    “The Gift of Race and Nation. The Christian Council of Great Britain and Northern Ireland resolved that it recognises that all men are of one blood (or proto-race) in Adam through to Noah; and that from that one proto-race divergent races have historically devolved – Russian doll-like – (Genesis 11: 1-9) so that we are now different, though related, races and nations of men, all of whom God has made (Psalms 86: 9); which are each to bring their own distinctive glory into the kingdom of God (Revelation 21: 26).”

    This is NOT Christian Identity belief, nor was it the belief of Europe before the Bolsheviks (and we KNOW which ethnicity THEY are!). You also reported incorrectly on that. Again, this site is utterly useless, even in giving names and ideologies correct attributions.

  12. Oh, a rambling conspiracy diatribe about Jews with bits in BLOCK CAPS.

    Sure sign of a crank.

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